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Top Bridal Trends for Spring 2024

Discover the latest bridal jewelry trends of the season with new engagement rings, wedding bands, custom options, and more.

In today’s market, expanding your bridal business with an appealing, on-trend selection is essential given the industry’s growth and forecast for 2024. Recent statistics from The Knot show a rising demand for bridal jewelry that caters to the diverse preferences of modern couples. These preferences range from budget-conscious choices to desires for larger or distinctive stone sizes and individual, one-of-a-kind styles. But how do you use this information to your advantage?

As the industry embraces the limitless possibilities of bridal jewelry, staying ahead with a curated, on-trend assortment is key — this is where Stuller becomes your ultimate bridal partner. Our matchless selection of over 12,000 styles — available with endless customization possibilities and millions of variations — ensures that you can offer every couple the ring of their dreams.

Featuring the season’s trending engagement ring designs, wedding band styles, customizable looks, and more, view and shop our new bridal jewelry brochure, The Promise of Forever.

Let’s dive into the top bridal jewelry trends and must-have, in-demand styles for spring 2024 with engagement rings, wedding bands, and more.

Bridal Trends for Spring 2024

Discover the bridal trends of spring 2024 with Stuller’s newest additions of engagement rings, wedding bands, and other bridal styles designed to fit any couple’s preferences — something to suit any chapter of every love story.

Spotlight on Trending Stone Shapes

Series shown: 126107, 126305, 126787, 124292

The demands for fancy-shaped center and accent stones are surging in 2024, with emerald, baguette, and oval shapes taking center stage — stay ahead of the curve with engagement ring styles that appeal to any bride. 

Wider Shanks and Two-Tone Elements

Series shown: 126651, 126744

For newer brides who are seeking sophisticated engagement rings with an elevated feel, wider shanks (also referred to as “cigar band” styles) give the perfect opportunity to showcase their center stone with a unique — and secure — base in their metal quality and color of choice. Add in customizable features like two-tone elements and delicate accents for a creative edge.

Contemporary Aesthetics

Series shown: 123541, 123542, 688984, 57918

Spring 2024 is seeing the continued rise in interest for lab-grown diamonds — now favored by more than 36% of couples and 25% of couples opting for them as their stone of choice, their popularity is undeniable. Not only do lab-grown diamonds bring the WOW factor in brilliance and clarity, but they also allow for larger carat weight sizes that meet any couple’s needs without sacrificing their budget.

Explore engagement ring and wedding band styles that feature these trending, contemporary aesthetics — ready to be set with any couple’s choice of natural or lab-grown diamond or gemstone.

Refreshed Solitaire Styles

Series shown: 126449, 123989, 126688, 126711

From halo-style and vintage-inspired designs to intricate detailing and accents, solitaire engagement ring styles allow any bride to explore the endless possibilities of expression. Inspire customers to breathe new life into these classic styles with trending settings, romantic elements, and brilliant accents.

Custom Bridal Stacks

Series shown: 126534, 126398, 126295, 126404, 126658

Every couple shares a unique love story — encourage them to showcase each chapter with wedding band styles that complement any aesthetic. Discover stackable, diamond-accented designs that allow every bride to create a one-of-a-kind bridal set that reflects her individuality and style.

New Age Men's Wedding Bands

Series shown (left): 51777, 52236, 57774, 57914. Series shown (right): 57960, 57958, 57964, 57969

With intricate patterns, bold diamond accents, and sophisticated wood inlays, these trending styles offer a contemporary twist on traditional wedding band designs perfect for the modern groom.

Series shown: 126724, 126665, 126742, 124096, 126509, 126571

Your Ultimate Bridal Partner

At Stuller, we remain committed to being your ultimate bridal partner, offering a vast and ever-growing inventory that helps your business stay ahead of customer demand and industry trends.

From traditional solitaires to unique, customizable designs, we have something to suit every couple — keeping your selection and business top of mind. With high-quality products, endless customization services, and swift fulfillment, we provide the essential resources for any bridal business to thrive.

Don’t miss out on exploring our 2024 Spring Bridal webpage for additional inspiration and uncovering even more ways to enhance your bridal offerings with the season’s trends!


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