5 Looks to Love From the 2020 CMA Awards

Last night’s Country Music Association Awards was truly one for the books and proved to be a star-studded close of the 2020 award season. Held in Nashville’s Music City Center, this year’s CMA’s stood out against other award shows this year because it is the only award show to be held mostly in person. Although with a substantially reduced and intimate audience, the show gave a feeling of almost normality with show-stopping performances, live applause, and stunning looks.

This year’s attendees definitely dressed up for the occasion and inspired us with how they chose to accessorize. Let’s take a look at our top 5 favorite pieces from this year’s CMA’s and find Stuller products that can help recreate these fashion statements.

Reba McEntire’s Hoop Earrings

Reba McEntire CMA Awards 2020
Photo by ABC | US Magazine

A seasoned CMA awards host and a legendary performer, Reba naturally knows how to capture attention when she enters the room. From her tribute performance with co-host Darius Rucker to her multiple fashion ensembles, Reba certainly left her mark on us. One of her prominent accessories we loved was her golden hoops she paired with her unique and stunning beaded black collared dress. Just like Reba, they are classy, yet stated.

Grab attention like Reba with a pair of inside-outside hinged hoop earrings (61378).

Maren Morris’s Ring Stack

Maren Morris CMA Awards 2020
Photo by Terry Wyatt with Getty Images | Billboard.com

Maren Morris was the big winner at last night’s CMA awards taking home Single of the Year, Song of the Year, and Female Vocalist of the Year. As a new mom, she was certainly eager to finally be out of the house and dressed to impress – and we loved it! What caught our attention was her glittering dress she wore while performing her award-winning song “The Bones.” Complementing the dress was an excellent selection of stackable rings.

Be bold like Maren and add to your stackable collection. Make a statement with an accented stackable ring (124453) or choose a more subtle diamond stackable ring (653716).

Justin Bieber’s Gold Watch Band

Justin Bieber CMA Awards 2020
Photo by Dustin Downing/Country Music Association Inc./Shutterstock | People Magazine

Country music is not the first genre of choice when you think of Justin Bieber. Nevertheless, he was nominated for three CMA awards for his collaboration with artists Dan + Shay on their hit song “10,000 Hours.” While not in attendance for the in-person award show, the trio performed from the Hollywood Bowl to no audience. The performance was phenomenal, and we are glad they could make it. Bieber dressed up his normal casual urban streetwear with high waisted dress pants and a gold watch. We loved this look because it is a perfect example of trending fashion among the younger generation.

Accessorize like Justin Bieber with an extremely cost-effective spring-end adjustable link watch band (59-0103).

Carly Pearce’s Emerald Drop Earrings

Carly Pearce CMA Awards 2020
Photo by Jamie Schramm/Country Music Association Inc./Shutterstock | US Magazine

Recipient of Music Event of the Year for her song “I Hope You’re Happy Now,” Carly Pearce showed up ready to make an impression. In a floor-length green dress with a slit up to the thigh, she accessorized with a matching pair of emerald drop earrings. She said she styled that look with her mom, which definitely warmed our hearts.

Experience blissful happiness like Carly Pearce with a round bar earring mounting (22137) set with emeralds or your gemstone of choice.

Ingrid Andress’ Matching Necklace and Bracelet

Ingrid Andress CMA Awards 2020
Photo by ABC | US Magazine

CMA performer Ingrid Andress brought us and herself to tears performing her song “More Hearts Than Mine.” But it was actually her red-carpet look that caught our attention first. Sporting a deconstructed Tom Ford suit, she paired it with matching diamond necklace and bracelet. These pieces truly pulled her outfit together.

Add a piece that could bring someone to tears like Ingrid Andress with a diamond necklace (68226) and matching diamond line bracelet (BRC445).

Get inspired by more award-worthy fashion statements in our previous award show coverage.

Our Top 5 Looks From the Emmys

2020 GRAMMY Awards Roundup: Jewelry Trends

Shining Stars: Oscars 2020 Jewelry Trends

Grammy Award Jewelry Trends Blog Header


One of the things you quickly realize about being nominated for something like a GRAMMY is that, while your project may be cool, artistically ambitious, and even culturally significant, there are things that are simply far more important to consider. Chief among these is the question that suddenly becomes very pressing: “What are you going to wear?”

GRAMMY stuller josh caffery Actually, let me rephrase that. I am a man. The question of utmost importance and indeed the driving force leading up to such an event is this: “What is your wife going to wear?”

For instance, consider this exchange:

“Mom, guess what? I’m nominated for a GRAMMMY. Me, your oldest son—your boy!”

“Wow, that is fantastic. But what is Claire going to wear? Does she have a dress? This is too exciting. Wait, you made a CD?”

Or this note, sent from my wife’s good friend. Let’s just say that, upon seeing a mention of the nomination on Facebook, she cut right to the chase:

“What is she wearing?”

These are the questions that try men’s souls—or at least their pocketbooks.

GRAMMY Josh and wife Claire Caffery

My wife, Claire and I

Luckily, however, we got some help in that department. In Lafayette, where Stuller is located, we’re fortunate to have an extremely supportive network of people in business, in government, and in the non-profit sector who support the music and culture that makes the area unique. A fundraising event was hastily organized, and the local nominees received grants from the city to help offset travel expenses, which in turn enabled us to find the right dress for my beautiful wife to wear down the red carpet.

Now, when you suspect that you could find yourself walking in line right behind J-Lo and just ahead of a rather hopped up Keith Urban (which we were, it turns out), you really have to take things to the next level. And we knew that one of the surest ways to do this would be with a bit of bling.

Fortunately, as a Stuller man, I had a connection or two on that front as well. With a bit of help from Stuller communications maven Randi Bourg, visual merchandising mastermind Elise Diaz, and Vice President of Merchandising (and Awesomeness) Maren Rosen, we were able to borrow two stunning cocktail rings (a Missoma and yellow gold freeform) for the red carpet, perfect complements to my wife’s elegant and minimalist black dress. I even joined in on the fun, wearing a simple yet smart silver tie bar, a black tungsten ring, and some silver fleur-de-lys cuff links in honor of our state’s French heritage.

GRAMMY Claire Caffery with Stuller ring GRAMMY Josh Caffery with his Stuller tie bar, ring, cufflinks

On the one hand, perhaps it seems a bit silly to fret so much about clothes and fine jewelry and these material things that take on such sudden and momentous importance. But the reality is that it does matter quite a bit.

In our finest and fairest moments, the ones we know—or hope we know—will sparkle through the years, we need splendid physical things. Objects that will live up to the radiant moment, framing it and refracting it into the unknowable future. We need bright things that will befit our most precious memories.

GRAMMY nomination medal stuller tiffany

The nomination medals by Tiffany&Co

And as it is with good songs, so it is with fine jewels: Creations of sound, light, passion, and craft, they are suitable vehicles for the soul.

Sitting here writing out this blog in longhand on the plane ride back from the City of Angels, we didn’t win the Grammy. But my wife’s sleeping head is resting gently on my shoulder, and the sun is setting over hundreds of miles of soft clouds. And I feel very lucky to live in a place and work for a place that helped me—when the simple yet overwhelming “what is she wearing?” question arose—to come up with the right answer.

Red Carpet Worthy

The 68th Annual Emmy Awards took place Sunday night and, naturally, the Internet was abuzz with praise, commentary, and more for the TV-centric ceremony. The night boasted an abundance of laughs (mostly from host, Jimmy Kimmel), lavish looks (did you see Claire Danes’ metallic masterpiece?), and lasting impressions (Sarah Paulson, Kerry Washington, Taraji P. Henson, oh my!) Here are some of our takeaways from the big night:


Mixin’ Up the Jewel Tones 
As seen on Jane Krakowski and Natalie Morales

When there are so many fabulous jewels in the world, there’s no need to stick to only one jewel-tone color. Adding a touch of jade here and a hint of amethyst there, you can take a look to the next level.


Cut It Out
As seen on Kerry Washington and Tracee Ellis Ross

Negative space works for both dresses and jewelry. It gives pieces an open, airy yet delicate feel.


Fall Florals
As seen on Kristin Bell and Sarah Hyland

Fall most likely isn’t the first season that comes to mind when you think of flower patterns. However, florals can be a great autumn look. What works? Thicker fabrics and/or embroidery or beads to make it feel more substantial and not so dainty and springlike.


Blissful Blushes
As seen on Sofia Vargara and Emilia Clarke

Blush – a gorgeous color that’s somewhere between nude and a light pink – is the perfect way to master a subtly chic look. Rose gold is a great complement to blush ensembles.


Getting Geometric
As seen on Sarah Paulson and America Ferrera

If you can’t go all out on the red carpet, then where can you?! Bold, geometric designs offer a contrasting look that can help deliver an A-game style every time.


And we can’t forget about the 2017 #swagbag, especially not when it was valued at around $55k! Some items included were: plastic surgery, vacation in St. Martin, dental work, a flamingo pool float, and even use of a service that makes wrapping paper out of your face!

There you have it, the 68th Emmys. Did you watch? What were your favorite styles? Share with us in the comments below!