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A Golden Night in Red Carpet Jewelry Fashion

Check out these thriving fashion trends spotted at the 80th Annual Golden Globe Awards.

For those who have followed the Stuller Blog for a while, you’ll know that I have a particular love for stalking the stars and obsessing over the luxury couture I one day hope to afford. And for those who are new to my coverage of the red carpet… well, now you know! Last night’s Golden Globes certainly did the job for me, and I’m happy to gush over the fashion (and, of course, jewelry) I saw. Assisted by the talented fashionistas from the Stuller Fine Jewelry team and my eagle-eyed marketing coworkers, I scoured both the red carpet and the stage for the best looks, the pervasive trends, and the stunning statements needing to be seen.

Fashion writer Amy Odell last week listed one of her 2023 fashion predictions as this will be the year “award show red carpets will start to feel exciting again.” I can confidently say I was certainly enthusiastic by what the celebrities brought to the table. Bolder jewelry looks, brighter colors, and even men stepping up in the fashion category all caught my attention.

But enough rambling on. Let’s dive into five trends our team has been following for a while now and are happy to see notable figures sporting on the red carpet at this year’s Golden Globes.

Viva Magenta

Less than a week ago, we highlighted the Pantone Color Institute’s Color of the Year — Viva Magenta. This versatile shade symbolizes strength, optimism, power, life, and confidence. And I felt all of those things watching the stars incorporate the warm hue. Funny enough, the stars I want to highlight tonight look absolutely amazing in their homages to Viva Magenta, but not through their jewelry.

One of the best features of Viva Magenta is that it works well as a bold statement or an elusive accent. The looks worn by Quinta Brunson, Billy Porter, and Niecy Nash-Betts show the range and nature of this color.

Quinta Brunson’s dress displayed magenta tulle accents throughout a black dress. Subtle, yet noticeable. On the other end of the spectrum, Billy Porter wore a rendition of his famous velvet tuxedo dress in a vibrant magenta. Eye-catching and memorable. Niecy Nash’s look was a cooler, complementary shade of magenta that absolutely filled the room with beautiful color.

So why bring up the dresses when I should be focusing on the jewelry? Because jewelry is inspired by everything! Color has been rising as a trend within jewelry and all areas of fashion. Look to Viva Magenta as your inspiration for the jewelry that is yet to come in this fabulous color.


Let’s move back to the jewelry. Don’t worry, I have plenty to say. Chain has been a prolific jewelry trend and has shown it has staying power in fashion. Last night was yet another example of how chain is being artfully used in modern styles.


Star of hit Netflix series, Wednesday, Jenna Ortega is the textbook definition of a curated chain necklace stack. The eye is immediately drawn to the snake-inspired chain necklace that is the star of the show. It is joined by a decorative herringbone chain that matches it’s texture. While the final piece is not your typical thought when it comes to chain, it bears a striking resemblance to an accented station necklace as it complements the total look.


Donald Glover showed that men too are still embracing chain as a style with his signature chain necklace pairing — simple, yet effective.

Men's Fashion

Speaking of men stepping up to the plate in fashion, I have waited so long to talk about the impressive show of style the men brought to the Golden Globes. Sure, you still had a few everyday tuxedos that could blend into a Rorschach test image (which I still respect!). But it’s not often I get to gush about the statement and signet rings that absolutely stand out on the red carpet.


Austin Butler honestly won for the night for me. While his outfit featured a very traditional look, his rings were what caught my eye. Many men choose to wear simple bands. This is a classic style that will always work. However, Austin chose not only a bold signet ring with a black stone, but also an accented negative space ring that brought out this modern ensemble.


Jeremy Pope wins the award for rings on rings on rings. I always love a multi-ring look, and this did it for me. Rings on his thumb, index, and middle finger. Iconic. Along with the layers of rings, I noticed the chain style of the rings coordinated with the statement chain he wore as well. Honestly, I’m inspired.


Finally, Jeremy Allen White brought class to a new level. Other than a simple herringbone bracelet — which I think we can all agree is something every man should add to their collection — he had a layered assortment of simple gold rings that perfectly complemented his overall look.


Bravo, gentlemen!

Bold Diamonds

Diamonds are honestly everyone’s best friend. But the women I saw donning brilliant diamond styles made sure everyone knew those diamonds were meant for them. Whether natural or lab-grown, large or small, diamonds of all kinds are something that should be embraced and adored.


Let’s start with Rihanna. I could just stop there, but I can’t. My obsession goes to my core. Her coordinated diamond necklace and earring stack ensemble really closed the show down. One thing we can learn from her is to always find something that will make a head turn.


There is also an important lesson to take away from Lily James. One might look at her matching diamond necklace and earrings and say to me, “Taylor, I thought you were talking about bold diamonds. How is this relatively simple look considered bold?” Keeping as much attitude as I can to myself, I would respond by saying that a perfectly coordinated look can still catch the eye. It definitely caught mine.


After I stopped screaming from Michelle Yeoh winning a well-deserved Golden Globe Award from her work with Everything, Everywhere, All At Once, I noticed how unique her diamond jewelry was. The nature-inspired diamond statement necklace and a diamond ring was so unique compared to the other styles we saw throughout the night. I couldn’t stop looking at it, which we can all agree was likely the point.

Luscious Emeralds

In a recent blog post, we pointed out that one of the most popular gemstones in jewelry fashion right now is Emerald. As a classic favorite, no one was surprised. It didn’t take long for us to find this gorgeous gemstone accenting pieces worn by multiple attendees, and we were certainly not disappointed.

Kerry Condon wore an elegant black dress with Emerald earrings that brought the perfect pop of color. The flash of green elevated the look so well.

Hillary Swank found a match made in heaven with an Emerald and diamond jewelry pairing. Combine that with her stunning green dress and this mother-to-be was a force to be reckoned with on the red carpet.

And last, but certainly not least, I bet Regina Hall thought I wouldn’t notice a little color in her all-black attire. But I did! Her coordinating Emerald ring and earrings were exactly what took her style to the next level.

A Night of Golden Style

I am happy to echo Amy Odell and agree that this year’s red carpet fashion is definitely something to be excited about. There’s so much to be inspired by and I’m already thinking about the next piece I want to add to my collection.


As Ryan Murphy said in his acceptance speech for the Carol Burnett Award, “you get there by being fearless.” I hope this year is a year to be fearless with jewelry fashion, and I look forward to seeing what comes next from the red carpet.


Taylor Dizor

Staff Writer

Taylor holds degrees in Political Science and Communication from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette as well as multiple certifications from GIA. His years in the wedding industry and love of fashion trends helps him write content for the on-trend and creative jeweler.