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Everything You Need to Know About Partnering With Influencers

From defining micro vs. macro influencers to determining which is the right route for you, let’s take a deep dive into the world of influencer marketing.

Have you tried all of the marketing tactics but are not seeing results? Or are you just looking for something new to try? Let me introduce you to influencer marketing! This is probably something you have heard of before, but it might be scary new territory to jump into. Don’t worry, in this blog post I will answer some of the most-asked questions I receive about influencer marketing.

What's the difference between a micro-influencer and a macro-influencer?

Long story short, their motives are relatively the same: to influence their followers in their everyday lives by promoting goods or services. But the difference is in their follower count. A micro-influencer is defined as an account with anywhere between 10,000-50,000 followers, while a macro-influencer is an account with 500,000 followers or more. Before dipping your toes into influencer marketing, it is important to take a look at your brand to decide which one is the right one for you.

How to decide which influencer marketing route to go?

Chances are you’ll get a better return for your investment when you partner with a micro-influencer. I could write a never ending list on why but three important things to keep in mind are their credibility, their engagement rate, and their personal rate.

An upside to micro-influencers is that their followers have developed a certain credibility with them. They are also more likely to engage with their followers on a one-on-one level, therefore building their relationship and trust with them. A lot of times, they are just starting out and still very passionate about their content creation, which means they will go above and beyond when creating content for you. Additionally, macro-influencers can charge anywhere from $10,000 to $80,000 (or likely even more!) for a single Instagram post or story, while a micro-influencer may do it in exchange for a product or much less of a pretty penny.

How should I reach out to these content creators?

Let’s say you come across a content creator’s page that you happen to find by tracking a local hashtag. Don’t jump the gun and immediately send them a direct message asking for a partnership. It is important to develop a relationship with them before asking to work together. Follow them on Instagram and start engaging with their content so that when you do eventually work together it is not so out of the blue. Then send them a direct message or email letting them know what you love about their content, why you think you guys would make a great team, and how you expect the partnership to go. I’ve learned from experience that it is best to give as much information as you can in the beginning to avoid any miscommunication once the partnership has started.

What should I look for in an influencer partnership?

If you are going the route of a micro-influencer, it is best to find someone in your geographic area, especially if you are trying to get foot traffic in the door. If your store is located in Lafayette, LA, it wouldn’t make sense to advertise a billboard in Houston, TX. Same thing goes with your micro-influencer. More than likely their followers are made up of people who live in their area, and those are the people you will be advertising to. Try to find popular hashtags that businesses and people are using in your area and follow those to see if you can find a micro-influencer who is also using that hashtag.

How should I measure the success of this marketing tactic?

To measure the success of investing in influencer marketing, start by determining the goal of your partnership, such as gaining more social media followers, increasing foot traffic in your store, or expanding online sales. Doing so will help you build the road map of this campaign from the very beginning. If you are trying to get more people in your store, maybe have the influencer come in the store and take their followers through your cases while doing a little Q&A with one of your most recognizable sales associates. If you are looking to gain a larger social media following, do a giveaway where the winner gets to bring a handful of their friends for “bubbly and bling” or a private shopping event.

With the new age of marketing upon us, there is so much creativity out there and so many ways to reach customers on a new level. Don’t be scared to take the leap and try something new. And don’t forget that one of the many benefits of being a Stuller customer is getting complimentary Social Media Consultations! Whether you need guidance on influencer marketing or general social media questions, you can email me at and we can set up a call today.

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