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Finding Success With Instagram Reels: Jeweler Edition

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From creation tools to publishing strategies, learn all you need to know about engaging with your audience through Reels!

As short-form video content began to capture the attention of social media users, Instagram attempted to shift its content toward Reels. However, in recent weeks, Instagram has announced they are cutting back on the number of Reels shown in a user’s feed due to negative sentiment. However, Adam Mosseri, CEO of Instagram, predicts that a shift towards Reels will happen organically over time as Gen Z users continue to create short-form video content as their preferred way of learning and sharing information.   

As a jeweler, there are still plenty of opportunities for you to engage with potential clients using Instagram Reels! Let’s chat about a few tools you’ll need to create Reels successfully as well as how you can increase your IG reach with Reels. And, stick around for five easy Reel ideas to get started.

First Thing's First: What are Instagram Reels?

Reels are short-form video content that allows users to share entertaining, informational, and trending content on Instagram. At this time, reels are limited to a 90-second time frame. Reels are easily found on Instagram and have their own feed for users who are interested in only viewing short-form video content.

Best Practices for Creating Reels

  1. Remember to film high-quality videos. You don’t need professional equipment to create Reels that perform; however, users engage with high-quality content that they can relate to. Ensure your video is high quality by filming vertically, in a well-lit space while keeping the product in focus. You can easily use a smartphone to capture the perfect content!
  2. Good lighting is key! When possible, use natural lighting, but good fluorescent lighting also works well if you do not have access to outdoor light or windows.
  3. Although you can edit your Reels directly in the Instagram app, it can sometimes be useful to use a third-party app to edit your video clips. InShot is a great addition to your social media toolbox. You can easily cut, split, reverse, mute, change the speed of your clips, and much more! Check out their free version here!

Prepare to Publish Your Reel

Now that you are familiar with the basics of creating a Reel, let’s talk about how you can strategically publish your Reel to reach more of your audience.

  1. Research! Research what’s trending in the jewelry industry. One of the easiest ways to find out what’s trending on Instagram is to go to the Explore page and type in “Jewelry”. The search results will show you top trending content, accounts, audio, tags, and places. Look around on the top results page to see if you can find any repeat, trending sounds/videos. Then go to tags and scroll through the top trending jewelry hashtags. Remember, you are looking for trending sounds and concepts that you can recreate in your own unique way. You will also want to keep a list of these trending hashtags to use in your post when you publish. As you’re doing research save any trending sounds you discover simply by clicking on the sound and tapping “Save Audio.”
  1. Plan! Next, you’ll want to plan out your Reel ideas, so you know what video content you need to capture. Make a list of your ideas, what jewelry or stones are needed for each shot, and choose a trending sound that will flow with the video.
  2. Lastly, another way you can engage viewers on Reels is to use interactive stickers like polls, quizzes, and the “add yours” button. Like stories, when you go to publish your Reel, you will be able to add these interactive stickers.

5 Easy Reel Ideas to Begin With

  1. Find a trending 5-8 second sound and show a best-selling engagement ring 
  2. Create a time-lapse video of behind-the-scenes content 
  3. Show viewers how to clean/take care of their jewelry 
  4. Showcase new items/collections using a trending sound 
  5. Share customer stories/photos with a trending sound 

Although there isn’t a magic potion for increasing your Reel views, using trending sounds, trending hashtags, and creating entertaining content can help you reach your desired audience!  

If you’re ever looking for more in-depth social media help, reach out to me or my counterpart and we can give you a free social media consultation! Email us at or  and we would be more than happy to set this up for you. 

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Kori-Kate LeBlanc

Social Media Specialist

Kori-Kate holds a degree in Strategic Communication from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. She brings her various social media management experiences and love for research to her current role, where she’s dedicated to educating and inspiring jewelers to take on the world of social media.