Use the Summer Months to Strengthen your Social Strategy

Ahh, sweet summertime has arrived. It’s hot, kids are out of school, and people are exhausted. That being said, summertime in the jewelry industry is typically a slower season. There are not many peak selling holidays and folks are just trying to save money during the hot months.

While you may have a bit more free time on your hands, summer is the perfect time to perform a deep-dive of your social media strategy. What are you doing right? What can you improve? Luckily for you, I’ve compiled a list of three things you can do to work on your social strategy.

Check out these easy ways to strengthen your social media strategy this summer.

Monitor your insights

The dreaded summer slow season is a perfect time to pick up your phone or sit at your computer and analyze those insights. Don’t know how to do that? Read our blog all about Facebook insights as well as Instagram insights.

Basically, when analyzing your insights, you are gathering data about your social audience. This allows you to better adjust the content you’ll be posting, the time you post, your tone (how to word your message), and much more.

Resources like Buffer provide insight into the importance of tracking your posts.  Here are some analytics you can look for in your insights to adjust your social strategy accordingly.  



Plan out your posts

I know it’s boring and can also be difficult. But trust me when I say MAKE A SOCIAL CALENDAR! Plan out your posts weeks–or even months–in advance! A simple Google search for “monthly calendar” is all you need to plan out those posts.

Utilize popular hashtags like #WeddingWednesday, #RingStack, or #EarCandy to get some creative ideas for posts when you don’t have anything else to post. Use the data from your insights to draw inferences as to what your audience likes to see – if your posts about birthstone jewelry get significantly more love than others, it’s safe to say your followers would probably like to see more birthstone pieces!


Schedule, schedule, schedule

If you’ve spoken to me before about social media, you’ll think I sound like a broken record. But I’ll say it again: SCHEDULE YOUR POSTS in advance! And take this time to get in the habit of scheduling out posts weekly or monthly. Before you know it, it’ll take you little to no time to schedule out a whole month’s worth of social media, and everything will be ready to go for busy season.

Not sure how to schedule posts? Check out my previous blog post where I walk you through the whats, hows, and whys of social media scheduling.


Photo by SOCIAL.CUT on Unsplash

And that’s it! I know these tasks can be tedious, and nobody likes homework, but trust me when I say future you will thank your past self for reevaluating your social audience and getting into good habits for the future.

What do you like to do to spruce up your social channels? Let me know in the comments below!

Utilize Scheduling to Amp Up Your Social Media Strategy

It’s a given that managing your business’s social media platform is hard, especially when you have more important things to do (like run a business). But did you know that in 2019, at least 90% of U.S. businesses used social media for marketing purposes? That’s why it’s important to stay ahead of the curve and optimize your social media strategy to benefit you, your time at work, and your business.

What is scheduling on social media?

Scheduling your posts on social media is essentially just creating your posts at an earlier date and using a scheduling tool to post on a designated date and time. I recommend putting some time aside each week (or even each month) to create the posts that you’d like to schedule in the future. Making a social media calendar is so beneficial, and it will make your life easier. I promise! All you need to do is find a monthly calendar online, and start filling it in. Here is an example of the calendar overview I use as Stuller.


Why should I schedule my social media posts?

 It is important to consistently post on your social channels. As far as frequency of posting, I don’t think there is a magic number of posts per day or per week that you should be putting out. My advice is to just be consistent. If you can dedicate one post a day, that’s great! If you want to post Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays–awesome! Just remember consistency is key.

How do I schedule?

At Stuller, we use the social media management platform Later to schedule posts on Instagram and Twitter. There is a free plan, but the paid subscriptions are as cheap as $9/month. Later supports scheduling on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.


Facebook has a tool called Creator Studio that allows you to schedule Facebook and Instagram posts. You can do things like schedule, post, backdate, or even save posts as drafts through Creator Studio. Facebook recently moved all of its scheduling abilities to Creator Studio, and it’s fairly easy to use.  So get used to it and have fun!


Watch my Facebook Live Learning Series webinar on the basics of social media here to learn more about scheduling as well as other tips for getting started on Facebook! 

For more Social Media tips, check out the Summer 2020 edition of From the Bench.

Instagram Insights August Blog Header

How to Use Instagram Insights to Inform Your Social Media Strategy

Social media has made a huge impact on how businesses advertise their products or services. Working in the field, people constantly ask me, “Hannah, how do I start using social media to my business’s advantage?” Honestly, we’re always learning and evolving our strategies, but I do have a few tips to help amplify your social media’s success on Instagram.


Remember the secret sauce from part I of this series: Serve the right content to the right person at the right time.


Let’s talk through how this applies to your Instagram strategy! In order to get started, our first mission is getting you to your Insights page. Thankfully, it’s super easy. Follow along with the GIF below. Remember, you won’t be able to see your insights if your Instagram profile isn’t established as a business page. Don’t have a business account? Make the switch today.

How to Navigate Instagram Insights GIF

1. What’s the Right Content?

If you go into the Feed Posts section of your Instagram Insights, you can categorize all of your posts by both content type AND various performance metrics. We want to focus on top-performing posts. So, to do that, we will show all posts over the past year sorted by engagement.

Instagram Insights Feed Posts

Here, you see that our highest performing posts vary in themes. However, there are a few repeat topics if you look closely. For Stuller’s account in particular, bridal posts are usually a hit, as well as company updates and user-generated content.

Analyze your own insights in an effort to make these kinds of inferences. For example, if your posts about gemstones keep showing up in this section, be sure to include more gemstone posts in your content strategy! Don’t get too crazy, though— it is important to mix it up. Your followers can get bored with too much of the same. Test out different topics and keep a pulse on what’s working and what’s not using this section.

Another thing to consider is which content types resonate with your specific audience. If all of your posts with the highest engagement rate are videos, then what does that tell you? Ding, ding, ding! It suggests you should dedicate your time and resources to videos! (Again, don’t get crazy. There can certainly be too much of a good thing.)

2. Who’s the Right Audience?

Knowing your audience is SO essential to social media marketing. Understanding the demographics of your audience can help create posts and adjust your tone when writing captions or stories. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Figure out who you’re talking to. If your audience is primarily older women, you will speak a lot differently than you would if your audience is primarily young men, right?


Let’s take a look at some more insights, so we can break down your audience further.


Instagram Insights Demographics

So, instead of content, we’re looking at the Audience tab of your Instagram Insights. Here, you will be able to see where your audience is from, their age and gender, and even what times they are active on the platform. Now, isn’t that incredibly important information to have? Which brings us to our next question . . .

3. When’s the Right Time?

Using what you’ve learned from analyzing your audience’s data, you’ll know when the biggest group of your followers is online at the same time.

When it comes to the frequency of your Instagram posts, there is no single right answer for everyone. The most important rule is consistency! If you feel like you only have time to post three times a week, do that! Think you can post once a day? Do that! Whatever you do, just be consistent. Instagram will reward you for it. When you decide how often you can commit to posting, use the data to determine which days and times you should post.

Instagram Insights Audience Stats

As you can see above, this section shows you the day AND time of day you have the most active audience online. If you can make three posts per week, come to this section and choose the top three days and the top three times of those days to publish your posts.

Pro Tip: Instagram says 12PM is your highest concentration of followers online? Post at 11:30! Posting content 30 minutes earlier will allow your post to get through Instagram’s algorithm and start showing up for your active at 12PM audience.


So, how exactly can you get the ball rolling when it comes to social strategy? Stick to the secret sauce: Deliver the right content to the right person at the right time!


Did you enjoy learning about Instagram Insights? Was it, dare I say, insightful? Let me know in the comments down below!

Facebook Insights August Blog Header

How to Use Facebook Insights to Inform Your Social Strategy

Social media plays an imperative role in almost any company’s success. However, as most are finding out, it goes beyond just posting photos of products and responding to customers online. Having an effective social media presence takes time. And time is money, am I right? So, let’s make sure we’re using social media effectively AND efficiently. Here’s the secret sauce:

Serve the right content to the right person at the right time.


“But Kristyn,” you ask, “I don’t know what the right content, the right person, OR the right time is.” Neither do I, TBH. You know who does though? Your Facebook Insights. Let’s dive in.

To better understand how to take advantage of Facebook insights, you must know where to find them. The GIF below shows how to navigate to the parts of Facebook Insights you will need today.

How to Find Facebook Insights GIF

1. What’s the right content?

There’s a section of Facebook Insights that breaks down the success of different post types based on average reach and engagement specific to your page. In the screenshot below, you can see that our link posts (mostly blog posts) are currently outperforming our other content types.

Try to keep a good mix of content types flowing through your Facebook Page. But, if your insights are telling you that your blogs and videos outperform your photos, what should you be investing time in creating? More blogs and videos, of course! Check out the results of this section on your own page for guidance on the types of content you should focus on creating.

Facebook Insights Post Types

2. Determine Content Themes

Now that you know which content types are resonating with your audience, you need to determine what content themes will perform well. If you scroll down on this same page of your Facebook insights, you will come across the section below. Here you will find a breakdown of the individual performance of your most recent posts. The most important metric here is your per post engagement rate. The higher this percentage, the better.

Facebook Insights Picture 4

Take a look at this section of your insights to see which posts outperform others. Try to draw conclusions based on that data. Maybe you will start to notice common threads. Perhaps fun facts about gemstones perform really well or lifestyle photos get more likes compared to jewelry photography. Pay close attention to this section to better understand what to post in an effort to get the most engagement out of your audience!

3. Who’s the right person?

Now, you’ve used your insights to generate some effective content ideas! The next step is to make sure your audience engages with that content. What’s the key to getting your audience to engage with your content on social media? Understanding who they are in the first place. Think about it. How can you create posts your audience will like if you don’t even know who they are? That’s why I encourage you to check the Your Fans section of your Facebook Insights regularly:

Facebook Insights Your Fans

Do you have a predominantly male audience? That could definitely change the way you speak to them in your posts. What age is the majority of your followers? You probably have products that steer more toward that age group. Knowing what types of content resonates with your audience AND having a clear picture of who you’re talking to will help create content that works!

4. When’s the right time?

Raise your hand if you’ve ever Googled something like: When’s the best time to post on Facebook? 🙋‍♀️ Same! And it did not give me the correct answer, so who do we trust?

In your Facebook Insights, choose the Posts tab and that’s when you will see this data:

Facebook Insights When Your Fans Are Online

Here, you’ll find which times and days of the week most of YOUR Facebook audience is online. This data is much more valuable and targeted than any general recommendations found using Google search. This section will tell you not only what days of the week will work best, but what time of those popular days, too.

Here’s the pro tip: If your Facebook insights tell you that Thursday at 8PM is when the highest concentration of your audience is online, schedule your post for 7PM. Publishing at 7PM will give your content enough time to get through Facebook’s algorithm and start showing up to your active 8PM audience.

So what’s the recipe for social media success? No, it’s not funny memes or viral cat videos. Simply put: deliver the right content to the right person at the right time.

Have I convinced you to be more deliberate with your social strategy? Let me know in the comments down below so I can cheer you on!