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A Stuller Love Connection

True Love Found at Stuller's CounterSketch® Training

Love is such a beautiful experience and life-changing when shared. I’m talking about the kind of love that transcends time and space, weaving its magic into the fabric of our lives when we least expect it. Valentine’s Day offers the perfect opportunity to honor that monumental experience with a tale of love that has touched our hearts here at Stuller and deserves to be shared with the world. 


The story of Dustin and Lindsay Brake of Victoria Jewelers in Orlando, Florida, is a journey of serendipity, determination, and the realization that some people are just meant to be together. As jewelers, we hear stories of love every day from our customers as we provide them with pieces that celebrate and immortalize their love. However, this particular story shines out to us because of where Dustin and Lindsay met — right here at Stuller’s global headquarters in Lafayette, Louisiana. 


Let’s embrace a little romance and follow the journey Dustin and Lindsay took to get where they are today. What’s Valentine’s Day if not the perfect day to feel a little love? 

Cinematic Beginnings

We begin our story by traveling back in time to September 2014. Dustin was working for a jewelry store while finishing school as a pharmacy student living in Clarksville, Tennessee. Though working as a jeweler, it was never the plan for Dustin to find himself at Stuller. The owners of the store had scheduled a trip to Lafayette so they could attend CounterSketch® training. At the last minute, circumstances changed, and Dustin found himself being asked to attend the training in their place — with only minutes to pack and head out the door. Thus began a lengthy drive to Lafayette where more than just a week of training and Cajun hospitality awaited him. 


At the same time, Lindsay was working at her dad’s jewelry store in Orlando, Florida. She was eager to help modernize her family’s business and expand their customization capabilities. Lindsay earnestly encouraged her dad to invest in CounterSketch and attend training with her in Lafayette. He agreed to bring CounterSketch into their business. However, at the last minute, he sent her to the training in Lafayette by herself. Lindsay recalls being less than pleased at traveling alone at the time, but how could she have known that her life was about to change? 


After 15 hours on the road, an exhausted Dustin found himself in a hotel lobby waiting for a shuttle to bring him to Stuller for his first day of training. He remembers looking up from his iPad at the lobby entrance just in time for probably the most cinematic and significant moment of his life. 


He remembers immediately noticing Lindsay walk into the lobby. The sun was shining through the windows at her back with the light surrounding her. It was one of the most beautiful sights he had seen and to this day it is the scene he shares when telling others how they met. Suffice it to say, he was stunned. Luckily for him, he didn’t have to wait long for the chance to introduce himself as they made their way to Stuller together in the back seat of a car. 

Instantaneous Spark

For their week in Lafayette, Dustin and Lindsay were inseparable. Their fellow classmates at training even took to making jokes about how one could always find the pair together. 


“I left CounterSketch training learning everything I needed while Lindsay learned nothing, because she spent the entire time turned around looking at me,” jokes Dustin. To which Lindsay replies, “I can’t believe you’re still telling people this lie!” 


Simply put, their chemistry was immediate. However, all fun getaways must come to an end, and both found themselves heading home. As they were saying their farewells, Dustin brought Lindsay in for a hug and a kiss on the cheek, whispering, “until we meet again.” With that, Dustin started his long drive home to Tennessee with an ache in his heart as if he left something behind, and Lindsay boarded her flight back to Florida irate that the boy she fell for didn’t share his number. 

CounterSketch Training Class, Lafayette, Louisiana, September 2014

What's Meant to Be Will Be

Once home, Lindsay told her coworkers about her experience for the week, particularly Dustin. Her coworkers agreed that finding Dustin and continuing communication was a necessity. The days of easily finding people on social media had not yet taken hold, so Lindsay was in a bind. That is until she remembered Dustin had emailed her a resource about a project while at training. 


With enthusiastic encouragement from coworkers and filled with nervous dread, she sent Dustin an email hoping he would respond. Not only did he respond, but he made his intentions clear that he felt the spark between them. From that day on, every waking minute outside of work was spent in communication with each other, and their connection only grew. 


For a few months, the pair attempted to bridge the 750 miles between them in a long-distance relationship. However, it was inevitable that they would end up together. Even Dustin’s dad remarked immediately after meeting Lindsay that he knew it was a matter of time before Dustin would make the move to Florida. 


That move came four months into their relationship. Dustin packed his bags and moved to Florida to be with Lindsay. As they say, when you know, you just know. 

A New Adventure

It wasn’t the plan for Dustin and Lindsay to not only live together but also work together. However, that’s how the cards fell. Lindsay’s dad — Mr. Frank — had split responsibilities as he was trying to run a jewelry store as well as manage a renovation of his home. During busy days, he needed an extra jeweler in the store, so he looked to Dustin to help. What began as occasional help on Saturdays became a permanent addition to the team at Victoria Jewelers. 


And that became their life in 2015. Dustin and Lindsay’s lives seamlessly intertwined as they were always destined to be. Before the year ended, it became clear they were ready for the next step: marriage. 


That next step began with Dustin approaching Lindsay’s father with an important question. Not only did Mr. Frank give his approval, but also provided the perfect diamond. The diamond selected was special not only because Mr. Frank presented it to Dustin. It was special because Lindsay unknowingly picked it out herself. She first noticed it when showing a selection of diamonds to a customer and was astounded at its beauty. Seeing her love for the diamond, Mr. Frank took the diamond and set it to the side, knowing it would one day be hers. 


With the help of CounterSketch and Stuller’s CAM services, Dustin was able to craft the perfect ring for Lindsay. It’s a stunning 14K rose gold solitaire engagement ring. The shank is accented with 30 round brilliant-cut 1.3 millimeter diamonds (F/G, VS). Lindsay’s hand-selected center stone is a 1.52 round brilliant-cut diamond (G, SI2, GIA triple X rating). 


The rest is history. 

countersketch ring designs

Ten Years Later

Life today looks a little different for the young love birds. Dustin now manages and operates Victoria Jewelers. Rather than being at the store every day, Lindsay oversees marketing for the business while spending her days looking after 7-year-old twins Wyatt and Waylon as well as 2-year-old Dax. 


However, there is one thing that hasn’t changed for the pair. While sharing their story, Dustin spoke about Lindsay with the same love and affection that sparked in Lafayette all those years ago. It’s as if every day he still sees her walk in the door with the sun radiating all around her. And as for Lindsay, she has found unimaginable contentment and happiness in her roles as wife and mother. She considers each day a blessing. 

Celebrating a Very Happy Valentine's Day

I believe everyone is deserving of love as beautiful and touching as that between Dustin and Lindsay. This is the kind of love that inspires. Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or approach today as any other day, open yourself to the possibility of a life-changing love in whatever form that may be. Remember, today could be just another day. Or it could ignite the beginning of your next great adventure.


Taylor Dizor

Staff Writer

Taylor holds degrees in Political Science and Communication from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette as well as multiple certifications from GIA. His years in the wedding industry and love of fashion trends helps him write content for the on-trend and creative jeweler.