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Preparing for 2023: Social Media Edition

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Get ready to jump into the new year with a social media content plan centered around growth.

Social media is increasingly becoming an essential part of every business. As you continue to establish your social media presence, remember to think creatively while building a strategic plan that works. As we close out 2022, let’s evaluate your social media channels and create a game plan for 2023!

Take a Look Back at Your 2022 Social Media Efforts

Start by reflecting on your 2022 social media goals and campaigns. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:


  • Did you reach the goals you set?
  • Were the campaigns you ran successful?
  • How did social media help your customer base grow?


Scroll back through your social media accounts and take a look at your best-performing and worst-performing posts. Think about the following questions:


  • What are their similarities and differences?
  • How did you gain the attention of your audience?
  • Who engaged with these posts?


These questions will help you define your social media strategy for 2023 and ensure you are reaching your target audience by curating content they want to engage with.

Friendly reminder, don’t sell, sell, sell on social media. Provide things like styling tips, jewelry-cleaning advice, and behind-the-scenes videos to encourage audience interaction and build relationships with your followers. People will buy from those they already know, like, and trust. It is important to build brand awareness, a reputable name, and establish trust with your potential clients to earn their business and referrals.

Grab a Calendar and Let's Plan for 2023

Planning your social media goals and objectives for the year will help you stay consistent and guide you in creating relevant content for your audience. You can plan a week or even a month in advance! Follow these steps to successfully plan your social media initiatives each month:

1. Look at any national days/holidays or promotions your store may be offering.

Here are some ideas for national days in January:

  • January 1st – Happy New Year
  • January 4th – National Trivia Day – Create Diamond or Gemstone trivia questions that your audience can answer on Instagram stories!
  • January 19th – Get To Know Your Customers Day. Curate a post that allows your customers to answer a specific question, such as, “What is your favorite Gemstone?” or “What is your favorite piece of jewelry to wear?”

2. Grab a calendar and jot down your important promotional and national days.

3. Fill in the rest of your calendar with non-promotional posts (remember, you don’t want to sell all the time).

4. Think about where you can fit video content. Learn more about the importance of Instagram Reels from our blog by clicking here.

Gather images your customers share of your creations and ask them if you can repost their images to your page. This is a great way to humanize your brand and share customer stories!

Hang your calendar in your office and prep your posts each week. Don’t forget to set reminders to publish your posts across platforms. 

It is best practice to go back and review your social posts and performance each month prior to building out your calendar for the next month. By doing so, you’ll be able to pick up on posts your audience engages with most and create similar posts to keep their engagement and potentially convert them to a customer. Consistency is key on social media   sure to set aside time to plan and review each month!

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Kori-Kate LeBlanc

Social Media Specialist

Kori-Kate holds a degree in Strategic Communication from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. She brings her various social media management experiences and love for research to her current role, where she’s dedicated to educating and inspiring jewelers to take on the world of social media.