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Stuller’s 2023-2024 Bridal Catalog: Nine Things to Know

Discover all-new features, styles, surprises, and more in this edition of Bridal 2023-2024.

As an industry leader in bridal jewelry, we understand the importance of staying up to date on the newest and anticipated trends, while also being able to offer the classics to provide any customer with their perfect, one-of-a-kind ring. In short, Stuller’s goal is to be your best bridal business partner, giving you everything you need to succeed.

Keeping this in mind, we’ve approached our latest edition of this catalog with new shopping features and an unbeatable assortment to provide you with the ideal selling tool for all things bridal jewelry. Read on as we dive into the highlights of Bridal 2023-2024 — and find out how you can enter this year’s contest.

Enhanced Features

With an 800-page count and an even larger assortment than our previous catalog, Bridal 2023-2024 contains updated features for a unique, streamlined selling experience, making it easy to find exactly what your customers need — and even faster ordering on

Our newest enhancements include

  • More than 600 new styles, ranging from core designs to brand-new, customizable styles.

  • Easy-to-spot callouts for lab-grown diamond-accented pieces, and new expansions on existing styles for more options.

  • Updated photography to give a clearer, in-depth look at finished pieces and intricate setting patterns.

  • New “Scan to Shop” QR codes added to each category that direct you straight to

Explore more on this latest edition such as trending assortments, bridal bestsellers, new designs, and more by checking out our Bridal 2023-2024 catalog page on

Catalog Highlights

  1. The Bridal 2023-2024 catalog includes 800 pages and spotlights hundreds of new engagement ring and wedding band styles alongside innovative shopping features and updated imagery.


  2. More than 600 new styles have been added to our vast selection of bridal jewelry, including bestsellers, customizable designs, and more.


  3. We’ve included a brand-new buyer’s guide for die-struck findings and components, giving you the best, on-hand resource to provide customers with durable, secure options for their pieces. Check out our full assortment on page 606.


  4. MatrixGold®, our most powerful CAD software, gives any designer the opportunity to have full creative control in building completely unique pieces while producing hyper-realistic renders for an incomparable experience — in this latest edition of Bridal 2023-2024, see if you can spot our own MatrixGold® renders among our new imagery.


  5. As Stuller’s complete bridal program, ever&ever® features high-quality, customizable prototype rings for an unforgettable shopping experience. Learn more on page 371 and browse core designs on


  6. Our variety of classic wedding bands now includes eight new profile options, offering even more opportunities for a truly personalized band-building experience. See all options on pages 726-729.


  7. Did you know that Stuller can set any mounting with lab-grown diamonds? In this catalog, discover options in bridal jewelry styles like engagement ring designs, anniversary bands, and more — all available to be set with lab-grown diamonds to fit your customer’s unique style and price point.


  8. We’ve updated our Bridal 2023-2024 catalog with styles that have become increasingly popular in the bridal jewelry space, such as toi et moi-style engagement rings. Find similar diamond-accented designs on pages 592-603.


  9. From shanks and settings to assembled styles, enjoy new, zoomed-in views of unique accents, different metal colors, qualities, and more with updated imagery.

Get Engaged With Stuller

To celebrate the launch of Bridal 2023-2024, we’ve got a brand-new contest for a chance to win a $1,000 Stuller account credit. With more than 600 new styles featured in this edition, we are inviting you to get engaged with Stuller to find the inspiration behind some of our current engagement ring designs.

A final prize will be awarded to a randomly chosen customer who is able to match the provided inspiration boards with the right ring design and has an account in good standing.

To enter:

  1. Reference your new Bridal 2023-2024 catalog and our hints below to see the inspiration behind some of our engagement ring designs.

  2. Between April 24 and May 15, 2023, match each board with corresponding ring designs and submit your answers to win a Stuller account credit.

  3. No later than May 26, 2023, we will announce the winner on our various social media channels.

Take a look at each inspiration board below with hints about their designs and be sure to submit your answers here!

2023 Inspiration Boards

Hint: Find a style with geometric and modern features on pages 204, 355, 358, 684, 694, and 743.
Hint: Find a style with floral elements and unique accents on pages 366, 688, 690, and 760.
Hint: Find a style with vintage-inspired aesthetic and intricate details on pages 168, 396, 423, 670, 709, and 757.
Hint: Find a style with symbolic patterns and lines on pages 365, 648, 743, 749, and 756.

Our Promise To You

Dedicated service, high-value and quality products, and rapid delivery — for decades past and many to come, Stuller maintains the promise to be an all-in-one resource for jewelers and jewelry businesses around the globe.

We hope our newest edition of this catalog gives you the opportunity and confidence to take your bridal business to the next level. Happy selling!


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