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May 2024

Inspiration & Trends
Taylor Dizor

A Comprehensive Sneak Peek at JCK Las Vegas 2024

The clock is ticking and we are counting down the minutes until Team Stuller is on our way to Las Vegas for the annual JCK trade show! This is such an exciting time of year for us as we get the chance to meet incredible jewelry professionals from around the world, hear their stories, and help connect them to solutions that will change their business.

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Inspiration & Trends
Cheryl Robichaux

Top Jewelry Gifts for Father’s Day 2024

Giving a Father’s Day gift is the perfect opportunity to express appreciation, love, and gratitude towards Dad for his contributions, sacrifices, and unwavering support in his children’s lives. A meaningful gift is a tangible way to acknowledge the pivotal role he plays in the family, often balancing responsibilities and providing guidance.

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Main Articles
Megan Gonzales

Family Ties

After more than 53 years in business, many generations have walked through the halls of Stuller. With such a large generational reach, it’s no surprise that several employees have found themselves working alongside family members.

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Business Savvy
Yiset Lopez

Gemvision® Virtual Summit 2024 — What To Expect

Stuller professionals will provide important information and insights to help your company grow and guide you on the right path. Gain a comprehensive view into present and future industry trends, consumer behavior, and proven business strategies. We’ll uncover the obstacles and opportunities facing businesses, empowering you to confidently pave your path, drive your business ahead, and achieve success.

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emerald birthstone jewelry
Diamonds & Gemstones
Amberly Champagne

Sell With a Story: May Birthstone Guide

Emerald, the illustrious birthstone of May, has captivated hearts for centuries with its lush green hue and timeless allure. This precious gemstone holds a rich history and symbolism that make it a cherished option in any jewelry collection. Although it holds special significance for those born in May, Emerald is an all-around classic favorite that has experienced a recent surge in popularity. Let’s embark on a journey through the world of Emerald and discover the enchanting qualities that make it so desirable.

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