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Next-Level Customization With Stuller’s Latest Catalogs

Create any customer’s dream jewelry with Stuller’s expanded mountings and lab-grown diamond jewelry offering.

At Stuller, we’re committed to empowering jewelers with the tools and resources necessary to excel in a constantly changing industry and consumer environment. Our dedication to exceptional service, unbeatable value, and top-notch quality products reflects our unwavering support for jewelers and jewelry businesses worldwide. 

We’re excited to introduce two of our newest catalogs — one, an updated edition, and the other, a new release from Stuller. Join us as we delve into the limitless possibilities for customization and successful sales with Mountings 2024–2025 and Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry 2024–2025. 

What’s New?

Explore a few highlights and updates featured in these new catalogs. 

Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry 2024–2025

Did You Know?

Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry 2024–2025 is the first Stuller catalog to focus solely on Stuller’s complete assortment of loose lab-grown diamonds and lab-grown diamond jewelry

  • Featuring more than 1,500 lab-grown diamond jewelry items, this catalog offers endless opportunities for any customer to find lab-grown diamond jewelry that meets their needs and budget. 
  • Expanded offerings for staple items, such as stud earrings and line bracelets, are now available in larger total carat weights. 
  • With more than 650 loose lab-grown diamond options featured in this catalog, customers can choose a lab-grown diamond from Stuller’s assortment that is ready to be set into any Stuller mounting.  
  • Educational materials are provided throughout the catalog to ensure ultimate confidence in store with every lab-grown diamond sale.  

Mountings 2024–2025

  • Introducing over 760 new mounting styles, this updated edition offers every customer a wide array of choices.  
  • Explore new metal qualities and sizes for even more versatility in design that caters to your customers’ diverse preferences. 
  • Discover new product types in bridal and fine jewelry, expanding options to meet evolving market demands. 
  • Find enhanced options for larger stone settings with items like eternity and anniversary bands organized by stone count for easy selection and customization. 

Enter To Win

Crossword Catalog Contests

To celebrate the launch of our newest catalogs, Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry 2024–2025 and Mountings 2024–2025, we are hosting two crossword puzzle contests that will give winners a chance to win a $500 Stuller account credit. 

To enter  

  1. From April 15–May 17, 2024, play both of our crossword puzzles — one for each catalog. You can access the puzzles on our website by scanning the QR codes in the catalogs or going to and*

  2. Your account must be in good standing to be selected. Winners will be notified via email or phone call prior to a public announcement.

  3. Winners will be announced on May 22, 2024, on Stuller’s social media platforms.

For more information on each crossword puzzle, visit the following Stuller Blog articles: 

*Official contest rules are accepted through crossword submission and can be found on our website. 

Happy Selling!

Our newest catalogs are thoughtfully designed and curated to give you everything you need to not only provide your customers with their dream jewelry but also to take your customization business to new heights.  

Dive into our continuously growing and in-stock inventory — complete with swift delivery on ready-to-ship items, making it easier than ever to make the sale every time. Experience all of this and more accompanied by the undeniable quality and customer care you have come to expect from Stuller for nearly 54 years.   


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