Sell With a Story: All Things Green

Is it really March already? The calendar says so, and that can only mean we Northern Hemisphere dwellers will soon be welcoming in spring and packing up our winter wardrobes. But March means more than just spring — it also means St. Patrick’s Day is on the way!

Wednesday, March 17, marks this year’s celebration, and we’ve got just what you need to invite good fortune AND to wear something green to protect yourself from being unwittingly pinched.

The Luck of the Irish

To kick off your social-distanced St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, we’re highlighting five gemstones that will have you and your customers green with envy. We suggest getting your hands on these gems as soon as possible so that you can enjoy the luck of the Irish all March long.

1. Fancy Green Moissanite

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, our gemstone team is THRILLED to introduce a most fitting gem: fancy green Stuller Lab-Created Moissanite™ (in addition to four other new fancy colors).

Offering both a lush green hue with the intense sparkle that is Moissanite’s claim to fame, our green Lab-Created Moissanite is perfect for any green aficionado. Share these cool facts about Moissanite to let them know you’re their gemstone expert for any need:

  • This stone was discovered in an Arizona meteorite crater, but all Moissanite used in jewelry today is created in a lab
  • Ranking at 9.25 on the Mohs Scale, Moissanite is harder than ruby and sapphire — and strong enough for daily wear in engagement rings, fashion styles, and body jewelry alike
  • Moissanite has more than twice as much sparkle as diamonds due to its unique refractive properties
  • Scientifically known as silicon carbide, Moissanite is used in computer motherboards
330616 330603 330612

Stay tuned for next month’s Sell With a Story, where we’ll do a deep dive into everything about Lab-Created Moissanite: its history, our two brands, Stuller’s five fancy colors, and even a new video showcasing why Moissanite is so marvelous.

In the meantime, you can shop our colored Lab-Created Moissanite here or learn more about the benefits of this wonderful gem.

2. Emerald

Ranging in hue from a warm yellow-green to a cool blue-green, it’s no surprise we embrace emerald for those born in May, the height of spring. As one of the Big Three gemstones, emerald has endured in popularity for centuries, being THE go-to gemstone for all things green.

Of course, there’s a variety of green gems available today, but for customers who want the traditional green gem, emerald is the only choice. Just be sure to treat it with care since these gems can be finicky and fragile to work with.

  • The name emerald finds its root in the Sanskrit word marakata, meaning the green of growing things
  • Due to its lush, rolling countryside, Ireland is famously known as the Emerald Isle
  • Emeralds and emerald jewelry are the gifts for the 35th wedding anniversary
  • The world’s largest emerald is a privately owned 7,052-carat uncut crystal from Colombia
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Take a deep dive into the verdant beauty and history of emerald at Sell With a Story: Emerald Gemstones, or find your perfect stone in our calibrated assortment or Notable Gems®.

3. Demantoid Garnet

Garnet comes in a wide range of richly hued shades that are both reasonably priced and readily available. But as with all stones, there are select types that are superstars. In garnet, that standout superstar stone is the Demantoid variety.

Getting its eye-popping color from trace amounts of chromium and ferric iron, this lime-green gem has one thing that makes it outshine the rest of the garnet family: Demantoid garnet has incredible fire dispersion — more so than diamonds!

  • Demantoid, meaning diamond-like, comes from the old German word demant
  • The highest quality gems come from Russia’s Ural Mountains, where it was discovered in 1853
  • Faceted stones above two carats are rare, and most are under one carat
  • Some have beautiful, unique golden horsetail inclusions — which make them even more valuable

You can find Demantoid garnet in Stuller Notable Gems®.

4. Tsavorite Garnet

Meet the other green giant of the garnet family: Tsavorite. This vivid grass-green gemstone gets its color from the element vanadium, although some Tsavorite garnets contain other elements that give their exceptional color a whisper of blue.

Tsavorite has a long, rich history that starts with its 1961 discovery — which you can read all about in our in-depth analysis at Sell With a Story: Tsavorite Garnet.

  • Tsavorite is an excellent, more durable birthstone option for May babies who shy away from their traditional emerald
  • Tsavorite’s name comes from Kenya’s Tsavo National Park
  • The finest quality Tsavorite hails from a deposit in Kenya’s Kuranze region
  • Most Tsavorite is natural and untreated, so the stone you receive looks exactly how it came out of the ground, offering the raw beauty of Mother Nature to customers
92459 92345 92600

We offer calibrated Tsavorite garnet in a variety of shapes, sizes, and vibrant color qualities as well as in our Notable Gems® collection.

5. Peridot

Also called the Evening Emerald, peridot is a radiant green with a hint of gold. This lush hue embodies true splendor and growth. While best known as the birthstone for August babies, anyone can enjoy peridot’s unique shade — and indeed, people are enjoying it, as peridot has been trending in a huge way recently.

If you have a customer who loves peridot for what it is, let them know that birthstones aren’t limited only to those born in a specific month. Anyone can enjoy this lovely bright green, perfect for both a spring celebration of St. Patrick’s Day and for sweltering summer days spent poolside.

  • Peridot is the gift for the 16th wedding anniversary
  • Why pear-a-doe and not pear-a-dot? Peridot was first mined in the town of Peridot, Arizona
  • Peridot is one of few gemstones that appears in exactly one color: a perfect pistachio panache
  • The oldest peridot gemstones came to Earth in a meteorite, and they’re 4.5 billion years old — a far cry from the meager millions of years of Earth-forged Peridot
92144 92309 92570

Check out Sell With a Story: Peridot Gemstones to learn more, or stock up in our calibrated collection.

More Things Green

Are you feeling the luck of the Irish (or perhaps even envy) yet? If not, check out these previous Sell With a Story blogs about some lesser-known green gemstones:

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Sell With a Story: Peridot Gemstones

Peridot Gemstones Blog Header

In ancient Egypt, Peridot gemstones were called “gems of the sun,” referring to the golden glow that emanates from within. This glow imparts a rich yellowish-green hue — particularly appropriate for August birthdays and summer wear when the sun shines and crops near harvest. Now reach beyond birthstones to fashion where green has grown increasingly popular. It’s no wonder why Peridot gemstones enjoy such wide appeal.

Pantone 2017 Color of the Year Peridot

Shop Peridot Gemstones on Stuller.com

Stay in the Shades

Most people associate Peridot gemstones with their lighter pistachio shades. These are beautiful and quite plentiful. Still, the finest Peridot has a darker more radiant green with a hint of gold. But until 1990, this shade had grown rare. It is in this lush hue that you see Peridot’s true splendor.

Peak Solution

So what happened in 1990? Imagine the inhospitable mountains of Pakistan near the Afghanistan border. Not exactly high on your vacation list? I thought so. Yet, there on a 13,120-foot pass, a huge gem-quality Peridot deposit was discovered. Fortunately for all of us, the quality of these Pakistan Peridot gemstones were the finest ever seen. With incomparable color and transparency, they took the market by storm. Better still, the deposit is large enough to sustain Peridot demand for a long time.

About that Green

Myanmar, China, Africa, Australia, and the USA all have Peridot deposits. Peridot gemstones from each region have a particular hue, depending on the amount of iron in the soil. Peridot from Myanmar has a vivid light green with fine inclusions, while American Peridot found in Arizona has a golden-brown hue. Peridot gemstones from Pakistan have very fine traces of iron, resulting in a rich, vibrant green color. You’ll find that shade in our Black Box Gemstones® collection.

Some Enchanted Evening

The Egyptians called Peridot “Evening Emerald.” They would know. Egypt is home to the most ancient Emerald and Peridot gemstone mines. But why Evening Emerald? Well, it was green like emerald and they believed its inner fire made it more visible at night — and that was when it was mined.

In Another Light

Peridot is one of the few gemstones that looks the same in different lights: sunlight, candlelight, and artificial.

Mistaken Identity

Circa 2000 BCE, the Egyptians first mined Peridot on a barren rocky island in the Red Sea. Today, we call it St. John’s Island, but millennia ago it was called Topazios. Other gems were mined on this island, too, and they were all called Topaz after the island. Only much later did Peridot receive its distinctive name, which is thought to originate from the Arabic word faridat, meaning “unique” or “precious gem.” Others believe it came from the Old French word, peritot.

Deep Down and Far Away

Fine Peridot gemstones form over millions of years deep within the earth — 20 to 55 miles deep — in the Earth’s upper mantle. Diamond is the only precious stone that forms deeper than that. Peridot only comes to the surface through volcanic eruption or tectonic force. So naturally, we find it near volcanoes and in mountainous regions where tectonic plates have clashed and risen.

There is another truly rare form of Peridot. It came to the earth in a meteorite traveling across vast reaches of the universe. Because these crystals are 4.5 billion years old, they have scientific value far beyond gems used in jewelry.

SWAS Peridot Gemstones Social Share

Tears of Fire

Volcanoes formed the Hawaiian Islands, and there are still two active volcanoes on Hawaii Island, the destination of most tourists. Ancient Hawaiian folklore associated the goddess Pele with fire, lightning, and, you guessed it — volcanoes. Ancient Hawaiians believed that Peridot was Pele’s hardened tears, a goddess’ generous gift to her beloved people.

If You Can’t Take the Heat . . .

Peridot has a very, very high melting point. How high? It can withstand the intense heat inside a volcano, not to mention the intense heart of the Earth’s mantle.

Crush it. Drink it.

To get close to nature, follow the regimen of the ancient Egyptian priests of Isis, the goddess of rebirth and rejuvenation. The priests crushed Peridot gemstones into a fine powder then brewed it to create a strong beverage. To enhance their unity with nature, they drank this prior to ceremonies. It doesn’t sound like a great idea to me. I just can’t imagine crushing the stones, let alone drinking them.

Bearing Gifts

The crusaders returned from their wars in Palestine with gifts of fine Peridot from Topazios. They believed these beautiful green stones were emeralds and many were donated to European churches as such. The 200-ct gems in Cologne Cathedral in Germany provide a key example. Much later they were discovered to be fine Peridot.

Peridot Gemstones Green Stones

Shop Peridot and other green gemstones on Stuller.com

How popular is peridot in your store? Tell us in the comments section.

Swarovski Gem Visions 2019 Says ‘Yes’ to Green Gemstones

Swarovski Green Gemstones Light Blog Header

Millennials often wear their hearts on their sleeves. Many feel passionate about the environment perhaps focusing more on sustainability and consumerism than the previous generation. They see green as an affirmation of their beliefs, a universal symbol of nature, health, and even healing powers. Swarovski Gem Visions trend experts predict that Millennials will grow increasingly attracted to jewelry featuring green stones, associating it with the renewal of nature, balance, and harmony.

While researching future trends for the Spring/Summer 2019 season, Swarovski Gem Visions feels green will be popular in jungle-inspired organic shapes. Likewise, earrings and rings will reflect tropical flowers and foliage, and jewelry will imitate the charms of botanical Baroque to mirror the exotic plants once collected in lavish greenhouses.

Swarovski trend experts predict Millennials will grow increasingly attracted to green gemstones 😍✅ Click To Tweet

Millennials say YES to green

Green takes its lead from nature, combining beautifully with colored gemstones and materials of different hues and textures. Here we think of green gold – a subtle shade that emerging from an alloy of pure yellow gold and silver. When set against yellow, white or pink gold, green gold offers a perfect setting for strong green colored stones.

Swarovski green gemstones unleash a myriad of possibilities for designers choosing to turn away from the earthy shades popular in past seasons. We predict tomorrow’s jewelry creators will embrace a rich rainforest palette. From jungle green, emerald green, and lime, to mint, and all shades in between, green is poised to enhance the hands, necks, and ears of dedicated jewelry aficionados.

When we think of green jewels, May’s regal birthstone, emerald, immediately comes to mind. Sourced from Colombia, Zambia, Brazil and other countries, the Moghul Emperors of India placed great value on emeralds. Even today in India, green is still a festive color that represents purity. Emeralds, from the mineral beryl, have always been popular in the European Royal Houses. The Romanovs wore them. Britain’s Queens Victoria and Elizabeth favored them, and so does the young, future British queen, Katherine, Duchess of Cambridge. The youthful princesses from the Nordic countries like emeralds, and both the late Jackie Kennedy and Academy Award winner Halle Berry, chose emerald engagement rings. Read more about emerald’s history here.

Swarovski Green Gemstones Gem Visions 2019 Cuts Colors Green Light
Swarovski Green Gemstone.s Gem Visions 2019 Cuts Colors Green Light
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Choose Swarovski green gemstones

Sadly, the brittleness of emeralds renders them relatively unsuitable for high-volume production. Instead, choose high-quality Swarovski green gemstones in the same color range. Our genuine topaz in the scintillating Rainforest Green comes in 12 cuts including Oval, Cushion and Octagon cuts, which take their cue from the emerald. And, Swarovski Ceramics, new to our portfolio, come in two powerful colors: Paradise Green and Emerald Green. And for designers who want to follow nature’s trail and answer the millennials’ call, Swarovski also offers creative cuts like the Bloom, Leaf or Dahlia cuts.

Swarovski Green Gemstones Gem Visions 2019 Cuts Colors Green Light
Swarovski Green Gemstones Gem Visions 2019 Cuts Colors Green Light
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Green is growing

As we head towards the next season, green is omnipresent. Pop queen Lorde laid down a marker for millennials with her hit Green Light. Rihanna is collaborating with Chopard using jungle green stones that recall the rich vegetation of Barbados, her Caribbean home country. As designers reach for the luxurious, verdant tones for their jewelry motifs, expect to see a resurgence of charms worn in fresh new ways. There will also be creative ear wear, which in the age of the selfie, has become must-have jewelry when capturing that special moment. Green, that enduring symbol of spring, freshness, and youth — and in today’s millennial jargon also of the environment — is a color poised to stay popular in the coming season and beyond.


Shop Swarovski green gemstones on Stuller.com

How do green gemstones sell in your store? Are they old news or an up-and-coming trend in your area? Let us know in the comments below.

Pantone®-Inspired Springtime Jewlery

Pantone Spring Palette

As birds chirp, the flowers bloom. Today marks the first day of spring, the seasonal awakening and lively resurgence. After a long, cold winter, welcome brightly colored stones and springtime jewelry back into your showcases. To suggest fashionable choices, we consulted Pantone’s Spring 2017 Fashion Color Report. It sets a varied range of energetic and earthy tones, leaving us inspired and excited.

“One of the things that we saw this year, was a renewed sense of imagination in which color was appearing in context that was different than the traditional,” said Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute. “Reminiscent of the hues that surround us in nature, our Spring 2017 Fashion Color Report evokes a spectrum of emotion and feeling.”

Springtime jewelry 2017 Pantone Spring Color Fashion Report Swatch


Coordinate your springtime jewelry with these gemstone colors to style up your stock–


Springtime Jewelry Pantone Niagra London Blue Topaz

Niagara leads as the most prevalent color for spring 2017. This soft denim shade has a calming effect on its admirers. And with blue as the color of self-expression, choose London Blue Topaz to communicate your quiet confidence.


Springtime Jewelry Pantone Hazelnut Smoky Quartz

Hazelnut’s balmy organic shade has the creamy neutrality that we adore, especially during spring. Likewise, Smoky Quartz boasts an understated, sophisticated elegance that makes a powerful statement.


Springtime jewelry Pantone Lapis Blue lapis

Lapis Blue combines the same rich hue and irresistible radiance embodied by the stone for which it is named. Lapis Lazuli offers a vivaciousness that enables wearers to express themselves openly with balance and harmony.


Springtime jewelry Pantone Flame Mexican Fire Opal

Flame, a fitting title for such a fiery color, bursts with vigor and energy. Its spicy fervor matches that of Mexican Fire Opal. Wear this striking stone to reveal the blaze that burns within.


Springtime jewelry Pantone Island Paradise Blue Zircon

Like the crystal blue waters of a Caribbean getaway, Island Paradise offers tranquil cyan expression. Blue Zircon’s similar glow releases energy and renewal to those who don the often-overlooked gem.


Springtime Jewelry Pantone Pale Dogwood Morganite

Another soothing, nature-inspired shade, Pale Dogwood exudes a delicate rosy tone. Morganite captures this hue, complementing all complexions and reflecting life’s happier aspects.


Springtime jewelry Pantone Greenery Peridot

Much like the spirit of springtime, Pantone’s Color of the Year, Greenery communicates freshness and energy. Look for this enchanting apple green in Peridot, the perfect complement to lively, trending fashions.


Springtime jewelry Pantone Pink Yarrow Pink Tourmaline

Pink Yarrow pops with bright, playful allure. Together with Pink Tourmaline, it expresses timeless feminine charm with a decidedly modern edge. Besides, no one can resist a woman wearing pink.


Springtime jewelry Pantone Primrose Yellow Sapphire

Like the warmth of springtime sunshine, Primrose Yellow beams with life. Likewise, Yellow Sapphire’s brilliant hue draws the eye, cheerfully shimmering in all its jewelry designs.


Springtime jewelry Pantone Kale Nephrite Jade

Kale takes a backseat in the spring palette as one of the more reserved tones. Lushly reminiscent of deep green foliage, you’ll find Kale’s hue in Nephrite Jade. This stone symbolizes goodness and beauty while representing virtues of wisdom, compassion, and courage.


For more colorful gemstone combinations, read all about Pairing Pantone® with Timely Transitions here.

Which of these colors will appear in your showcases? What other colors do you hope to see around this spring? What other springtime jewelry do your customers love? Let us know in comments below!

Information Credit: Pantone®

Pair Pantone® With Timely Transitions

Are you an early bird or a night owl?

Perhaps you’re someone who is always up before dawn. With breakfast made, you’ve even managed a quick workout to get your blood pumping. For you, early mornings give you a head start on the rest of the world. Doesn’t the early bird get the worm? Of course, they offer the opportunity to work in peace with kids still sleeping or before your business opens. As you enjoy your morning coffee, you watch the sunrise and take in the enchanting view of daybreak.

Or maybe you’re most productive when your doors close and everyone’s gone. Undistracted, you can concentrate and get your work done. When you finally call it a day, you admire dusk’s dazzling colors on your drive home and reflect on what you accomplished.

Pantone’s Color of the Year, Greenery, adds vibrancy to both sunrise and sunset palettes. You can see it looking at Pantone’s Transitions palette. This Greenery-inspired spectrum features subtle pastels, brights, and deep neutrals. Aptly named, the Transitions palette reflects the shifts between night and day.

Transitions Sunset Sunrise Pantone Palette Landscape

The landscape shows the sun gently hovering above a distant hillside. It’s uncertain whether it’s from sunrise or sunset. Nevertheless, the shifting colors offer a spectacular yet fleeting beauty. You see each shade from Pantone’s Transitions palette in this picturesque panorama. Likewise, we’ve matched gemstones that pair perfectly with it. These stones provide an energetic morning boost or calm evening meditation.

Stones to Start the Day


Transitions Calypso Coral Color Swatch Chatham Padparadscha Sapphire

Chatham Padparadscha Sapphire exhibits strength and exuberance with a sparkling burst of coral brilliance. The gem’s unconventional color exudes a warmth that brings a healthy glow to the complexion. This beauty makes it a perfect pick to begin the day!


Transitions Twilight Purple Color Swatch Pantone Tanzanite


Tanzanite’s deep intensity is sure to enliven any ensemble. Sunlight reveals its exotical splendor — a vibrant blue-purple with a uniquely sensual appeal.


Transitions Treetop Color Swatch Pantone Emerald


Awesomely lush Emerald takes a seat at the table of most enchanting jewels. It pulses with vitality. The hue of treetops, Emerald enjoys year-round appeal and will perfectly accompany any morning.


Transitions Rose Quartz Color Swatch Morganite


Delicately pink Morganite creates an ideally feminine charm. The stone imparts a calming influence on those who wear it, reflecting the happier aspects of life. What better way to rise and shine than with this rose-colored beauty?


Gems to Let Loose

Transitions Orion Blue Color Swatch Pantone Iolite


Iolite’s indigo hue suggests tranquility and rejuvenation. Its unique color-shifting property — ranging from dark violet blue to pale blue to pale yellow — adds a compelling dimension that makes it perfect for eveningwear.


Transitions Nimbus Clous Color Swatch Pantone Moonstone


As its name suggests, Moonstone seems to glow with the light of the moon. Its milky translucence changes with every movement, an ever-shifting play of light and shadow creating a mysterious allure. Rival the moon with this ethereal stone.


Transitions Greenery Color Swatch Pantone Peridot


Peridot most fully expresses Greenery. Did you know the Romans named the gem Evening Emerald? Its brilliant color didn’t fade in lamplight glowing in the evening hours. Partly for this reason, Peridot was believed to help dreams become a reality and drive away the evil spirits of the night.


Transitions Serenity Color Swatch Pantone Chalcedony


Softly translucent, Chalcedony’s lavender hues evoke images of a calm sea or the gentle purple shades of dusk. At dusk, its muted serene shade lures you into relaxation as your daily woes drift away.



Are you an early bird or a night owl? Have any late-night or early morning rituals? How do you wear Pantone’s Color of the Year, day or night? Share how you pair in the comments below!

Here’s a list of gemstone stories that is sure to keep you reading from sunup to sundown.

Get Schooled

In honor of last week’s Schoolhouse Rocks Week, which featured semi-precious stones, we wanted to school you on some of the unique stories out there about some of those gems. Could be folklore, could be myth, could be true, but that fact is that everyone loves a good story. And, you never know, mentioning one of these could be the tipping point to closing a sale.


missing imageFound in Tanzania just thirty short years ago, this stone is one of the newest additions to the birthstone calendar. It has been said that this gem was discovered when a strike of lighting caught a field on fire. As the fire died down cattle herders noticed that the zoiscite crystals that were once brown now had a deep blue/purple tone.



missing imageIn our popular “Sell with a Story” series, Elizabeth writes of aquamarine: “During the 1980s when Russia and Afghanistan were at war, aquamarine prospectors would locate a good site and erect tents over it. The Russians would bomb the site, thereby saving the miners weeks of digging. How’s that for ingenuity at work?”



missing imageOn our Facebook page this stone was labeled most versatile because of its color-changing capabilities. Legend has it that Vikings used this stone as a mariner tool on their long journeys. Because of its properties they were able to tell by its shifting color exactly where the sun was located.




Cleopatra conjures up so many images: beauty, royalty, power, promiscuity, but it’s her missing imagelove of jewels stands out most. History has led us to believe that among all the jewels the Egyptian ruler loved, she treasured emeralds the most. Knowing this, visitors and suitors to the queen would gift her with what they thought were emeralds, but time has told us that, in fact, the gems were the illustrious green peridot.