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Symbolic and Inspirational Jewelry Trends for 2023

Explore best-selling religious and symbolic jewelry to help your customers celebrate all walks of faith.

People buy jewelry for all sorts of reasons, and some of the most sentimental items they wear are those that represent something beyond the physical world. Faith means different things for different people, and having jewelry options readily available for any type of customer is important.

Symbolic and inspirational jewelry can serve as tangible representations of beliefs that transcend the physical realm. Think of it as emotional support jewelry that provides comfort to the wearer.

Stuller has you covered with our inclusive assortment of religious, symbolic, and spiritual jewelry that represents all walks of faith. Check out these four top trends and a few of our best-selling pieces that are sure to resonate in a personal way with your customers.

Trend #1 Cross Jewelry

The cross is a popular symbol and a more traditional representation of religious jewelry. Cross necklaces have recently become a more high-profile, high fashion motif, with celebs such as Lizzo, Kim Kardashian, and Rihanna embracing the trend.

See three of our best sellers including: natural diamond-accented cross necklace (R42359:636:P), knife-edge cross necklace (R50005:116:P), and natural diamond dangle and beaded cross necklace (87701:102:P).

We have lots of options that will make great gifts for First Communion and other religious milestones. Help your customers find a cross that speaks to them with styles that range from traditional to modern.  

Trend #2 Symbolic Jewelry

This particular trend allows new ways of expressing one’s own personal beliefs. Our symbolic jewelry collection features an impressive selection, with best sellers such as the Evil Eye heart necklace (87780:107:P), believed to protect the wearer from negative energy, the natural diamond Hamsa necklace (86623:606:P), and our Celtic-inspired heart necklace (88382:114:P).

We also carry survivor ribbon earrings, a variety of saints medals, Claddagh rings and earrings, Buddha necklaces, dangles, and pendants, plus much more.

Trend #3 Inspirational Jewelry

For those seeking protection, prosperity, guidance, peace, healing, and/or transformation, our inspirational jewelry has something for all. Our wide assortment of on-trend celestial, zodiac, and nature-inspired pieces are sure to please.

Our natural diamond angel wing earrings (88229:109:P), a standout within 302® Fine Jewelry’s Believer Collection, were recently featured in Town & Country magazine. Angels denote protection or guidance and may also symbolize purity and innocence.

Other top sellers include our natural turquoise and ruby snake earrings (88303:107:P) and spirit animal pendants (88288:112:P) such as the moth, wolf, and dragon. Snakes are historically associated with growth and rebirth because of their ability to shed their old skin to make way for the new, while spirit animal pendants are believed to help guide the wearer on a spiritual level, with each animal denoting various symbolic traits.

No matter what style your customer is looking for, we have a variety of pieces to add to their everyday look to give them a sense of inspiration. 

Trend #4 Memorial Jewelry

Loved ones can be memorialized and held close to the heart with remembrance jewelry that honors their memory. Wearing memorial jewelry is a tradition dating back to the beginning of time, however it’s gained widespread popularity in recent years.

Ash holder necklaces are especially popular due to the fact that cremation rates are quickly outpacing traditional burials, mainly because of its affordability. When hip-hop legend, Coolio, passed away in October 2022, each of his children picked out a customized inscription for a pendant to hold his ashes — a touching and heartfelt tribute to their dad.

Pieces like ash holder keepsakes, hearts, and lockets serve as reminders of the love, guidance, and devotion of those who have gone before. They may also help the wearer navigate the grieving process and provide comfort.  

Our best-selling memorial jewelry includes an engravable scroll pendant (88392:101:P), an engravable oval locket (57868:100:P), and an engravable heart locket (57877:101:P).

Stuller offers jewelry options for any type of customer from all walks of faith.  See our entire assortment of religious, symbolic, and spiritual jewelry and be inspired.


Jada Washington

Assistant Product Manager, Fine Jewelry

Jada holds a Bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Sciences from The University of Louisiana at Lafayette and is currently pursuing her Masters Degree in Merchandising from the University of North Texas. Her passion is helping jewelers prepare for the next generation of jewelry with a background in buying and selling custom couture bridal gowns. This has led her to assist in creating holistic Fine Jewelry styles.