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March Is Me Month® 2023

Join the conversation in female empowerment and celebrate women across the globe with Stuller’s curated fine jewelry styles designed to honor, encourage, and inspire.

In celebrating life’s moments, jewelry can be a beautiful way to mark milestones, and encourage us to signify our greatest achievements; it also creates a path for us to express ourselves, and to accessorize intentionally.

For the female demographic, specifically, the industry is also seeing a significant and stable rise in self-purchasing customers. Simply put, there is a strong connection for women to find styles and build their jewelry collections with pieces that feel true to their personalities, values, and interests — and so, Stuller is proud to participate in one of the industry’s most empowering retail campaigns, March Is Me Month®.

In partnership with the Women’s Jewelry Association (WJA), Stuller joins the conversation and movement in honoring women with curated selections to inspire them in their lifestyles. This year, we are thrilled to announce four new categories of pieces that are sure to honor loved ones and self-purchasers alike through new, on-trend designs and bestsellers.

Read on as we explore more on March Is Me Month with insight into our collections, free downloadable assets for Stuller First members, and special insight from our own female Stuller team members.

What Is March Is Me Month?

In efforts to celebrate alongside Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day on March 8, the Women’s Jewelry Association (WJA) created a retail empowerment campaign that gives any and every woman the opportunity to feel uplifted in their identity.

Jennifer Markas, executive director of WJA, describes March Is Me Month as a way for every woman to celebrate herself, visit a retail jeweler, and treat herself to a piece of fine jewelry — no matter the reason.

“Nestled between Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, March is Me Month is thoughtfully aligned with International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month during the month of March to create the perfect time to promote women and empower them to buy jewelry and timepieces that mark their most significant milestones, or, just because,” says Markas.

As a proud participant and believer in the power of beautiful jewelry, Stuller partners with WJA to explore the ways in which women might romanticize their lives, encouraging them to find inspiration in every day and within their personalities.

A Symbol of Love

As someone who resonates as “The Believer,” Jennifer chose our leaf clover pendant (Series 88094) as a piece she would love to add to her collection.

“My son was born on St. Patrick’s Day, and this symbolizes all the luck he brings to me, and our family — our little lucky charm.” – Jennifer Markas, executive director of WJA.

Find Your Shine

Award-winning and always on-trend, our 302® Fine Jewelry collections offer a unique way for any customer to tell their story. Similar to March Is Me Month, each piece symbolizes the beauty of life’s chapters, and gives anyone a chance to romanticize their lives and how their personalities shine. Plus, the collection’s attainable luxury and unmatched quality make it perfect for the female customer or self-purchaser to begin and build a collection that truly speaks to them. 

This year, we’ve curated four sophisticated, on-trend collections that focus on spirituality, adventure, intentional choices, and individuality — with these designs, we hope that any woman can find a design that speaks to her true self and style, whomever she may be.

The Believer

Spirituality, guidance, deeper meaning — this selection offers symbolic charms, pendants, and rings that offer protection while still fitting into her personal style. From sporting her spirit animal to putting on a pair of expressive stud earrings, she’s sure to find the perfect, intentional piece to complete her look.

The Explorer

New opportunities often show us that life can be an incredible journey of self-discovery. Adventurous by nature, these styles are inspired by the cosmos to remind her of her path. With pendants, rings, earrings, and more, she can embrace her personality with meaningful adornments.

The Maximalist

For the woman who loves a more-is-more approach, start with bold colors, unique shapes, and statement pieces that celebrate individuality. This curated selection includes styles that can stand alone or be mixed, matched, and layered to tell her story, giving her key pieces for a one-of-a-kind collection.

The Minimalist

Inspired by the “clean girl” aesthetic, these designs cater to customers looking for a signature style that blends accessories with essentials. Whether she prefers simple stud earrings or a solitaire necklace, these pieces effortlessly display purpose and independence.

What #MarchIsMe Means to Stuller

At Stuller, we are proud to say that women make up 66% of our workforce, contributing daily to our many amazing departments — from product design and development to manufacturing and shipping, we’re so thankful to our female team members for making an incredible impact in every step of our processes!

In honor of March Is Me Month, we asked a few of our Stuller experts which collection resonated with them most, and their top picks:

The Believer

“I typically look for the deeper meaning behind places, things, and most of all -- jewelry. Whether it is the preciousness of its raw materials or symbolic motifs, it’s all a part of something greater than yourself. Pieces from this collection are sure to be a conversation starter to express what gives your life meaning.”
Jada Washington
Fine Jewelry Assistant Product Manager

Jada’s Style Picks:

The Explorer

“This collection embodies self-discovery and attention to detail effortlessly. When I pack my essentials for an upcoming trip, I select high-quality pieces that are sure to inspire a sense of curiosity and adventure along the way. There’s something to be said about exploring new places that open your eyes to experience everyday life with a newfound appreciation for the small details that, in turn, add up to big moments."
Amanda Sylvester
Stuller First Loyalty Program Manager

Amanda’s Style Picks:

The Maximilist

“This collection resonates with me because I've always loved accenting an outfit with jewelry that makes a statement. Being able to add pops of color or interestingly shaped jewelry to a traditional look allows me to bring out my creative side and create a look that is unique to me. The pieces in this collection are perfect for showing off your own personality and style.”
Megan Gonzales
Marketing Content Manager

Megan’s Style Picks:

The Minimalist

“I typically layer several dainty pieces to create a bigger look. I also appreciate that the styles in this collection can be versatile in transitioning from day to nighttime looks.”
Kristen Chauvin
Fine Jewelry Product Manager

Kristen’s Style Picks:

Downloadable Assets

When you join Stuller and WJA in this global celebration of women, you have access to downloadable marketing assets for your store, social media, and website that help you to bring the inspiration of March Is Me Month to your customers (and, to establish new relationships).

From stunning imagery to product photography, you gain access as a Stuller First member to social media assets that showcase best-selling pieces from our four, curated selections. Encourage shoppers to browse your store’s jewelry collections, shop promotions online, or participate in new store events, and don’t forget to use #MarchIsMeMonth when using our easy, downloadable assets.

Interested in becoming a Stuller First member? Sign up here, or email us at, and get started with our free, updated asset materials that are ready to use, and perfect for keeping your business top-of-mind during the month of March.

Make An Impact

By participating in March Is Me Month, your business can share and promote an empowering statement for women across the world through the power of jewelry.

As partners with WJA, Stuller is proud to show support to this campaign through curated selections and resources for our customers. Learn more about how you can participate and join the conversation with the Women Jewelers Association’s March is Me promotion now at

For more inspiration on how jewelry can be one of the most important elements in women’s empowerment and self-expression, check out a few of our existing articles that showcase the female self-purchaser and new designs to stock up on now for a successful offering.

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