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The Dog Blog: Meet A Few Jewelry Store Mascots

Join Stuller in celebrating International Dog Day and honoring our canine companions.

The dog days of summer are here and to help you beat the heat, we’re introducing some cool canines who are positively “pawsome!” One day a year is especially significant in the hearts of dog lovers worldwide. International Dog Day, celebrated on August 26, offers an opportunity to recognize and appreciate the unwavering loyalty, unconditional love, and warm companionship provided by our four-legged buddies.  

This global event highlights the immense value that dogs bring to our lives and serves as a reminder of the remarkable bond we share with our canine companions. Beyond honoring our own dogs, International Dog Day also raises awareness about animal welfare and promotes the adoption of shelter dogs.  

In the bustling world of retail, jewelry stores are known for their elegance, sophistication, and the ability to make customers feel special with stunning collections. However, what truly captivates our hearts and brings an unexpected charm to these stores are their lovable dog mascots. These jewelry store mascots, adored by both staff and customers, play a vital role that goes beyond just being a cute face.  

Jewelry store mascots contribute to creating memorable and welcoming experiences for everyone involved. These furry ambassadors serve as a reminder that the store is more than a business; it’s a place where personal connections can be formed.

Let’s meet a few of the mascots who are making a difference in the fine jewelry space — one friendly wag at a time! 

“Moon Pie” from Design One Jewelers

Shown from left with "Moon Pie" are Travis Bartelt, bench jeweler, and Stephanie Hunt, gemologist.

Owners: Paul and Roz Potenza

Location: Clearwater, Florida 



INSTAGRAM: designonejewelers

Moon Pie is a six-month-old blue fawn Harlequin Great Dane. His owners, Paul and Roz Potenza, have been bringing their Great Danes to the shop for more than 20 years, and he is the newest pup to join in on the fun. Paul and Roz have a dedicated client base due solely to the fact that they are dog people. “I never underestimate the power of the pooch,” says Roz.

Their Great Danes are regularly featured in commercials and on social media, which resonates well with their customers. They also have a wall of fame depicting photos of their past store mascots, representing both the old guard and the new. According to Paul, “Most people are very open to getting a little dog love — sometimes even a bit of dog drool. My favorite thing to say is that you can’t get that kind of treatment at Tiffany’s.”

“Midas” from Blue Diamond Jewelers

Owner: Alexis Mastmeir

Location: Estero, Florida


Alexis Mastmeier, a fourth-generation jeweler, is shown here with Midas. On this particular picture day, Midas was a little grumpy; however, he normally enjoys greeting all customers at the door, and proceeds to cover them in dog hair and try to go through their purses.

“Birdie” from LK Bridal Designs & Anchor Rare Coin

Owner: Lauren Hubbard

Location: Stuart, Florida


This pretty girl is now five months old and has been coming to the store since Lauren first brought her home as a puppy. Birdie likes to sleep most of the day but will wake up quickly when Mikey, the UPS driver, shows up with Stuller packages. He always gives her a treat. She also sits in the chair next to the potential grooms and helps them pick out diamond rings. Once they get up to leave, she follows them to the front door for a kiss goodbye.

“Mable” from 14 Karats

Owners: Jon and Lillian Moriarty

Location: Berkley, California 


Miss Mable is a 9-year-old Australian Sheep dog that has been at the shop since she was just 8 weeks old. She has a demure personality with highly expressive eyes. Mable is a very easygoing dog that loves people and treats. Everyone in the neighborhood adores her, and the neighbors come to walk her from time to time.

“The Top Dog Murphy” from Jalin Jewelers

Owners: Todd and Tera Romberger 

Location: Plano, Texas, Dallas/Fort Worth area


Todd and Tera rescued Murphy 11 years ago, and he was promoted to store mascot approximately 6 years ago. Today, he aptly goes by the name of “Top Dog Murphy.”   

“Bull” from Van Dell Jewelers

Location: Wellington, Florida


One dog in this blog especially loves wearing his bling — and that would be “Bull.” While he may appear to be tough on the outside, this pooch is extremely friendly. He chills in the back of the store and will make you approach him first, but once you do, he won’t leave your side and wants to share his bone with you. Good boy!  

A Friend for Life

We love seeing how our customers and their furry friends make such a friendly and personal connection with their customers — something we at Stuller take pride in doing each and every day. 

Have a friendly pooch that helps run your business? We’d love to hear about them! Share your stories with us on our social media channels including Instagram and Facebook.


Cheryl Robichaux

Staff Writer

Cheryl holds a bachelor's degree in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Her extensive experience in the radio and print magazine industries along with her love for custom jewelry and people paved the way for her to become a Stuller storyteller.