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Find the right ring to reflect his personality and fit his lifestyle

Let’s talk a bit about unique men’s wedding bands. It’s no secret that brides-to-be get the spotlight. And rightfully so. But still, it’s important to focus on the guys too. After all, his wedding band will likely be on his finger forever— at least ’til death! He’ll fiddle with it, wear it to work, to sleep, out swimming or golfing. He’ll wear his wedding band everywhere.


So, his wedding band should reflect his personality and fit his lifestyle. Consider a few of these unique men’s wedding bands to offer that lucky guy.


Men’s Platinum Wedding Bands

Unique Men's Wedding Bands Platinum Rings

From L to R: 519319863MGRF105201312387951915


Platinum is the strongest metal around. It’s also the rarest precious metal— thirty times rarer than gold. It’s also the densest, which means it’ll feel weighty and significant on the groom’s finger. Stock this superior metal quality to express rarity and strength in your selection of unique men’s wedding bands.

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Men’s Bands in Many Metal Qualities

Unique Men's Wedding Bands Metal Quality Rings

From the Top: 51854TAR51908 • TAR5191251838 • 123307


Every guy is different. So, prepare to accommodate every character with different metal qualities. Stuller stocks classic metals like gold, silver, and platinum. We also offer contemporary metals like tungsten, cobalt, titanium and more.

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Delicately Detailed Men’s Bands

Unique Men's Wedding Bands Detailed Rings

From L to R: 51876 • 123860 • 653540 • 51897 • 51890 • 51948 • 51929


Diamonds aren’t just for the ladies. To make men’s bands more vibrant, bring some stones into the equation. There are plenty of options with diamond accents. Or, create a special ring by adding gemstones to signify something deep and meaningful to its wearer. It’s all in the details!

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Patterned Unique Men’s Wedding Bands

Unique Men's Wedding Bands Engraved Rings

From L to R: 653540 • 51777 • 51937 • 51857


Try going non-traditional with engraved textures and two-tone metals. Adding different qualities to his band affords the opportunity to sport a stylish, yet subtle trend. Not a two-tone guy? Don’t worry, take a classic wedding band and put a little twist on it with distinctive patterns or engraved textures.

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