Wedding Band Sales Tools for the Classic Jeweler

The classic wedding band is a time-honored tradition, appreciated as a steadfast symbol of one’s love. When it comes to style, there are infinite options that are influenced by lifestyle, design preferences, and emotional attachment. Once you have gotten to know your customer and what they are looking for, being familiar with the resources you have at your disposal will make the buying process easy and engaging. 

At Stuller, we try to make this process as easy as possible by providing a seamless user experience and options that can be integrated into your sales strategy. Using our band builderclassic wedding bands quick shop option on Stuller.com, and EverAndEver.com as an ever&ever® retail partner, you can help your customers create a wedding band unique to them and include them in the process. 

Band Builder

All of Stuller’s classic wedding bands use SCS-certified 100% recycled precious metals using gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Combining cutting-edge computerized manufacturing and artistic design details, we create bands worthy of the lifetime of commitment they represent. 

The band builder is a tool available on Stuller.com where you and your customer can craft a wedding band that fits their exact specifications. Choose the profile, finger size, fit, design detail, width, weight, material, finish, and engraving to make a true one-of-a-kind piece. Save snapshots of different rings to compare while deciding.

Combine the online experience with an in-store experience using the Classic Wedding Band Selling System (653689). This selling system features 42 band prototypes, including 18 classic profiles, 10 special finishes, and 2 engraving options. Provide your customer with a complete custom purchasing experience.

Quick Shop 

Suppose you need a different starting place to begin your ring building experience. We offer a quick shop option for our classic wedding bands at Stuller.com/ClassicWeddingBands where you can see width options in every style combination available side by side. Narrow down your search using the filters on the page or view the full selection. Once you select the ring with the desired profile, width, fit, size, metal quality, and/or finish, you are brought to the band builder where you are further able to customize the order. 

The quick shop view is a great place to start if you need to establish a starting place for your customer.

classic wedding band quick shop

ever&ever® Band Builder 

One of the benefits of being an ever&ever® retail partner is providing an interactive purchasing experience for your customer using EverAndEver.com — a consumer-facing brand website that allows consumers to access the full inventory. The band builder on EverAndEver.com has the same functionality as the Stuller band builder with access to suggested retail pricing. 

Encourage your customers to build their dream rings from the comfort of their own home and have the details sent directly to you using the Connect With a Retailer option. From there, you can order the ring with next-day delivery for all in-stock items. 

The Wedding Band of Their Dreams 

Wedding bands are pieces that people cherish for a lifetime. When quality manufacturing and custom design work together, you can provide a ring that is spectacular. By including your customer in the process, you can ensure the emotional value of the sale and rest assured that they have found the perfect ring of their dreams.

(M)engagement Rings: New Trend for Engaged Men

In the United States, tradition has been that the man provides his fiancé with an engagement ring to symbolize their intent to be married to society. However, times change, and younger generations find new ways to evolve the wedding industry in exciting ways. The latest trend that is beginning to reach America from Europe is an engagement ring meant for men. Enter the “mengagement ring.”

Let’s dive into this trend and see how it has developed. Then, as your trusted jewelry resource, we will provide some insight so you can answer questions your customers have regarding picking out their own men’s engagement ring.

Mengagement Ring: New Trend or Newly Successful?

Believe it or not, the concept of men wearing engagement rings is not that new. Cultures around the world have integrated the men’s engagement ring over the ages into their own wedding traditions. For example, in Chile, both men and women wear engagement rings; however, they wear them on their right hand and move them to their left on their wedding day. In Argentina, couples exchange their rings at the engagement, not the wedding. In Sweden and other Nordic countries, both men and women exchange a simple gold or silver band at their engagement.

Fun Fact: Even in America, jewelers attempted to market engagement rings to men in the 1920s. While that sales strategy proved to be unsuccessful at that time, men eventually did adopt the wedding band a few decades later.

The trend of western civilization adopting an engagement ring for men was first seen in 2009 in the United Kingdom. A jeweler named H. Samuel introduced the “Tioro” – a wide band with a single small diamond meant specifically as an engagement ring for men. While this ring has been primarily used as a wedding ring, the trend has started to take hold over the last decade.

Fun Fact: According to Ritani in 2020, 1 in 20 women propose to their fiancés.

With the rise of many couples being more concerned with equality and men in America being more comfortable with wearing jewelry, both men and women have taken to wearing engagement rings to show their matching love and commitment. Prominent examples of men donning an engagement ring include Johnny Depp, David Otunga, Ed Sheeran, and Michael Buble.

Regardless of the reasons or motivations, that fact is that more men or their partners will be looking into engagement rings in the coming years. When the time comes, be prepared by knowing what questions to ask so you can be your customers’ guide at the start of their marriage journey.

The Initial Conversation

Because there is no set tradition for this trend, you may have the future groom discussing a ring he envisions for himself or you may have his future fiancé looking to surprise him. Either way, get to know his tastes and jewelry habits at the start so you know which styles to suggest.


The groom-to-be may want to stack an engagement ring and wedding band on one finger, they may wear the engagement ring on one finger and the wedding band on another, they may only choose to wear the one ring, etc. Knowing how he might plan on wearing his engagement ring will help make the following decisions.

TAR52028 52334

Width and Size

Men’s bands tend to have a greater width. However, if they intend on having an engagement band and a wedding band on the same finger, it would be better to suggest a thinner ring. Wider bands are more typical for men, but it depends on what is most comfortable for him. Compare other rings he may wear to get an idea of what width he prefers.

Metal Choice

While style preference is a major factor in choosing metal, also have a conversation on how physically active he is. Gold is a classic metal choice with many design options available; however, a man that needs a more durable ring for work and vigorous activity should look at platinum or a strong contemporary metal, such as cobalt or tantalum.

Design Preferences

Just like women’s engagement rings, the style and design possibilities are endless. Men with simple or traditional tastes might prefer a classic gold band. Customize with a personalized engraving and make it the perfect ring to symbolize his love and commitment. Men looking for sleek and modern pieces have several options in terms of design, including artistic finishes, inlays, two-toned metals, and stones. Getting to know fashion preferences and activity levels will help you guide your customer to the right ring.

124235 51542 51213

Custom Solutions Make for Memorable Experiences

While there are countless men’s wedding band designs out there that work perfectly for a man’s engagement ring, this new jewelry trend might deserve a more tailored approach. Consider working with your customer on creating an engagement ring that is 100% unique to him. Design it yourself using our jewelry design software, MatrixGold® or CounterSketch®, then submit your design to our CAD/CAM Services team to make their dream a reality. We even create wax models so you can show your customer exactly what they are getting. This is a special moment in their life and you can make it a memorable one.

Are You Sold on Men’s Engagement Rings?

For many jewelers, this trend is definitely outside of the ordinary. However, it is important to stay on top of the industry’s trends so you can best serve your customers. Men will continue to be more comfortable going outside the box and wearing the jewelry they like. We know you will continue to provide the best service to your customers, and Stuller will continue to be your partner in business for all your jewelry needs.

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Prepare Now for New Year’s Eve Engagements

Unique Engagement Ring Trends Blog Header

Is there anyone who isn’t filled with child-like wonder by fireworks — those soaring evanescent sparkles? They splash gloriously across the night sky in a fading frenzy to dazzle and delight us, leaving us to wish we could somehow hold onto them. No worries. 

There’s another kind of fireworks — one that keeps its sparkle for a lifetime and far beyond. And this display starts when men come looking for that last-minute engagement ring for a New Year’s Eve proposal. As luck would have it, this is the perfect way to start 2021 — Stuller’s Year of the Wedding.

At the stroke of midnight, he wants to present her with a fiery engagement ring, and he’s not sure where to start. Fortunately, you have ever&ever®, and you’ve thought ahead and have half a dozen unset or semi-set designs in your case. Look through the ever&ever®collection on Stuller.com and order in-stock styles that would meet various tastes. 

We recommend you order today because these designs are selling fast.

And we have a dazzling array of diamonds in our vaults, which can be at your business tomorrow. You and your customer discuss his fiancée-to-be, seeking a better understanding of looks she will love. Has she mentioned any designs she likes? Is she classic, sophisticated, or on-trend? What color jewelry does she wear? Then you get to work looking at designs he’ll want to consider.

Take Her Breath Away

He’ll take her breath away with either of these spectacular styles: the on-trend 8 x 6 mm oval halo-style design (124470) and this vintage-inspired scattered halo-style (124282) with beaded scalloped details.

She’s Got the Look

Does she prefer a sleek, sophisticated look? Dazzle her with this pear diamond design (123823) in 14K rose. If her style is bold, this dramatic princess style (123962) with a baguette halowill bring tears to her eyes.

Shimmering Romance

Is she romantic? He can sweep her off her feet with this stunning emerald design accented with beading, diamonds, and sculptural elements (123240). Or choose the timeless three-stone design with scroll details (124157).

Content by Alex Stuller

Words by Elizabeth Raffel

Contemporary Metal Bands: Trending and Here to Stay

A man’s band tells a very personal story. Whether it is worn to mark an occasion like marriage or to make a fashion statement, a band tells you a little something about his life.

That is why the metal used to make a band is so important. Gentlemen, does your band say that your love is as strong as the mightiest metal on earth? Is it as unique as your personal style? Give some thought to your options and explore metal choices you might not have thought about before.

In a previous blog post, we covered classic bands made of the precious metals you’ve come to expect. Now, let’s take a look at contemporary metals and how they make a solid foundation for a band for both aesthetic and functional reasons.

Precious Metal vs. Contemporary Metal

Choosing a metal has everything to do with how you view the ring and what you value most in a ring. Are you interested in a rare and valuable piece? Do you prefer a piece that is durable and can handle any condition? Knowing the answer to these questions will make it a lot easier to narrow down the options for the type of metal you’d like to use.

Precious metals, such as gold, sterling silver, platinum, and palladium, are more rare than other metals so they tend to cost more and hold value better over time. As softer metals, they are easier to work with and customize though more prone to scratching and damages.

Contemporary metals, such as tantalum, tungsten, titanium, and cobalt, are starting to see more use as individuals look for alternatives to the traditional, precious bands. Contemporary metals offer many benefits. They are durable, extremely easy to maintain over time, and are available in a wide range of experimental styles and colors.

A Closer Look at Contemporary Metals

Let’s take a look at what each metal brings to the table.

Tantalum is the newest addition to our contemporary metal offerings. It is a fairly heavy, hard, and strong metal, which makes it durable and resistant to cracking. What sets this metal apart from the others in this series is that custom finishes can be added to tantalum bands. This metal is quickly increasing in popularity and is sure to be a fast seller.

Tantalum band

Tungsten has historically been a best seller. As one of the heaviest contemporary metals and one of the most durable metals known to man, tungsten earns its name from an older Swedish term meaning “heavy stone.” Enjoy in a variety of colors and styles fitting for those with modern tastes.

tungsten bands

Titanium is the perfect metal for someone looking for a strong metal that is still lightweight. Not only is titanium a good choice in a strong metal, but it is also one of the most affordable options offered.

titanium bands

Cobalt is an extremely strong metal with a high scratch resistance and is five times harder than gold. It is an excellent choice for someone looking for a metal that can shine in both classic and contemporary stylings.

Cobalt band

Stainless Steel is a very resilient metal and is resistant to any form of corrosion. Bands made of this stainless steel are quite affordable and require very little upkeep.

Your Future is Contemporary Metal

Rings are commemorative symbols. They symbolize power, love, commitment, status, achievement, and so much more. The stories they tell share a lot about a person so give extra thought to what your ring says about you.

For more resources about how to help men discover contemporary metal bands and current stylings, check out more blog posts by Stuller.

What’s the Best Metal for Men’s Wedding Bands?

What’s New in Bridal?

Wedding Bands: Don’t Forget the Guys

We live in a time of social change and “new normals.” But let’s face it, in the bridal world, it seems women get all the love and glamour — the gorgeous engagement ring and often, an equally exquisite, anniversary or eternity wedding band. And the groom? His wedding band is often an afterthought, frequently bought in a rush, shortly before the wedding.

Wait a second: he’s getting married, too. Let’s show him some of the same attention we show to the bride. Men’s engagement rings, or “man-gagements” as some call them, have become increasingly popular among younger couples. It only makes sense for us to offer an expanded assortment of men’s wedding bands so that you can maximize every sales opportunity.

item 124232

Classics with Personality

The first stop is Classic Bands because they are our most sought-after rings. Stuller leads the industry with over 33 classic profiles. It’s important to note that classic does not equal plain. Let’s call them Classics with Personality — specifically, the groom’s personality (though brides may also choose them). You can modify any one of our classics by changing the fit, design detail, metal quality and/or color, millimeter width, ring size, finish and/or adding an engraving. When you factor in all of these options, you can choose from over a million possibilities!

classic bands

Enter the Band Builder

Our Wedding Band Builder is a top-notch sales tool that provides an unbeatable interactive customer experience. As you work with clients to create a personalized piece the band builder updates the CAD in real time. Your clients will see their custom creation come to life. Take it for a spin and let us know how you like it!

Wedding Band Builder

Metals, Metals, and More Metals

When it comes to metal quality, Stuller gives you many choices. Some classic band styles let you choose from up to 17 metal qualities, and most offer you a selection of 13. Not sure where to begin? Here is a little information on our top-selling precious metals to get you started.

  • 14K white, yellow, rose, x1 white: By far the most popular karat weight, 14K white requires rhodium plating while 14Kx1 white is a bright white metal that doesn’t need rhodium plating.
  • Platinum: This natural white metal is hypoallergenic, never requires rhodium plating, and its density and durability make it an excellent choice for securing diamond and gemstone settings.
  • 24K and 22K are available in Half Round comfort-fit, standard weight. Not all our partners realize they can offer customers this option. Expensive? Yes. Gorgeous? Absolutely!

When it comes to our classic bands, each metal offers unique benefits, so it’s genuinely a matter of taste and budget.

Classic Wedding Bands

Recycled Metals

Not only do we have a large assortment of classic wedding bands. We manufacture all of our classic bands at our Lafayette, Louisiana, headquarters and manufacturing facility, using SCS-certified 100% recycled metals. Our classic bands are machined with precision using state-of-the-art technology. From start to finish, it’s an intensive process led by industry experts. Our team takes pride in creating classics with personality and unmatched quality that your customers will have and hold forever.

Want to learn more about men’s wedding bands? Get inspired by a couple of our previous blogs.

Shop Unique Men’s Wedding Bands for the Groom

What’s the Best Metal for Men’s Wedding Bands?

Shop Unique Men’s Wedding Bands For the Groom

Unique Mens Wedding Bands Blog Header

Let’s talk a bit about unique men’s wedding bands. It’s no secret that brides-to-be get the spotlight. And rightfully so. But still, it’s important to focus on the guys too. After all, his wedding band will likely be on his finger forever— at least ’til death! He’ll fiddle with it, wear it to work, to sleep, out swimming or golfing. He’ll wear his wedding band everywhere.


So, his wedding band should reflect his personality and fit his lifestyle. Consider a few of these unique men’s wedding bands to offer that lucky guy.


Men’s Platinum Wedding Bands

Unique Men's Wedding Bands Platinum Rings

From L to R: 519319863MGRF105201312387951915


Platinum is the strongest metal around. It’s also the rarest precious metal— thirty times rarer than gold. It’s also the densest, which means it’ll feel weighty and significant on the groom’s finger. Stock this superior metal quality to express rarity and strength in your selection of unique men’s wedding bands.

Shop platinum men’s wedding bands on Stuller.com

Men’s Bands in Many Metal Qualities

Unique Men's Wedding Bands Metal Quality Rings

From the Top: 51854TAR51908 • TAR5191251838 • 123307


Every guy is different. So, prepare to accommodate every character with different metal qualities. Stuller stocks classic metals like gold, silver, and platinum. We also offer contemporary metals like tungsten, cobalt, titanium and more.

Shop classic and contemporary men’s bands on Stuller.com

Delicately Detailed Men’s Bands

Unique Men's Wedding Bands Detailed Rings

From L to R: 51876 • 123860 • 653540 • 51897 • 51890 • 51948 • 51929


Diamonds aren’t just for the ladies. To make men’s bands more vibrant, bring some stones into the equation. There are plenty of options with diamond accents. Or, create a special ring by adding gemstones to signify something deep and meaningful to its wearer. It’s all in the details!

Shop detailed men’s bands on Stuller.com

Patterned Unique Men’s Wedding Bands

Unique Men's Wedding Bands Engraved Rings

From L to R: 653540 • 51777 • 51937 • 51857


Try going non-traditional with engraved textures and two-tone metals. Adding different qualities to his band affords the opportunity to sport a stylish, yet subtle trend. Not a two-tone guy? Don’t worry, take a classic wedding band and put a little twist on it with distinctive patterns or engraved textures.

Shop engraved men’s wedding bands on Stuller.com