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Top Five Bridal Trend Predictions For 2023

Check out our curated collection of engagement rings sure to please any upcoming bride-to-be.

While the weather outside in January might be frightful, we have the hottest engagement rings that will delight you. At Stuller, we conduct extensive market research to remain on top of the bridal styles that are trending, so that we can offer our customers all the looks that consumers want. Don’t have hours to spend combing through Pinterest and Vogue magazine to find out what’s hot? We do the work for you!

Our product design and merchandising teams at Stuller find inspiration for bridal jewelry designs in a myriad of ways. We look to fashion, art, and architecture, both in the present and the past for colors, shapes, and textures to evoke a mood or vibe in our styles. Inspiration is everywhere — from music and movies to the shows we obsess about on Netflix such as “The Crown,” “Bridgerton,” and “Wednesday,” to name a few.

There are lots of trends out there, but our teams have identified the top five engagement ring aesthetics that will be big in 2023. Drumroll, please.

Trend 1: Classic

Classics become classics for a reason — they have lasting appeal. Classic styles were the most popular choice overall for engagement rings in 2022, and that will continue through this year. For enduring success or popularity, and strong in aesthetic and design, our classic engagement rings are timeless beauties for the bride with a touch of class.

Items Featured: 123886, 126306, 126246

Trend 2: Regency

Flowing and organic in nature, the allure of handmade craftmanship is the hallmark of the Regency trend. For the romantic and fashionable bride who adores vintage styles with floral or sculptural elements, the Regency vibe is your best bet. Think Bridgerton — Lady Whistledown would definitely approve of all of these choices.

Items Featured: 123719, 123408, 126391

Trend 3: Archi-Deco

The Art Deco style, which is short for the French Arts Décoratifs, has been reimagined a century later into the Archi-Deco style. With its architectural influence and a luxurious, sculptural feel, the Archi-Deco style is rich in detail and drama. For the bride in love with the roaring twenties era, these styles are very 2023. Think less Great Gatsby, more exquisite architectural elements.

Items Featured: 126393, 124482, 126143

Trend 4: Alt Aesthetic

The alt aesthetic is sharp but delicate, edgy and expressive. For the bride who’s really a romantic goth at heart, these engagement rings exude power and confidence. Think Wednesday Addams, and basically any Tim Burton movie.

Items Featured: 124725, 122933, 126422

Trend 5: Modern Sleek

The sophisticated bride interested in high fashion will appreciate our modern sleek styles that focus on lines with a frame-like structure. This trend features openwork and negative spacing, mechanical elements, and strong designs. Think “The Devil Wears Prada.”

Items Featured: 124587, 126014, 126012

Perfect Pairings

The showstopping engagement ring styles shown are available in 14K rose, white, yellow gold, and platinum. In addition, we’ve made it easy for you to find the matching wedding bands for all those “matches made in heaven.” Under the engagement ring on the product description page, simply click on the matching band link to view the perfect pairing.

We’re thrilled to bring you the most in-demand bridal styles and wish you a happy and prosperous new year! Shop 24/7 or reach out to us at 800-877-7777.


Brittney Garrett

Product Manager, Bridal

Brittney holds a degree in Advertising and an MBA from the University of Louisiana along with multiple certifications from GIA. She combines her love for custom jewelry and industry trend research to propel the Stuller Bridal business forward.