Top 3 Valentine’s Day Trends for 2020

Standard Valentine’s Day gifts include chocolates, wine, flowers, and jewelry. And while some of these gifts can be picked up on the way home from work, jewelry purchases require a little more preparedness. Alas, there are always customers who need something last minute. You know, the customer who rushes in — minutes before you’re closing — needing a rose gold ring (or one of the other two Valentine’s Day trends we’ve highlighted below).

We get it! Life gets crazy, and before you know it, February 13 (or even February 14 — eek) is here. Your customers may be a tad bit unprepared, but you won’t be, fearless jeweler. This year, Stuller has you covered for all your Valentine’s Day fine jewelry needs.

Here are the hottest Valentine’s Day trends for this year:

Trend 1: Just For You

Nothing says “I love you” like personalized jewelry. Choosing a personalized piece takes thoughtful consideration, and our many customization options help you create the perfect piece for your customer.

Our new engravable lock, personalized rings, and disc bracelets are great places to start within our vast assortment of personalized jewelry.


             87184               124354            BRC770



Trend 2: Heartfelt

At a loss for words? Give your customer the option to choose from an assortment of symbols that hold meaning and offer more than words can say. Hearts, knots, infinities, and lightning bolts are all shapes that radiate everlasting love.

By offering an assortment of symbols for your customers, you can easily capture the hearts of both the classic and modern woman.


                86868              52083              86933


Trend 3: Rose Glow

Pink and red gemstones mixed with shimmering rose gold make for the most feminine pieces of jewelry. Offer your customers multi-stone options to excite and captivate them.


              87234             87168                 653642


Have you noticed an uptick in these styles at your store? Are customers clamoring around your cases for rose gold, personalization, symbols — or all three? Let us know!

Explore the rest of our lovely offerings in this year’s gift guide. You’ll discover even more Valentine’s Day trends, including the three above.

7 Lovely Valentine’s Day Social Media Posts for You to Share

Valentine's-Day-header banner

It’s that time of year again. Hey hey, February! Love is in the air. But it’s not all just flowers and chocolate for jewelers this time of year. We know you are feeling the pressure of completing all of your Valentine’s Day jewelry orders. And we get it, it’s hard to focus on anything else besides your craft this time of year. However, keeping a consistent social presence is SO important for your business.

And that’s where I come in. Are you ready for this? As a token of my love and appreciation for all of you, I am gifting you seven days worth of social media posts to use for Valentine’s Day! Yes, seven posts crafted by yours truly, for you to use on your business’s page. All you have to do is save the photos to your desktop, and copy and paste the captions. That way, you can focus on what you do best, and leave the social media work to me.


Here are seven ideas and suggestions for Valentine’s Day social media posts. The content below is ready to share with your followers.

February 7

Valentine’s Day is exactly a week away and we know EXACTLY what she wants this year! 💝💍 #ValentinesDay #StullerValentinesInspo

#engagementring #stackable #jewelry #rings #ringsofinstagram #diamondring #showmeyourrings #dreamring #weddingring #finejewelry #jewelrygram #ringspiration #ringstagram #jewelryoftheday #diamond #instajewelry ⁠#valentinesday #valentinesjewelry


February 8

💍 A Simple Question 💍

This Valentine’s Day, be ready to propose with exquisitely detailed engagement rings chosen from our tempting selection of new designs, featuring romantic and vintage-inspired styles! #ValentinesDay #StullerValentinesInspo

#engagementring #stackable #jewelry #rings #ringsofinstagram #diamondring #showmeyourrings #dreamring #weddingring #finejewelry #jewelrygram #ringspiration #ringstagram #jewelryoftheday #diamond #instajewelry ⁠#valentinesday #valentinesjewelry #rosegold #love #rosegoldjewelry


February 9

✨ Rose Glow ✨

Shimmering rose gold and pink stone varieties create sophisticated style options with an added feminine touch. #ValentinesDay #StullerValentinesInspo

#stackable #jewelry #rings #finejewelry #jewelrygram #ringspiration #ringstagram #jewelryoftheday #diamond #instajewelry ⁠#valentinesday #valentinesjewelry #rosegold #love #rosegoldjewelry


February 10

Celebrating love this Valentine’s Day should be effortless and beautiful. We’re here to help you find the perfect gift for their special someone from our thoughtfully curated assortments. 💕 #ValentinesDay #StullerValentinesInspo

#stackable #jewelry #rings #ringsofinstagram #diamondring #showmeyourrings #finejewelry #jewelrygram #ringspiration #ringstagram #jewelryoftheday #diamond #instajewelry ⁠#valentinesday #valentinesjewelry


February 11

We have the styles you need to celebrate love in all forms, whether between family members, friends, or couples. Let’s pick out the perfect gift for your loved ones! 🌹 #ValentinesDay #StullerValentinesInspo

#stackable #jewelry #rings #ringsofinstagram #diamondring #showmeyourrings #dreamring #finejewelry #jewelrygram #ringspiration #ringstagram #jewelryoftheday #diamond #instajewelry ⁠#valentinesday #valentinesjewelry #rosegold #love #rosegoldjewelry


February 12

💖 Celebrate Love 💖

Mark that special day with an anniversary, eternity, or contour band, perfect to mix, match, and stack with her engagement ring! #ValentinesDay #StullerValentinesInspo

#engagementring #stackable #jewelry #rings #ringsofinstagram #diamondring #showmeyourrings #dreamring #weddingring #finejewelry #jewelrygram #ringspiration #ringstagram #jewelryoftheday #diamond #instajewelry ⁠#valentinesday #valentinesjewelry


February 13

🌹 Love — Pure and Simple 🌹

We have a variety of simplistic gift options available in rose gold that warm the soul! #ValentinesDay #StullerValentinesInspo
#stackable #jewelry #rings #ringsofinstagram #diamondring #showmeyourrings #dreamring #finejewelry #jewelrygram #ringspiration #ringstagram #jewelryoftheday #diamond #instajewelry ⁠#valentinesday #valentinesjewelry #rosegold #love #rosegoldjewelry


We’ll call this week of posts #StullerValentinesInspo so we can inspire your Valentine’s Day social media efforts! Again, all you have to do is save the images above to your desktop. Then, copy and paste the captions to create effective Valentine’s Day social media posts.

Are you up for it? If so, drop a link to your social account in the comment section. I’ll be rooting for you. And if you’re looking for Valentine’s Day jewelry, look no further— we’ve got you covered.

Who, What, and Where: 3 Ways to Personalize Jewelry

Whether it’s for a special occasion, for a thoughtful holiday gift, or for no reason other than a quick way to express gratitude to a loved one, personalized jewelry is a popular pick during the holiday season. It’s an easy gift, yet one that holds immense meaning to both the wearer and the gifter.

With the styles below, you can give your customers a way to add a distinctive, perfectly personal look to their and their loved ones’ jewelry.

Someone Special

Everyone has a special someone they want with them always — whether in person or in spirit. Nameplate necklaces and initial earrings are just the thing to keep them close.


Some customers may want classic styles for gifts, but others prefer more understated, minimalist options. We provide both.

Something Special

Offer your customers a way to remember the special moments in their lives forever with our engravable pendant necklaces.

This might be a wedding date, the birth date of a child, or the date of any other special milestone in their life — such as a high school or college graduation.



Take it further by offering to engrave a special date on a bar necklace or bracelet.


Somewhere Special

With a personalized piece, your customers can carry a special place with them no matter where they are in the world. Our state necklaces feature an accented city stone and are a great way to keep that special location close.

Remind them these accented state necklaces are the perfect way to remember their hometown, a childhood vacation spot, or the place where they got engaged or married, and they’ll find it hard to say no.

Suggest engraving the name of a city on a bracelet as another way to showcase their favorite place.

Tie it Together

So your customer may be indecisive about what to get, or maybe they want to take their purchase to the next level. What do you do? Perhaps suggest they get an accented state necklace, then add a pair of initial earrings and a second, layered necklace to tell their full story: who, what, and where.

Or suggest a different combination of personalized jewelry entirely. Because that’s the beauty of personalization — endless options, all to make sure they get exactly what they want.

Visit Stuller.com/Personalization to browse our comprehensive selection of personalized jewelry.


2019 Pantone Color of the Year Predictions by Stuller’s Top Trend Experts

2019 Pantone Color of the Year Predictions Blog Header

Our world is driven by color. From Tiffany’s iconic robin egg blue to Coca Cola’s bold crimson, colors are ubiquitous in branding and business. Colors are also at the forefront of the jewelry industry, too. Gemstones nearly sell themselves thanks to their vivacity and saturation. Metal fashion is driven by bright white, yellow, and rosy tones. Even diamonds are graded by their color (or lack thereof). So, it’s no wonder why we’re anxiously waiting for the Pantone Color Institute to announce their choice for the 2019 Color of the Year.

We’re confident we’ll have the jewelry and gemstones to match whatever color Pantone throws our way. Are you excited for the newest color craze? We sure are!


Here are a few of Stuller’s top trend experts sharing their 2019 Pantone Color of the Year predictions—

Pantone’s Aspen Gold

2019 Pantone Color of the Year Predictions Aspen Gold

“My 2019 Pantone Color of the Year prediction favors a bright, saturated yellow marigold. Its sunny tone exudes bursts of bright energy, health, and overall optimism. Pantone’s Aspen Gold has a citrusy undertone that feels organic and from the earth. I’ve also noticed this soft shade in countless 2019 runway shows.”  Emily Graffagnino, Gemstones Director

Soft Yellow Gemstones

CitrineSpessartite GarnetYellow SapphireYellow Diamonds

Pantone’s Evergreen

2019 Pantone Color of the Year Predictions Evergreen

“Deep Emerald Green is everywhere— from home décor and accessories to high fashion. In fact, deep green even eclipsed pop culture this year with a key emerald featured as the major plot point in the hit movie Crazy Rich Asians. I’m betting on Pantone’s Evergreen since it pairs well as a sophisticated accent to neutral tones like cream, white, gold, and soft pink.”  Alix Gonsoulin, Executive Director of Product Development

Deep Green Gemstones

EmeraldTourmalineMalachiteTsavorite GarnetJadeRainforest Topaz

Pantone’s Pink Peacock

2019 Pantone Color of the Year Predictions Pink Peacock

“Super-saturated Pink Peacock fuchsia starred in many head-to-toe ensembles on the spring 2019 runways. This statement-making pink boasts cool purple undertones that layer well with warmer red and gold accents. Plus, pink has been hot this year! The Pink Legacy Diamond shattered price per carat sales records for colored diamonds. Also, Lady Gaga has been sporting a large Pink Sapphire center engagement ring. With all this exposure, Pantone’s Pink Peacock remains my top 2019 Color of the Year prediction.” — Emily Bute, Creative Design Director

Fuchsia Gemstones

Rhodolite GarnetPink TourmalinePink SapphirePink Diamond

Pantone’s Princess Blue

2019 Pantone Color of the Year Predictions Princess Blue

“The 2019 Color of the Year is a lot of FUN in home décor and clothes. But for longer lasting products like jewelry, I think it’s a tough trend to follow for credence. That said, I’d prefer to see blue as the 2019 pick. Blue is timeless. It’s the color of natural beauty like the ocean, the sky, and twinkling eyes. Blue gemstones can easily support Pantone’s Princess Blue. However, there’s much speculation about gold and orange for the 2019 Pantone Color of the Year. Well, here’s the good news: orange and blue look great together when applied to a fantastic NFL sports team— the Denver Broncos!” — Ashley Brown, Executive Director of Marketing and Public Relations

Bold Blue Gemstones

SapphireBlue TopazLapisTanzaniteZircon

Pantone’s Mango Mojito

2019 Pantone Color of the Year Predictions Mango Mojito

“No matter how vivid or muted, Pantone’s Mango Mojito is sure to compliment the earthy undertone palette seen across countless fashion weeks. With geometric-inspired designs still thriving within the fine jewelry world, I anticipate this trend to keep its momentum in 2019. While we have seen a literal play on open symmetrical styles this year, plan to see this trend carry over into next year with an elevated approach. Expect stones in various shapes and sizes pieced together to create colored geometric patterns. Imagine ombre color schemes — from earth tones to reds, pinks, greens, and blues — paired with complementary shades of yellow to complete each color story.” — Blaire Hovis, Fine Jewelry Director

Rich Golden Gemstones

Mexican Fire OpalPoppy TopazHoney TopazCitrine


What are your 2019 Pantone Color of the Year predictions? Let us know in the comments below! Then, find more of our favorite Pantone trends here.


A Guide to Mother’s Day Jewelry Gifts

Mother's Day Jewelry Gifts Blog Header

Being a mom is an ever-growing job. With each passing milestone, Moms earn badges right alongside their kids — remember the “I-made-it-through-one-day-without-crying” achievement? And since Mom is always changing, her jewelry style is bound to make a couple of 360’s every once in a while. Now, this certainly doesn’t mean her style is restricted to one category over another. After all, every mom is different. And here’s the perfect way to celebrate that. 


Here are a few of our favorite suggestions for a quick guide to Mother’s Day jewelry gifts:

New Moms

The Perfectly Practical Parents

These moms lean toward simple, appropriate looks for all times of the day. And to avoid unnecessary injury at the hands of an intrigued infant, anything that dangles is definitely out. Suggest simplicity to new mothers.


Super Soccer Moms

The Schedule-Juggling Superstars

Snacks. Practice. Homework. Dinner. These moms don’t have much time to decide on wardrobe accents. They’re busy being the loudest cheerleaders, the #1 supporters, and the always-open advice givers. Push personalized or family jewelry to this crowd.


Seasoned Moms

The Venturesome Veterans

With the kids a bit older, seasoned moms have a little more time to deliberate on which type of jewelry they’re sporting. They also have more time for those fancy dinner dates and nights out on the town. We suggest higher priced Mother’s Day jewelry gifts for these matrons.



The Wisest Elders

Grandmothers hold a special place in our hearts. They favor more classic, timeless styles. And they’re more likely to acquire and pass down their Mother’s Day jewelry gifts as heirloom pieces.


And as her collection of Mother’s Day jewelry gifts grows, she’ll need to keep it clean and stored in a safe place while she’s on the go. Offer her these gifts as an added touch this Mother’s Day!

Let us know in the comments below which Mother’s Day jewelry gifts sell best in your store.

Claim Your Love With A Claddagh Ring

Claim your love with Claddagh Ring

Legend Has It

With St. Patty’s Day so near, let’s look at an Irish jewelry tradition — the Claddagh Ring. It traces its humble origin to Claddagh, a small sea-faring village in western Ireland. Said to be the oldest fishing community on the island, Claddagh sits on the banks of Galway Bay, right outside the city walls of Galway. Rumor has it that Richard Joyce, a 17th century Galway native, designed the Claddagh ring. According to folklore, Joyce left his true love on a journey to the West Indies intending to marry her upon his return. Instead, pirates seized his ship and peddled him as a slave to present-day Algeria. Joyce’s owner, a Moorish goldsmith, saw his potential and trained him as a craftsman. After many years, King William III ordered all British captives freed from the Moors. Richard Joyce finally returned home with a ring he created that symbolized his enduring love and commitment. He presented the token to his lady-in-waiting, and they wed after countless years apart.

The Claddagh Ring: An Heirloom

Since then, the Claddagh Ring has stood as a symbol of Irish heritage. Traditionally gifted by a lover, friend, or family member, the Claddagh conveys a deep personal connection. When a girl comes of age, she may receive an heirloom Claddagh ring. It can pass from mother to daughter or from grandmother to granddaughter. During the Great Famine of the 19th century, masses emigrated to escape their country’s peril. In most cases, Claddagh rings were the only items of value families could bring to their new home. Even today, the style rules across much of Ireland and has garnered worldwide popularity.

Loyalty, Love & Friendship

The design itself is a variation of Roman fede rings, featuring two clasped hands to signify faith and trust. Similarly, the Claddagh shows two hands holding a crowned heart.

14K Yellow & White Ladies Claddagh Ring


•  The Crown – Symbolizes Loyalty

•  The Heart – Symbolizes Love

•  The Hands – Symbolize Friendship


The style has grown to express Irish identity and symbolizes friendship, along with adaptations as engagement and wedding rings.


If Worn on the…14K White Ladies Claddagh Ring

Right Hand with the tip of the heart facing outward, the wearer’s heart is open. This means they are single and possibly searching for true love.

14K White Ladies Claddagh Ring
Right Hand with the tip of the heart facing inward, toward oneself, someone has captured the wearer’s heart. This signifies a ring given by a friend or someone in a relationship.

14K Yellow Men's Claddagh Ring


Left Hand with the tip of the heart facing outward, the wearer is engaged. We see this style worn the least.

14K Yellow Men's Claddagh Ring


Left Hand with the tip of the heart facing inward, toward oneself, the wearer is married with their heart paired with their partner’s for eternity.


Did You Know?

The buzz about the Claddagh style has erupted in recent years. Designs have grown increasingly ornate, embellished with jewels and fancy metals. The basic style, however, remains the same. You may have seen the ring on the popular series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, where Angel presented the ring to Buffy for her birthday. Our late President John F. Kennedy and his wife Jackie also owned a pair of Claddagh rings after visiting Galway in the 1960s. Finally, the Partners statue in the Magic Kingdom depicts Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse perched in front of Cinderella Castle. Interestingly enough, Walt Disney is sculpted with a Claddagh Ring on his right hand with the tip of the heart pointed outwards (wrongly worn, considering Disney’s marriage). This iconic statue sets in stone the popularity and prevalence of Claddagh Rings representing Irish heritage and culture.


Magic Kingdom Walt Disney Claddagh Ring

Disney’s Partners Statue • Source

Walt Disney Claddagh Ring Right Hand

Walt Disney’s Claddagh Ring • Source

Read on about St. Patrick and his Jewelers here and Why We Celebrate St. Patty’s Day.


Halloween Tricks and Jewelers’ Treats

Ritual Jewelry Folklore Halloween Blog Header

Without superstition, there would likely be no jewelry business. There’s nothing exactly rational, after all, about wearing a certain kind of ring to commemorate a life event. And of course, there’s no scientific link between our particular birthstone and our personality or character. Wearing jewelry is something we do for primarily cultural, rather than logical reasons. And in that sense, the foundational desire for jewelry really has more to do with the realm of superstition, magic, myth, and folklore than with the world of pure reason. Indeed, jewelry, like superstition, and like myth and legend, is often a way of dealing with things that logic and reason don’t quite fully solve for—the deeper mysteries of life, love, birth, death, those things that lie far beyond the bounds of our comprehension.

Despite the mostly efficient efforts of our brain to assure us that all is well understood and proceeding as planned, the universe remains a deeply mysterious and uncertain place, and it’s in these fissures of mystery that superstitions flourish. It’s in those same places that the rich symbolism of jewelry often finds a home. 

Take Halloween as a starting point

Halloween has its roots in the ancient Celtic festival Samhain. Samhain marked the end of the harvest season and the beginning of Winter. For a pastoral, agricultural society, it meant, in effect, the end of the old year, and the beginning of the new. In Irish mythology and literature, it also marked a time when a portal opened between the normal world and the Otherworld—a fantastical realm of supernatural beings and the dead. At this mysterious time of year, denizens of the Otherworld were free to wander the earth. This belief was echoed in the Samhain practice of dressing and parading in oftentimes ghoulish or skeletal costumes. It’s also why you see the same practice in modern Halloween, and why the Catholic church celebrate All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day (celebrations of the dearly departed) during this same time frame. 

The larger point is that Halloween/Samhain/All Soul’s Day all mark an annual time of deep seasonal uncertainty and change—a time that is right at the threshold of one phase and another. Folklorists and anthropologists even have a word to describe this state: liminality. It’s in these liminal spaces betwixt and between the major stages of the year that uncertainty grows, that change and mystery arise, that superstitions find purchase and that we gather our loved ones around to celebrate the holiday and reinforce our collective understanding of things. And that makes perfect sense. In times of change and uncertainty, we do the natural thing and try to counteract the mystery with togetherness, shared folk beliefs, songs, and community.

What does any of this have to do with jewelry?

It’s a good question, but the answer is clear enough. Jewelry is a crucial part of our formula to counteract and master liminality. A significant element in our antidotes to existential disruption. Just think for a second about when jewelry is traditionally given and received and why.

Just like the holidays that stud the circle of our calendar year like bezel-set sapphires, jewels appear in our lives at the most liminal moments between life stages. At graduation, at birthdays, at weddings. Even in the case of death, jewelry of course has a place, most famously perhaps in the mourning jewelry of the Victorians. 

Another way of saying it is that jewelry is a tool of ritual, and ritual is our organized system for dealing with uncertainty, change, and mystery. Ritual is our magical way of managing liminality and ensuring a safe passage through to the next stage in the circle of life, or through to the next stage of the cyclical year. 

Jewelry is well-suited to the task. It is designed to tame disorder. Made of the most resilient materials on the planet, jewelry is built to resist entropy even at the physical level. At the emotional and personal level, its beauty is designed to spellbind and capture the attention, to drawn people in, rather than to disperse them to the four winds. 

Commonplace ritual jewelry

Built primarily around the circular form of a ring, jewelry is designed to bind, to surround, to enclose, and to protect. Not surprisingly, similar circles tend to crop up in rituals of all sorts, as universal symbols of the human bonds that shield us from the vicissitudes of existences. Like the eternal circle of the year, they place our transitions and our changes and uncertainties into a kind of form that we can understand and live within. 

In fact, the most famous scholar of rites of passage, French folklorists Arnold Van Gennep, describe ritual itself as having a cyclical structure. He explained that people undergoing a rite of passage undergo three phases: 1) a SEPARATION from a community and an old identity, 2) a liminal TRANSITION phase, and 3) a REINCORPORATION into a new role as, for instance, a wife or Amish teen after a wild Rumspringa. Rituals, you might say, are ring-like patterns within culture—meant to adorn and enshrine these most delicate and crucial transitions in our lives.

To bring this all back into the more comfortable realm of reason and the sweet solace of numbers, you need only turn to the statistical jewelry industry oracle of your choice. The most popular days for engagements almost always coincide with the winter holidays—the same days of ritual and magic that give rise to superstitions, particularly romantic superstitions. Halloween, of course, abounds with lore having to do with love and romance, and is usually listed as one of the most popular days of the year for engagements. It’s almost a bookend to the engagement season, which of course starts picking up in later October and tends to peak around Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day—all, like Halloween, holidays with ancient roots in myth, lore, and ritual. 

What does this all mean for jewelers?

The question should be: What doesn’t this mean for jewelers? It means everything. It means that jewelers are nothing less than wizards and magicians, sacred providers of the ritual tools we humans need to navigate the most crucial times of our lives. There are doctors for our physical ailments, accountants for our financial maladies, and scientists who will scan the furthest stars for their secrets. But who can bring the heart back into union with itself amidst the eternal, ever-unfolding mysteries of existence? 

No one but the poets, the musicians, the priests, the artists, and—yes—the jewelers. 


So with All Hallow’s Eve upon us, and the ancient cycles of seasons turning away from the warmth of the summer, the days will grow darker. But people will turn to each other for companionship, love, and light. And they will increasingly turn to us for those artifacts of enduring illumination that are our special gift to a world.  

In other words, with Halloween upon us and wandering souls out searching for nourishment, open your doors wide and welcome them. It’s your time to shine.

Looking for more Halloween stories? Find 6 Jewelry Superstitions and How to Use Them to Your Advantage here.   


Gennep, Arnold van. 2013. The Rites of Passage. Routledge.

Kunz, George Frederick. 1894. Folk-Lore of Precious Stones. Schulte Publishing Company.

Mahdi, Louise Carus, Nancy Geyer Christopher, and Michael Meade. 1996. Crossroads: The Quest for Contemporary Rites of Passage. Open Court Publishing.

Monaghan, Patricia. 2014. The Encyclopedia of Celtic Mythology and Folklore. Infobase Publishing.

Napier, James. 2013. Yule, Beltane, And Halloween Festivals (Folklore History Series). Read Books Ltd.

Dare to be Dark with Disney Villain Inspired Jewelry

Disney Villain Inspired Jewelry

We’re back again . . . and this time with a vengeance featuring Disney villain inspired jewelry.


There’s a chill in the air, pumpkin spice is literally everywhere, and Halloween is only days away. It’s the time of year where we celebrate all things fall and appreciate all things wicked. In honor of my favorite holiday (and due to the popularity of the original Enchanted Engagements post), we’re back again . . . and this time with a vengeance featuring Disney villain inspired jewelry.

That’s right. Today we’re commemorating the not-so-heroic members of classic Disney casts: the villains. So sit back, check out our most heinous accessories and dare to be dark this Halloween.


For the self-proclaimed Mistress of Evil, I’ve chosen a pair of diamond ear climbers and an onyx ring. My favorite Disney villain inspired jewelry item, the wavy design of the ear climbers mimics her iconic headwear. And with an accessory like this cocktail ring to show off, it’s no wonder she was so upset she didn’t get invited to the party.


This starring antagonist’s most noteworthy possession is his golden Cobra staff. Today I’ve donned him with a snake ring AND a bezel-set garnet ring, both set in gold. Because let’s be honest, when you’re drowning in stolen jewels, your ring stacking game is bound to be on point.


Though the Wicked Witch of the Sea usually rocks seashell inspired jewelry, everyone knows it’s with a flick of her tentacles that she invokes the real terror. I’ve assigned this ring and bangle combo to recall the havoc she wreaked on those poor unfortunate souls.

Captain Hook

As the leading pirate on the notorious Jolly Roger, Captain Hook must be two things: dapper AND undaunted by one measly crocodile. To reinforce that he’s the villain of this story (rather than the victim), I think this set of alligator skin cufflinks and matching pendant serve as proper inspiration.

Cruella de Vil

Perhaps the cruelest on this list, Cruella pursues glamour with no mercy. Not even for sweet little pups. This ruby and diamond line bracelet is nothing but a commodity in her sophisticated wardrobe, but the puppy pendant hangs around her neck as a reminder of what could have been.

Doc Facilier

Also known as The Shadow Man, this villain is from Disney’s modern version of The Princess and the Frog set in New Orleans. He’s a Nola man through and through so he wouldn’t be caught without this fleur-de-lis signet ring on his pinky finger. More importantly, though, is the talisman around his neck facilitating his vengeful voodoo.

Queen of Hearts

Heart jewelry is IN and the queen of any kingdom should be the epitome of style and fashion. If someone would have gifted the manic monarch with styles like these, I guarantee there would have been a whole lot less, “OFF WITH THEIR HEADS.” Stuller jewelry tends to have that effect on even the vilest of villains.

I hope you’re inspired to visit the dark side and accessorize appropriately this Halloween. Even more so, I hope you’ve enjoyed our Disney villain inspired jewelry suggestions. Planning to show off your wicked ways on the 31st? Let us know down below!

Cosmic Jewelry Constellations

Cosmic Jewelry Header Blog

Look up in the sky. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a . . . solar eclipse!


As you’re probably aware, today a total solar eclipse falls upon the United States. Step outside and take a look, because the next total solar eclipse won’t roll around until 2024. And of course, take caution and avoid looking directly at the sun without proper eyewear.


Coincidentally, our Fall 2017 Fine Jewelry Collection, entitled Shaping Trends, is a lunar-inspired assortment that sparkles with fantasy. Through a little investigation, we caught up with our creative team to understand how the astro-themed idea came to be. Was this strategically planned to coincide with the total solar eclipse, or a perfect alignment of the stars? Let’s see how our creative team developed a stellar-studded journey through our cosmic jewelry collection. Along the way, discover looks that’ll send you over the moon!

Cosmic Jewelry Beauty Shot Necklaces

Our creative strategists began brainstorming on the Fall 2017 Fine Jewelry Collection quite some time ago. The group began with an imaginative exercise pairing simple words to spark their inspiration. Amid the fun, the words “moon” and “ball” connected to create “Moon Ball.” And just like that, a star idea was born! Together, they pondered:

What would it be like to have a party on the moon?

Cosmic Jewelry Beauty Shot Earrings

This mythical Moon Ball would most certainly be the event of a lifetime. Imagine the stunning setting of such a celebration. Much like in the imagery shown here, robust natural materials like slate, stone, and granite would embolden the backdrop to create a dramatic scene.

Cosmic Jewelry Beauty Shot Y Necklace

Picture the majestic ball gowns worn to a party on the moon and a lucky couple attending the lunar affair. Perhaps she would sport a sleek silver satin dress, while her man wears a burgundy velvet suit with a black lapel. And as for her jewelry, she’d wear circular shapes, like the diamond circle Y necklace shown above, for example. And the diamond bezel-set chain earrings shown below would certainly complete her ensemble.

Cosmic Jewelry Beauty Shot Touched by MoonlightWith stars twinkling in the distance and the moon in constant subtle motion, our Moon Ball promises to be an intimate affair. We imagine a band playing smooth jazz, with ambient saxophone echoing through the air.

Cosmic Jewelry Beauty Shot Earrings

Interestingly, there’s been a longstanding connection between astronomy and jewelry through history. The Incas believed gold was “the sweat of the sun,” while silver was “tears of the moon.” Many cultures placed special significance on the sun, moon, and stars, coupled with fascination and obsession over precious metals and gemstones. Imagine the commotion a total solar eclipse must’ve caused in ancient times. Luckily, today we celebrate this interstellar event with much anticipation and excitement, along with cosmic jewelry that is out of this world!

Cosmic Jewelry Beauty Shot Earrings

Suggest any of the cosmic jewelry featured in our Fall 2017 Fine Jewelry Collection as a way for customers to remember this remarkable total solar eclipse. Which pieces do you like the most? Let us know in the comments below.

8 Ways to Wear Pantone’s Moody Blooms Palette

Pantone Summer Header
Pantone Summer Swatch Moody Blooms Palette

Summer’s sweltering heat invites lighter clothing with bare arms and shoulders. And jewelry gets layered on to create summer’s snazzy style. Now is the time to push the bright colors and dazzling flashes in your cases. The dazzling summer shades in Moody Blooms, this bright Pantone summer palette, play well with Greenery, Pantone’s Color of the Year.

Colors arouse an array of emotions — from passion to cheeriness to tranquility. Gemstone rings can become daily amulets with each color helping its wearer to navigate all that arises. We’ve paired this Pantone summer palette with gemstone ring suggestions to help you sail through any scene.

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Pantone Summer Palette Swatch Goji Berry Ruby

Gogi Berry provides a burst of rich crimson, that fuels intensity and adventure. And since red is the color of passion, Ruby emulates Gogi Berry’s romantic spark. A ruby ring on a date downtown will signify magnetic attraction and an openness to love.


Pantone Summer Palette Swatch Baton Rouge Rhodolite Garnet

Baton Rouge’s mulberry tint boasts light-hearted vibes and fanciful fun. Likewise, Rhodolite Garnet can brighten even the bleakest mood. Try on this quirky Rhodolite Garnet nest design to lift your spirit and bring excitement to your day.


Pantone Summer Palette Swatch Sulphur Scarlet Ibis Honey Topaz Poppy Topaz

Like lemons and oranges, Sulphur and Scarlet Ibis pack a fruitful, citrusy punch. Joyful, energetic yellow slips effortlessly alongside jovial, sociable orange. Pair Poppy Topaz with Honey Topaz when you’re on-the-go and remain cheerful and friendly to everyone you encounter.


Pantone Summer Palette Swatch Winter Bloom Amethyst

Did you know that purple is the color of royalty? Winter Bloom’s deep eggplant hue is luxurious and dignified, as is Amethyst. The sumptuous stone grants self-assuring boldness. Wear this Emerald-cut Amethyst to bolster confidence and summon your inner power and dignity.


Pantone Summer Palette Swatch Pink Yarrow Pink Sapphire

Pink Yarrow pops with bright, playful allure. Pink Sapphire, it expresses this enduring feminity with a decidedly modern edge. No one can resist a woman wearing pink, so wield this accented crown ring when taking on the world.


Pantone Summer Palette Swatch Greenery Peridot

Greenery’s vibrant yellowish-green is fresh and energetic, communicating harmony and optimism. Slip on this stackable peridot band to bring balance and tranquility to your day.


Pantone Summer Palette Swatch Red Dahlia Mozambique Garnet

Red Dahlia shades from maroon to Merlot exuding robustness and depth. It possesses a strong undercurrent of ambition and determination. This three stone Mozambique Garnet ring is perfect to wear on the job to display professionalism and perseverance.


Pantone Summer Palette Mayfly Green Tourmaline

Like the olive branch, Mayfly radiates reliability and trustworthiness. And what’s more, Green Tourmaline is said to protect its wearer against bad decisions. This infinity-inspired ring is sure to help enhance your soundness of judgment.


Which gemstones sell best in your store this summer? Let us know in the comments below! For more Pantone summer palette pairings, check out Pantone’s Timely Transitions palette to find gemstones from dusk ’til dawn.