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Stuller Trend Report: Fall 2023 Edition
Findings Friday Part 3: Find Out How Stuller Makes It
A Guide To Building Customer Loyalty

Sell With a Story: Shades of Sapphire

Dive into the historical significance of September's birthstone with key selling points, gemstone care tips, and Stuller's vast selection of natural and lab-grown sapphires.
diamond clarity 4Cs of diamonds

What You Need to Know About Diamond Clarity

Among the 4Cs of diamonds, clarity possesses a unique role and significance. It dives into the diamond’s inner world, telling a story of a journey through time. The concept of clarity allows us to understand a diamond’s history, formation, and the forces that shaped it. Let’s look at diamond clarity, what it means, and how you can use it to spark a conversation with a customer.

The Dog Blog: Meet A Few Jewelry Store Mascots

In the bustling world of retail, jewelry stores are known for their elegance, sophistication, and the ability to make customers feel special with stunning collections. However, what truly captivates our hearts and brings an unexpected charm to these stores are their lovable dog mascots. These jewelry store mascots, adored by both staff and customers, play a vital role that goes beyond just being a cute face.

Preparing for a Successful 2023 Holiday Selling Season

Your guide to starting the holiday selling season strong with brand-new products, marketing strategies, and tips and tricks that drive sales.

Introducing Stuller’s Newest Catalogs

New Solutions for Chain, Components, Findings, Metals, and More.


What’s New on

In today’s ever-changing digital landscape, businesses across all industries are adapting and evolving to meet the growing demands of online shoppers. At Stuller, our experts and teams are constantly striving to redefine online jewelry shopping to make it easy, reliable, innovative, and intuitive for you.

Discovering the Artistry of José Echevarria Diseñador

Formerly known as Fine Gold Designers, the brand is now known as José Echevarria Diseñador, and they have partnered with Stuller for their materials since 2000. In the beginning, everything was hand-made from a block of wax by José, painstakingly chiseled for many hours to get everything symmetric and looking great for each client. Making the casts and having them come out perfect every time was always a challenge.
permanent jewelry business

Beyond Basics: Elevating a Permanent Jewelry Business for Jewelers

In the ever-evolving world of jewelry, permanent jewelry has taken center stage in recent years. Jewelers and business owners understand that going beyond the basics is crucial to making your permanent jewelry business stand out in a sea of offerings. With more and more jewelers getting in on the action these days, ask yourself, “How can I step it up?” That’s where our expert advice comes in. Let’s check out five tips that will set your permanent jewelry business apart and embark on a journey to amplify your craftsmanship, innovation, and customer experience.

Sell With a Story: Colorful Diamonds

Learn more about the world of colorful diamonds with key benefits, tips on selling, and our top picks on trending shades.
custom wedding bands

Create a Custom Wedding Band Shopping Experience

Wedding bands present the perfect opportunity to provide a custom shopping experience. These rings are more than your everyday fashion jewelry. They are symbolic of a lifetime filled with commitment, love, and partnership. Why shouldn’t the experience of making a custom wedding band be just as significant?

Lollipops and Lagniappe: A Symbol of Customer Loyalty

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