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Gemstone Jewelry

award winning jewelry
Inspiration & Trends
Taylor Dizor

Award-Winning Jewelry Designs of 2023

One thing about Stuller that you can depend on is the amount of research, development, effort, and care that goes into creating our jewelry. We are driven by the idea that a customer will one day be walking through your store or browsing your website, see a piece, and break out into a smile as they imagine wearing it. Our goal is to always create jewelry that will make you proud.

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Diamonds & Gemstones
Sarah Whisnant

What To Know: Lab-Grown Gemstones

In just a few years, a remarkable shift has taken place in the world of gemstones with the rise of lab-grown alternatives. Delve into their distinct advantages with top picks from Stuller’s assortment to help you kickstart your offering.

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302® Fine Jewelry
Claire Lyon

March Is Me Month® 2023

Facebook Twitter Linkedin In celebrating life’s moments, jewelry can be a beautiful way to mark milestones, and encourage us to signify our greatest achievements; it

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color of the year viva magenta gemstones
Diamonds & Gemstones
Heather Fontenot

Introducing the 2023 Color of the Year: Viva Magenta

As we know, entering a new year welcomes endless possibilities — a fresh start, exciting opportunities, and the courage to boldly reinvent our mindsets and environment. What better way to celebrate than with the latest announcement from the Pantone® Color Institute on the 2023 Color of the Year?

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