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Prepare Now for New Year’s Eve Engagements

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Help your customer see sparkles with products for last-minute New Year's Eve Engagements

Is there anyone who isn’t filled with child-like wonder by fireworks — those soaring evanescent sparkles? They splash gloriously across the night sky in a fading frenzy to dazzle and delight us, leaving us to wish we could somehow hold onto them. No worries. 

There’s another kind of fireworks — one that keeps its sparkle for a lifetime and far beyond. And this display starts when men come looking for that last-minute engagement ring for a New Year’s Eve proposal. As luck would have it, this is the perfect way to start 2021 — Stuller’s Year of the Wedding.

At the stroke of midnight, he wants to present her with a fiery engagement ring, and he’s not sure where to start. Fortunately, you have ever&ever®, and you’ve thought ahead and have half a dozen unset or semi-set designs in your case. Look through the ever&ever®collection on and order in-stock styles that would meet various tastes. 

We recommend you order today because these designs are selling fast.

And we have a dazzling array of diamonds in our vaults, which can be at your business tomorrow. You and your customer discuss his fiancée-to-be, seeking a better understanding of looks she will love. Has she mentioned any designs she likes? Is she classic, sophisticated, or on-trend? What color jewelry does she wear? Then you get to work looking at designs he’ll want to consider.

Take Her Breath Away

He’ll take her breath away with either of these spectacular styles: the on-trend 8 x 6 mm oval halo-style design (124470) and this vintage-inspired scattered halo-style (124282) with beaded scalloped details.

She’s Got the Look

Does she prefer a sleek, sophisticated look? Dazzle her with this pear diamond design (123823) in 14K rose. If her style is bold, this dramatic princess style (123962) with a baguette halowill bring tears to her eyes.

Shimmering Romance

Is she romantic? He can sweep her off her feet with this stunning emerald design accented with beading, diamonds, and sculptural elements (123240). Or choose the timeless three-stone design with scroll details (124157).

Content by Alex Stuller

Words by Elizabeth Raffel


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