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Paige Oliver

Findings Friday Part 3: Find Out How Stuller Makes It

Findings are essential for jewelers as they play a crucial role in the construction, assembly, and aesthetics of jewelry pieces. If you are familiar with the Stuller story, then you know that findings have had a very special place here since the early days when Matt Stuller drove the backroads of the South — selling and delivering findings out of the trunk of his Nissan 240Z.

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Business Savvy
Cheryl Robichaux

The Dog Blog: Meet A Few Jewelry Store Mascots

In the bustling world of retail, jewelry stores are known for their elegance, sophistication, and the ability to make customers feel special with stunning collections. However, what truly captivates our hearts and brings an unexpected charm to these stores are their lovable dog mascots. These jewelry store mascots, adored by both staff and customers, play a vital role that goes beyond just being a cute face.

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Business Savvy
Kori-Kate Comeaux

Proven Strategies for Jewelers Who Want to Create Engaging Content

Posting on social media can be overwhelming. One way to ensure you stay on top of posting consistently is to plan out your weekly or monthly post calendar. This is a great way to look at upcoming holidays, promotions, and trends to ensure there are no missed opportunities for your brand on social.

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302® Fine Jewelry
Claire Lyon

March Is Me Month® 2023

Facebook Twitter Linkedin In celebrating life’s moments, jewelry can be a beautiful way to mark milestones, and encourage us to signify our greatest achievements; it

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