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Getting Started With Stuller Showcase 

Explore the features and benefits of Stuller’s zero-cost e-commerce solution for jewelry businesses.

As the jewelry industry increasingly shifts towards the needs of modern consumers, there’s a growing importance for businesses to expand their e-commerce offerings, both to broaden their online presence and develop a trusted customer base. Recent statistics suggest that by 2025, online sales are predicted to make up 18% of jewelry purchases — accessibility and convenience being among the largest supporting factors.  

As your trusted one-stop resource for thriving in the digital marketplace, Stuller offers a range of e-commerce business solutions designed specifically for jewelers and jewelry professionals, providing confidence at any step in their journey. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or completely new to e-commerce, we provide options that cater to a range of skill levels and business models, giving you a competitive edge in today’s fast-growing industry.  

Today, we explore the full opportunities of Stuller Showcase, a completely free and reliable solution for boosting your online presence, building your brand, and ultimately expanding your business.  

What is Stuller Showcase?

Stuller Showcase is a no-cost, pre-built website designed to empower jewelry businesses on their e-commerce journey with a beginner-friendly digital solution. 

With customizable branding, access to more than 200,000 products, and the ability to set personalized markups, Stuller Showcase is a simple yet powerful tool that offers a realm of online and in-store benefits — no web maintenance or web development expertise required.  

Quick Facts

Using Stuller Showcase

  • Is completely free.
  • Allows you to set personalized markups.
  • Gives access to Stuller’s inventory of products to promote as your offering.
  • Is ideal for businesses with little web presence or smaller budgets.

How Can Stuller Showcase Help My Business?

As a free quoting tool, Stuller Showcase allows you to transform Stuller’s website into your digital product catalog with a personalized URL, keeping your branding intact and your information completely secure 

By leveraging this platform with your personalized branding and markups, you and your customers gain immediate access to a curated selection of Stuller products that can be tailored to your preferences or inventory.  

Pro Tip

Not sure how to utilize Stuller Showcase in-store? If your business has access to a digital tablet or computer, logging in to your personalized URL will allow you to sit with customers and view pricing and availability in real time — making it easier than ever to make the sale as soon as possible.  

Personalized Branding Opportunities

New Homepage Templates

Whether your business focus is bridal jewelry, fine jewelry, or a completely curated inventory, you can now choose from a total of nine homepage template styles, allowing you to tailor your online presence to align perfectly with your product offering.  

Choose the template that best reflects your brand’s identity and appeals to your consumer audience. Take a look at our four newest homepage template styles, designed with your needs in mind.  

Custom Features

With access to a personalized URL, customizable colors, patterns, and other advanced settings like adding your business logo, you can effectively communicate your brand’s unique identity and values to potential and existing customers.  

From login to launch, our easy-to-follow video guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to make the most of these branding opportunities, ensuring that your website reflects your brand and stands out in a competitive online market. 

What Customers Are Saying

“Showcase truly has been our most innovative, intuitive, accessible, and profitable sales tool.” – Jill Keith

“This is excellent! You all did a great job with these templates. I can tell that care and attention went into them.” Austin Cordle

Next-Level Access: Stuller’s E-Commerce Business Solutions

At Stuller, we understand the importance of e-commerce in driving business growth and profitability, which is why we’re committed to providing comprehensive solutions to support every step of your journey — from retail to e-tail, we’ve got you covered.  

Expanding your online presence might seem overwhelming, but with Stuller’s range of solutions, it’s easier than you think. We offer options for every skill level: 

Just Starting Out

Try Stuller Showcase as a simple way to showcase your products online, build customer engagement, and create a free website that offers 24/7 access. 

Moving Up

With Stuller Showcase Integration, you can seamlessly connect your existing website to Stuller’s product data for added functionality. 

Ready For More Control

Our API and Self-Service Data Feeds give you advanced customization options, so you can tailor your online store to fit your exact needs with access to all of Stuller’s ready-to-wear products.  

For more information on our variety of e-commerce solutions, visit 

Grow and Succeed

With Stuller’s comprehensive suite of e-commerce solutions, we dedicate time and effort to providing jewelry professionals of all skill levels with the tools and support they need to thrive in the digital marketplace. By starting with Stuller Showcase, your business has the opportunity to open a world of growth and transformation with user-friendly features, customizable templates, and ongoing support.  

Explore the endless possibilities and take your online presence to new heights with Stuller as your trusted partner in all things e-commerce.  


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