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Sell With a Story: Lucky Gemstones

lucky gemstones

Fall in love with these gemstones that each have their own touch of luck.

Are your customers feeling the luck of the Irish? As St. Patrick’s Day gets ever closer, let’s get in the spirit by talking about the special meanings behind gemstones that gives them a little luck. Throughout history, gemstones have always carried significance to the wearer. Some are believed to provide protection while others inspire lasting love. Many believe birthstones and zodiac gemstones bring luck, confidence, power, and prosperity to the wearer.

Regardless of birth, let’s get into the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day by picking out gemstones that have a hallmark for bringing their own special type of luck.

Amethyst: Luck in Challenging Situations

Did you know warriors used to believe that Amethyst brought a clear mind and quick wit in battle? Its deep purple hue was often associated with Dionysus, the Greek god of wine and pleasure. They believed Amethyst could cure drunkenness and keep the mind sharp. Today, Amethyst can provide luck as the wearer faces challenging situations, obstacles, and daily struggles by inspiring calmness and mental clarity.

amethyst lucky gemstones

Aquamarine: Luck in Water Travel

Aquamarine is named for the cool blue tones of the sea. For this reason, sailors believed it could calm the waves and bring protection to those sailing. Whether crossing the ocean or spending a leisurely afternoon along the river, Aquamarine instills feelings of peace and safety.

Moonstone: Luck in Good Fortune

Once believed to form under the light of bright moonbeams, Moonstone is truly a unique lucky gemstone. Its adularescence is mesmerizing and brings a certain mysticism that someone who has a fascination with the moon will appreciate. Legend says that Moonstone can bring good luck and fortune if you hold the stone in your mouth in the light of a full moon. While we don’t recommend continuing that practice, letting its ethereal presence shine from a beautiful piece of jewelry can set an intention of positivity and fortunate circumstances.

opal lucky gemstones

Opals: Luck in Decision-Making

Opal is truly one of the most fascinating gemstones with its flashes of stunning color. The Romans thought it to be the most powerful of all gemstones, and the Bedouins believed it contained lightning that fell from the sky during thunderstorms. This mystical and mysterious gemstone is also thought to give the gift of prophecy and is useful when making major life decisions. Donning this eye-catching gemstone is certain to give confidence when taking the next step.

Pearls: Luck in Longevity

Pearls are among the most beloved gemstones throughout history. Pieces set with pearls are often passed down from generation to generation. They are believed to also contain the life-sustaining energy provided by water, giving a nod to their aquatic origins. For these reasons, pearls symbolize luck in having a long and prosperous life.

pearl lucky gemstones
peridot lucky gemstones

Peridot: Luck in Wealth and Prosperity

Ancient Egyptians called Peridot the gemstone of the sun because of its stunning appearance when caught in the light, especially when set in yellow gold. They believed that it could ward off the terrors of the night. Additionally, due to its unique apple green hue, it has often been associated with money. Peridot’s symbolism easily places it as the perfect lucky gemstone to inspire wealth and a prosperous future void of danger.

Ruby: Luck in Passion and Love

The vivid red of Ruby has been highly sought after throughout history. Its bold color is the symbol of the intense emotions of passion and love. Combine those meanings along with its durability and Ruby is an iconic gemstone to represent a lasting, vibrant love.

ruby lucky gemstones
sapphire lucky gemstones

Sapphire: Luck in Regaining Lost Wealth

Sapphire, particularly the notable blue variety, has long been associated with royalty and regality. It is thought to attract blessings and abundance. The symbolism behind Sapphire is used as a means of inspiring luck when regaining wealth that was lost.

Turquoise: Luck in Tranquility

Across many civilizations throughout history, the ancient gemstone Turquoise is a prominent protection stone. It is thought to ward off evil and draw positivity to the wearer. The alluring robin’s egg blue color is truly peaceful to look at and places the wearer in a tranquil state of mind.

turquoise lucky gemstones

Creating Your Luck

The significance and symbolism behind gemstones are the perfect talking points to have with customers. It instills meaning and value in their purchase. Help each customer create a lucky charm or a custom piece that inspires their own special brand of luck.


Want to learn more about gemstone meanings? Head over to the Stuller Gemstone Information Center by clicking the button below.

Regardless of birth, let’s get into the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day by picking out gemstones that have a hallmark for bringing their own special type of luck.


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