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Falling for Fall: Five Wedding Ring Pairings Inspired by the Season

Enjoy these new and bestselling looks paired with top fall wedding destinations.

Leaves are changing colors, the temperatures are dropping, and love is in the air. Fall really is a special time of year. Other than the upcoming holidays that I’m super excited for, there’s something else constantly on my mind: proposals and weddings! And I swear it’s not entirely because I work on Stuller’s bridal team.

Did you know that three of the top five most popular wedding dates of the year are in the fall, according to The Knot? And did you know that six of the most popular days to get engaged are within the next three months, says the Great Bridal Expo? It’s hard not to absolutely fall in love with this time of year.

As jewelers, we know that engagement ring and wedding band sales are picking up as we get closer to the end of the year, so it’s crucial to offer styles that modern couples are looking for. We are happy to present To Falling in Love, a glimpse at the newest and bestselling bridal and band designs of the season, as a resource.

Our team is fully embracing fall and in honor of the season, we’ve chosen five ring pairings inspired by our favorite fall wedding destinations.

1. Picturesque Countryside

Imagine staring out at the rolling hills of Napa Valley, California. The rustic environment combined with its elegant charm reminds us of the cottagecore aesthetic that is very popular right now. At its heart, cottagecore celebrates the idealistic rural lifestyle, traditionally based in the English countryside. Elegant scrollwork and intricate details come together to create a ring pairing as noble as the couple wearing them.

Items Featured: 126409, 57828, 126434

2. Bustling Cityscape

Completely opposite of the quiet countryside is the energetic city. We are inspired by the bold architectural details and rich geometric shapes seen in locations like New York City. This environment continues to proliferate art deco motifs and help ensure they have lasting appeal. Sharp lines and elongated stone shapes seen in art deco styles lead to a ring pairing that symbolizes a strong, lasting love.

Items Featured: 126377, 126394, 126402

3. Awe-Inspiring Mountains

Small mountain-side towns, such as Vale, Colorado, see breathtaking views this time of year. From the larger-than-life landscape to every color of your imagination, this destination speaks to the adventurous spirit. That’s why we immediately thought of ring pairings that stand out and redefine style with fascinating stone shapes and metal textures.

Items Featured: 126484, 126229, 52091

4. Majestic Woodlands

Quiet, quaint, and secluded — these descriptions set the scene in a private venue near the edge of a forest, which is honestly a dream for a fall wedding. The Appalachian region of North Carolina is the perfect inspiration of a more nature-inspired aesthetic. Leaves and florals worked into beautifully detailed rings create a pairing fit for the great outdoors.

Items Featured: 126391, 126345, 57850, 57827

5. Peaceful Lakeside

Before the weather gets too cold, a lakefront view can be absolutely stunning, such as in Glen Arbor, Michigan. Along the shore, you don’t need much — just the one you love and those who care about you. That’s why the feeling that stands out the most at this venue is one of minimalism. Elegant, simple, classic. Evergreen solitaires, diamond eternity bands, and wedding bands will make a day like this one to remember.

Items Featured: 126246, 126389, 124516

The fall fills us with inspiration. Although it is the season of change, one thing will always remain true: love will endure and find new ways to inspire us all.

As you look to help couples celebrate their love with engagement rings and wedding bands having lasting appeal, look to Stuller as your bridal business partner. You can shop the styles in this article and more on 24/7 and can reach us at 800-877-7777.

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Brittney Trosclair

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