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Swarovski Gem Visions 2019 Says ‘Yes’ to Green Gemstones

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Millennials are embracing the color green in many aspects of their lives

Millennials often wear their hearts on their sleeves. Many feel passionate about the environment perhaps focusing more on sustainability and consumerism than the previous generation. They see green as an affirmation of their beliefs, a universal symbol of nature, health, and even healing powers. Swarovski Gem Visions trend experts predict that Millennials will grow increasingly attracted to jewelry featuring green stones, associating it with the renewal of nature, balance, and harmony.

While researching future trends for the Spring/Summer 2019 season, Swarovski Gem Visions feels green will be popular in jungle-inspired organic shapes. Likewise, earrings and rings will reflect tropical flowers and foliage, and jewelry will imitate the charms of botanical Baroque to mirror the exotic plants once collected in lavish greenhouses.

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Millennials say YES to green

Green takes its lead from nature, combining beautifully with colored gemstones and materials of different hues and textures. Here we think of green gold – a subtle shade that emerging from an alloy of pure yellow gold and silver. When set against yellow, white or pink gold, green gold offers a perfect setting for strong green colored stones.

Swarovski green gemstones unleash a myriad of possibilities for designers choosing to turn away from the earthy shades popular in past seasons. We predict tomorrow’s jewelry creators will embrace a rich rainforest palette. From jungle green, emerald green, and lime, to mint, and all shades in between, green is poised to enhance the hands, necks, and ears of dedicated jewelry aficionados.

When we think of green jewels, May’s regal birthstone, emerald, immediately comes to mind. Sourced from Colombia, Zambia, Brazil and other countries, the Moghul Emperors of India placed great value on emeralds. Even today in India, green is still a festive color that represents purity. Emeralds, from the mineral beryl, have always been popular in the European Royal Houses. The Romanovs wore them. Britain’s Queens Victoria and Elizabeth favored them, and so does the young, future British queen, Katherine, Duchess of Cambridge. The youthful princesses from the Nordic countries like emeralds, and both the late Jackie Kennedy and Academy Award winner Halle Berry, chose emerald engagement rings. Read more about emerald’s history here.

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Choose Swarovski green gemstones

Sadly, the brittleness of emeralds renders them relatively unsuitable for high-volume production. Instead, choose high-quality Swarovski green gemstones in the same color range. Our genuine topaz in the scintillating Rainforest Green comes in 12 cuts including Oval, Cushion and Octagon cuts, which take their cue from the emerald. And, Swarovski Ceramics, new to our portfolio, come in two powerful colors: Paradise Green and Emerald Green. And for designers who want to follow nature’s trail and answer the millennials’ call, Swarovski also offers creative cuts like the Bloom, Leaf or Dahlia cuts.

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Green is growing

As we head towards the next season, green is omnipresent. Pop queen Lorde laid down a marker for millennials with her hit Green Light. Rihanna is collaborating with Chopard using jungle green stones that recall the rich vegetation of Barbados, her Caribbean home country. As designers reach for the luxurious, verdant tones for their jewelry motifs, expect to see a resurgence of charms worn in fresh new ways. There will also be creative ear wear, which in the age of the selfie, has become must-have jewelry when capturing that special moment. Green, that enduring symbol of spring, freshness, and youth — and in today’s millennial jargon also of the environment — is a color poised to stay popular in the coming season and beyond.


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How do green gemstones sell in your store? Are they old news or an up-and-coming trend in your area? Let us know in the comments below.


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