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Pair Pantone® With Timely Transitions

Gemstones from dusk 'til dawn

Are you an early bird or a night owl?

Perhaps you’re someone who is always up before dawn. With breakfast made, you’ve even managed a quick workout to get your blood pumping. For you, early mornings give you a head start on the rest of the world. Doesn’t the early bird get the worm? Of course, they offer the opportunity to work in peace with kids still sleeping or before your business opens. As you enjoy your morning coffee, you watch the sunrise and take in the enchanting view of daybreak.

Or maybe you’re most productive when your doors close and everyone’s gone. Undistracted, you can concentrate and get your work done. When you finally call it a day, you admire dusk’s dazzling colors on your drive home and reflect on what you accomplished.

Pantone’s Color of the Year, Greenery, adds vibrancy to both sunrise and sunset palettes. You can see it looking at Pantone’s Transitions palette. This Greenery-inspired spectrum features subtle pastels, brights, and deep neutrals. Aptly named, the Transitions palette reflects the shifts between night and day.

Transitions Sunset Sunrise Pantone Palette Landscape

The landscape shows the sun gently hovering above a distant hillside. It’s uncertain whether it’s from sunrise or sunset. Nevertheless, the shifting colors offer a spectacular yet fleeting beauty. You see each shade from Pantone’s Transitions palette in this picturesque panorama. Likewise, we’ve matched gemstones that pair perfectly with it. These stones provide an energetic morning boost or calm evening meditation.

Stones to Start the Day

exhibits strength and exuberance with a sparkling burst of coral brilliance. The gem’s unconventional color exudes a warmth that brings a healthy glow to the complexion. This beauty makes it a perfect pick to begin the day!

Transitions Twilight Purple Color Swatch Pantone Tanzanite

Tanzanite’s deep intensity is sure to enliven any ensemble. Sunlight reveals its exotical splendor — a vibrant blue-purple with a uniquely sensual appeal.

Transitions Treetop Color Swatch Pantone Emerald

Awesomely lush Emerald takes a seat at the table of most enchanting jewels. It pulses with vitality. The hue of treetops, Emerald enjoys year-round appeal and will perfectly accompany any morning.

Transitions Rose Quartz Color Swatch Morganite

Delicately pink Morganite creates an ideally feminine charm. The stone imparts a calming influence on those who wear it, reflecting the happier aspects of life. What better way to rise and shine than with this rose-colored beauty?

Gems to Let Loose

Transitions Orion Blue Color Swatch Pantone Iolite

Iolite’s indigo hue suggests tranquility and rejuvenation. Its unique color-shifting property — ranging from dark violet blue to pale blue to pale yellow — adds a compelling dimension that makes it perfect for eveningwear.

Transitions Nimbus Clous Color Swatch Pantone Moonstone

As its name suggests, Moonstone seems to glow with the light of the moon. Its milky translucence changes with every movement, an ever-shifting play of light and shadow creating a mysterious allure. Rival the moon with this ethereal stone.

Transitions Greenery Color Swatch Pantone Peridot

Peridot most fully expresses Greenery. Did you know the Romans named the gem Evening Emerald? Its brilliant color didn’t fade in lamplight glowing in the evening hours. Partly for this reason, Peridot was believed to help dreams become a reality and drive away the evil spirits of the night.

Transitions Serenity Color Swatch Pantone Chalcedony

Softly translucent, Chalcedony’s lavender hues evoke images of a calm sea or the gentle purple shades of dusk. At dusk, its muted serene shade lures you into relaxation as your daily woes drift away.

Are you an early bird or a night owl? Have any late-night or early morning rituals? How do you wear Pantone’s Color of the Year, day or night? Share how you pair in the comments below!

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