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What you need to learn about lesser-known gemstones

In honor of last week’s Schoolhouse Rocks Week, which featured semi-precious stones, we wanted to school you on some of the unique stories out there about some of those gems. Could be folklore, could be myth, could be true, but that fact is that everyone loves a good story. And, you never know, mentioning one of these could be the tipping point to closing a sale.


missing imageFound in Tanzania just thirty short years ago, this stone is one of the newest additions to the birthstone calendar. It has been said that this gem was discovered when a strike of lighting caught a field on fire. As the fire died down cattle herders noticed that the zoiscite crystals that were once brown now had a deep blue/purple tone.



missing imageIn our popular “Sell with a Story” series, Elizabeth writes of aquamarine: “During the 1980s when Russia and Afghanistan were at war, aquamarine prospectors would locate a good site and erect tents over it. The Russians would bomb the site, thereby saving the miners weeks of digging. How’s that for ingenuity at work?”



missing imageOn our Facebook page this stone was labeled most versatile because of its color-changing capabilities. Legend has it that Vikings used this stone as a mariner tool on their long journeys. Because of its properties they were able to tell by its shifting color exactly where the sun was located.




Cleopatra conjures up so many images: beauty, royalty, power, promiscuity, but it’s her missing imagelove of jewels stands out most. History has led us to believe that among all the jewels the Egyptian ruler loved, she treasured emeralds the most. Knowing this, visitors and suitors to the queen would gift her with what they thought were emeralds, but time has told us that, in fact, the gems were the illustrious green peridot.




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