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Finding Inspiration: Spring 2024

Create an endless world of designing possibilities with fine jewelry findings from Stuller.

Let’s focus on findings — the essential components used to create a piece of jewelry. Findings are vital in the construction and aesthetic appeal of your jewelry pieces, making them functional and wearable. Whether simple or intricate, the right findings will add a unique touch to your creations.

We’ve recently started featuring a new series of reels on Stuller’s Instagram called Finding Inspiration. Our teams of talented designers and findings experts at Stuller have curated a selection of parts and pieces to ignite creativity and drive the latest trends in your jewelry-making. You can see our newest reels below and shop for the findings shown.

Earrings: From Trendy Findings to Finished Pieces

Ready to unleash your inner designer? Watch as we transform these on-trend dangles, links, and earring tops into stunning finished pieces.

Ring Shanks: Standard Fit Versus Comfort Fit

What’s the difference between standard fit and comfort fit ring shanks? Standard fit shanks have a flat profile with a blunt edge. Comfort fit shanks have a rounded inside profile with a smooth edge which makes them more form-fitting to your finger.

Jump Rings: Choosing Orientation

Notice the different jump ring orientations in our dangles and links? Horizontal jump rings keep dangles straight on bishop hooks. With horizontal-vertical jump rings, you can string multiple links together for gorgeous drop earrings.

What Will You Create Next?

Findings have been the backbone of Stuller since day one when Matt Stuller began the business almost 54 years ago. The quality and selection of findings significantly contribute to the quality and success of a jeweler’s work, ensuring that their creations are visually stunning, long-lasting, and function as intended.

Our product design, merchandising, and social media teams have joined forces to bring the most on-trend and innovative findings and components to you. We hope our Finding Inspiration reels on Instagram spark your imagination. What will you create next? Find your inspiration with findings from Stuller.


Paige Oliver

Findings Assistant Project Manager