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Stuller’s Favorite Show-Stopping Looks From the 2022 Met Gala

See our team's top picks that walked on the hottest red carpet of the year.

I can’t believe that only eight months have passed since we covered last year’s Met Gala, but I am thrilled that fashion’s greatest night came sooner rather than later!


Known as fashion’s greatest night, the Met Gala stands as the perfect night to be inspired by the greatest work of designers all over the world. Back in September 2021, we covered the first part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s two-part exhibition on American fashion through the ages. This second edition titled In America: An Anthology of Fashion was paired with the 2022 Met Gala dress code of “Gilded Glamour.” The idea was to give homage to the Gilded Age of American history — a time of rapid economic growth and industrialization in America.


From looks that were positively golden to styles that paid symbolic homage to our nation’s history, the red carpet was on fire with some of the best the fashion industry has to offer. Gala co-host Blake Lively welcomed us with a dress inspired by the color-changing features of the Statue of Liberty, Alicia Keys showed us what dreams were made of with a cape featuring the New York skyline, Kim Kardashian was the star of the show with a dress worn by Marilyn Monroe, and Shawn Mendes has brought the colonial coat back into fashion as far as I’m concerned. With so many stunning looks, how could I pick the best?


For such a major night of fashion, I called in reinforcements to help me scour the red carpet for show-stopping looks that will stand out from the rest. Joined by the Stuller fine jewelry team, each of us made our top picks in search of the most fashionable statements of the night.


We chose our favorites. Which one was yours?

Cardi B

Let’s begin with truly one of the most stunning gilded statements of the night. Cardi B took to the red carpet with a dress made entirely of golden chain. Chain is continually a popular fashion choice and truly a lasting trend, but this ensemble will have the rap star standing out as a beacon for chain fashion.

“One look that certainly couldn’t be missed at the 2022 Met Gala was Cardi B’s head-to-toe chain ensemble. We all believe the more chains the better, but Cardi B took it to a whole new level!”
Kristen Ber
Kristen Ber
Fine Jewelry Product Manager

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Lily Aldridge

Model Lily Aldridge shined from head to toe and truly gave new meaning to the word glamour. According to Vogue, her dress — designed by a personal friend — consisted of approximately 170,000 crystals. Now that’s some heavy sparkle!

“Lily Aldridge… the headwrap, the gloves, the dress, the necklace! A bold choice, but she understood the theme and brought the glam and sparkle in my opinion.”
Alisse Gregson
Sr. Fine Jewelry Product Manager

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Kaia Gerber

Joined by her new boyfriend Austin Butler, model Kaia Gerber took to the red carpet in a metallic lace dress. Her presentation as well as fashion statement showed us her inner goddess and we could not be more inspired by her confidence, charisma, and beauty.

“Kaia Gerber gave gilded gold a rebirth as she leans even further into her womanhood and shows us what a true goddess looks like.”
Jada Washington
Assistant Fine Jewelry Product Manager

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Julianne Moore

When you hear about the Met Gala, you might think of fashion that is bold, prominent, and maybe even outlandish. But, to me, the Met Gala is about prolific fashion that will be memorable. Julianne Moore is the perfect example of how simple, classic styles can still stand out at the Met Gala. Elegant, beautiful, memorable. What can be more fitting than that?

“Less is Moore!!! The look was an incredibly clean silhouette paired with elbow length gloves and simple finger waved hair. Julianne Moore took old Hollywood glamour and put it front and center on the Met Gala red carpet. What else is as timeless and sophisticated as this look? Diamonds!”
Emily Graffagnino
Senior Director of Fine Jewelry

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Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain charmed everyone with a glittering red dress featuring serpent detailing with a matching turban. Rather than drawing inspiration from the gilded age of New York City and the industrial revolution, her ensemble was inspired by the golden days of Hollywood and stars like Norma Desmond — a style we will adore for years to come.

“Jessica Chastain absolutely nailed golden age glamour with a modern edge. The details of the snake weaving in and out of the dress really made this look stand out as best dressed of the night.”
Taylor Beadle
Taylor Beadle
Fine Jewelry Product Manager

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Finally, we end the night’s coverage of our standout pieces with my personal favorite: Lizzo. Sorry to disagree with Meryl Streep’s infamous line from The Devil Wears Prada, but florals in spring truly ARE groundbreaking and Lizzo is proof of that. The gilded floral embellishments on her coat along with a red-carpet performance featuring a gold flute made for an experience fit for the grandeur of the night.

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If I’m being honest, the real winners of the Met Gala were those of us that got the chance to enjoy the range of creativity and style while watching the red carpet. Shout out to my team of eagle-eyed fashion savants that helped find the best looks of the event. Last night truly was the greatest night in fashion.


Taylor Dizor

Staff Writer

Taylor holds degrees in Political Science and Communication from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette as well as multiple certifications from GIA. His years in the wedding industry and love of fashion trends helps him write content for the on-trend and creative jeweler.