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The Hottest Jewelry Trends and Best Sellers of 2022

Let's review the most popular bridal and jewelry design aesthetics that consumers have been loving this year.

What a year! This year has brought so many amazing new things. A world now fully accessible to us after the pandemic has brought plenty of new and inspired pieces with noteworthy styles. The trends we’ve seen thrive among consumers are as stunning as they are lasting. You heard correctly — trends that last. The trends that are splashed on fashion magazine pages and arriving in jewelry stores are very likely here to stay as we move into a new year.


To wrap up this incredible year, let’s take a look at some of our favorite trending design aesthetics, a few of our best sellers within these trends, and selling solutions Stuller offers that will ensure you always have the most in-demand styles your customers are looking for.

Top Jewelry Trends of 2022

Star-Studded Styles: Celestial Fine Jewelry

This year has seen an increased fascination with the stars and the world above. You can see it in fashion as well as in pop culture (Surely, I can’t be the only one finding the horoscope readers on TikTok). Moons, sun bursts, zodiac signs, and other celestial motifs can be seen everywhere in fine jewelry. Whether worn for divine guidance or simply because of their attractive style, pieces like these can appeal to anyone.

Vibrant Statements: Colorful Fine Jewelry

Following a global pandemic, we began to truly appreciate this beautiful, colorful world we live in. Consumers have taken that appreciation and turned it into a wearable statement, adorning pieces with a pop of color. Beautiful gemstones and colored diamonds have been seen everywhere from celebrity engagement rings to everyday fashion.

Floral Accents: Nature-Inspired Fine Jewelry

Speaking of appreciating the world around us, let’s chat about a love for nature that’s thriving in the jewelry space. Nature-inspired jewelry can hold a lot of meaning — life and vitality, rebirth and new beginnings, connection and family, and so on. As more desire jewelry that holds significance, nature-inspired designs are one of the styles they will turn to.

Blast From the Past: Reimagined Classics

Retro is certainly in, but with a modern twist. Personally, I noticed it when I saw design aspects of my mother’s engagement ring coming back into popularity, namely an oval center stone and baguette accent stones. Other than stone shape preferences, we are also seeing a fascination with themes from the 1960s and 1970s. Whether the piece features a reference to the past or a nostalgic design aesthetic, it’s clear that we are honoring the past with a new vision for the future.

Linear and Structured: Refreshed Art Deco Fine Jewelry

When we say art deco, we are referring to designs that feature clean lines, architectural forms, and geometric patterns. This style is bold and modern; worn by those who appreciate the finer details of their jewelry and desire for it to be noticed. That’s not to say that the contemporary versions of art deco can’t be minimalist. There’s so much versatility in this style that makes it appealing.

Top Solutions to Help Make the Sale

While offering the top-selling styles of 2022 are a great start, Stuller offers selling systems and solutions that will help you to always have the styles your customers are looking for. These are specifically curated to have the most sought-after fine jewelry and bridal designs in the market.

trending fine jewelry

302® Fine Jewelry

From concept to creation, each piece of 302 Fine Jewelry is made for those who want to share their story with the world. These award-winning, on-trend styles provide a lasting expression of moments that define life’s chapters. Our curated collections are fresh and up to date with three new product releases every year. It’s attainable luxury with the unmatched quality and service you’ve come to expect from Stuller for more than 50 years.

Designer Bridal Collection and Selling Systems

The Designer Bridal Collection is a curated assortment of the top trending engagement ring designs. From intricate and stunning details to striking and chic styles, the engagement rings within this collection cater to the standout bride looking for a ring that is truly showstopping.


Each year, a new assortment of Designer Bridal engagement rings is merchandised into convenient prototype selling systems that make selling these desirable designs that much easier.

bridal affiliate program


ever&ever® is a complete bridal program featuring high-quality, customizable prototype rings — each having a flexible 3C design. Every design offers the opportunity to choose the center stone type, shape, and size as well as the ring metal’s quality and color. With the customization options available with ever&ever®, each ring can truly be one of a kind.

Looking Ahead

While there was much excitement in the jewelry industry in 2022, there is even more to look forward to in the new year! And you can trust that our team at Stuller will continue to have our finger on the pulse of the most popular jewelry trends and styles.


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Cheers to a great new year!


Taylor Dizor

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