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Advertising Your New Restyling Services

Dive into expert-backed resources that will help you to maximize your advertising strategy when it comes to restyling and repair services.

In this article, I will be discussing how restyling services can benefit your business, and how you can advertise your restyling services if you decide to make that investment.

First, I want to cover the importance of offering customization services as a modern jeweler.

A few stats to consider: 

  • 83% of bridal customers want some form of customization.
  • 32% want a completely custom ring. 
  • 51% want to make changes to an existing style. 
  • 80% of customers buy their stone and setting together. 

Demands for customization in bridal jewelry have been trending upwards, and these demands are expected to continue to grow. Without offering customization services, you are missing out on a large group of potential bridal business. 

Let’s take a look at how you can add and advertise repair and customization services to your business offering with tips and tricks on making the most of your digital resources.

Utilizing Customization Services to Your Benefit

Before taking on new business, it’s important that you make sure you have the equipment and expertise to take on this work. Ring restyling services require investing in certain tools that also open up your business to completely new lines of revenue and improved services.  

Offering jewelry customization is a necessity if you want to get ahead in today’s jewelry industry. As mentioned before, around 80% of bridal shoppers want their jewelry customized in some way. Advertising heirloom restyling as part of your bridal services can help convert more leads and produce life-long customers. 

No matter what you’re looking for to help you get started, Stuller has all the tools and education you need to offer your customers the best customization and jewelry restyling services. 

What You Need To Get Into Restyling Services

A talented bench jeweler...

Restyling is a customization job, and any customization work requires a talented bench jeweler. With restyling, however, you’re working with an existing piece of jewelry that is often of immense sentimental value — that’s why it’s important to go into such projects with respect and understanding of your customer’s request.  

...and the right tools, equipment, software, and education.

Customization requires the right tools, equipment, software, and education. If you’re missing one of these components, Stuller can help you fill in the gap. We offer several customization services, including CAD/CAM, submit a sketch, and more. We also provide all the tools and education you need to become your own expert. 

An easy way to get started with customization is to be able to offer jewelry resizing and repair services. Investing in a laser welder is a great option for offering these services to customers.  

The Benefits of Investing in a Laser Welder

When it comes to boosting your repair services, adding a laser welder to your business equipment can make a noticeable difference in your productivity and profitability. But, how can you market this to your customers effectively and from a consumer standpoint?

Two major benefits that a laser welder will bring to your business are

  • Same-day jewelry resizing and repair.
  • Establishing your business as a reliable repair center.

With many customers shopping for same-day ring resizing and repair, it’s important to position yourself as a jeweler who can provide that service for them. Otherwise, they may choose to take their business elsewhere. Investing in a laser welder allows you to offer the repair center they’re looking for.

Pro Tip

If you have a laser welder, advertise “Same Day Ring Resizing” to make the most of your investment! Google searches for “same day ring resizing” is shown to steadily increase every year. 

Jewelers who have followed this advice have reported seeing a large influx of business from promoting this message. I recommend using this language on your social media, web pages, and Google Search ads to help drive business to your store.  

Marketing Your Restyling Services Online

If you search on Google for “ring restyling services near me” or anything similar, you’ll find pages of jewelers who offer these services. The only way Google can know that you offer these services is if you mention it on your website and social media. Here are some ideas to boost your online reputation as a jewelry restyling expert. 

Landing Page

Create a landing page dedicated to jewelry restyling; would make for a perfect URL.

On this page you can list what your restyling services entail and explain your unique selling points. Reassure customers that they can trust their treasured jewelry to your experts who will handle their jewelry with care and respect. Give them a clear outline of how the process will work so that they know what they can expect. And most importantly, give them easy ways to get in touch with you about your services. 

Blog Posts

If you don’t have a blog for your website, consider creating one! Blogs are great for building your online presence and go a long way to building trust with your audience. If you’re offering restyling services, start a series of blog posts that show the before and after photos of your customers’ restyled jewelry.

Tell their stories and show step by step how you helped modernize or reshape their heirloom jewelry. In addition, satisfied customers may choose to share your blog on their own personal social media, allowing your content to be seen by their network of people and expanding your reach.

Social Media Posts

Post your restyling projects on social media, preferably with a link to the blog story you’ve created for them. Try to ask questions in your posts that spark conversation and engagement. “Which piece of jewelry would you restyle?” “How do you think we did on this piece?”  


Whether you have a digital or mailout newsletter, showcasing your most powerful restyling cases is a great way to inspire your existing customers to bring in their heirloom jewelry to be modernized.  

Customer Testimonials

Gathering customer testimonials is a great way to let others speak about their own experience of the services you provided them with.

When dealing with a customer’s existing jewelry that you’re restyling, it’s important for them to hear from a previous customer that you handled their piece with the upmost care. Customers want to know that their treasured jewelry is in good hands, so hearing positive reviews from other customers builds confidence that you and your bench jeweler will do right by them.  

How To Get Started

Here are a few recommended resources to help your business get started with digital advertising:

  • Google Keyword Planner: This is a free tool by Google that allows you to research which keywords people are searching on Google. You can find which keywords people are searching when looking for customization or restyling services as well as any other topics you need to research.  
  • Google Trends: This is another free tool that lets you analyze whether a topic is trending up or down. It’s less robust than the Keyword Planner, but it offers quick and easy insights.  
  • SEM Rush: This is a paid tool considered by most search SEOs to be the best tool for researching keyword trends, competitor analysis, and so much more. Think of the Google Keyword Planner Tool, but elevated. If your marketing team is ready to dig into advanced reporting and analysis, you may want to invest in SEM Rush. 
  • Stuller’s Marketing Assets: Did you know Stuller has thousands of professional photos and videos for you to use in your marketing? Jewelers around the world use our professional photography to advertise their business across the web, on billboards, social media, newsletters, and so much more! In order to access this library, you must be either a Stuller First member or one of our ever&ever retail partners. To learn more about how you can get started, click below.  

Rely On Stuller

Investing in customization services is becoming more and more necessary to help businesses continue to grow. Lean on Stuller to help you offer these services to be able to provide in-house customization and restyling to your customers.  
Learn more about how you can start your jewelry restyling business here: 

Starting Your Jewelry Restyling Business


Hunter Trahan

Senior Digital Marketing Specialist

Hunter is an experienced digital marketing, content writing, and data analysis professional with certifications for Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and SEMRush. He uses his passion for digital marketing and analytical skills to craft successful strategies that benefit both Stuller and our customers.