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Five Bridal and Engagement Ring Trends to Know Ahead of Holiday Proposals

bridal and engagement ring trends

Discover this buying guide for the best wedding rings to pair in a modern bridal fashion stack.

According to a study by The Knot, the most popular proposal date of the year is December 25. In the same study, it’s stated that 40% of all proposals take place between November and February, capturing many of the major holidays celebrated in the United States. While the holiday selling season is approaching and you’re preparing to stock up on your customers’ favorite holiday gifts, don’t forget to get those modern engagement rings that are following this year’s bridal trends.

Staying on top of what today’s bride wants in her bridal stack is crucial to making the sale. That’s why you should not only consider the style of engagement ring, but also merchandise your product offering in a way that shows it off with wedding bands that tell a story. Modern trends follow design aesthetics that grab the eye and reflect the bride’s personality.

Let’s take a look at five bridal and engagement ring trends as well as show you how to create a cohesive bridal stack using classic metal and diamond wedding bands.

Trend 1: The Classic Bride

The Classic Bride looks for a simple, yet elegant bridal stack that stands the test of time. Brides that love this style are looking for a timeless solitaire with classic appeal matched with a modest wedding band. This is the kind of trend that won’t be going away anytime soon and will appeal to many brides.

classic bridal ring stack

Items Shown: 123041, 123213, 122737

Trend 2: The New Art Deco

When you hear art deco, you might be thinking of sharp lines and geometric designs. This trend takes that one step forward and attaches the inspiration to architecture that is rich in details and drama. The bride that wants this style has an appreciation for design and uniqueness. Pair engagement rings with bands that extend and complement the design for a cohesive stack.

art deco engagement rings

Items Shown: 126058, 126066, 124807, 124845

Trend 3: The Cottagecore Queen

A term mostly seen on social media, cottagecore refers to design aesthetics that fosters the idea of living a simple, rural life — something that stands out in our overstimulated world. This trend pulls on nature inspirations to symbolize growth and simplicity. Combine rings with scrollwork and features that mimic florals for the bride wanting to live her Jane Austen fantasy!

cottagecore aesthetic engagement rings

Items Shown: 126204, 57777, 126064, 126270

Trend 4: The Celestial Vision

You might have noticed younger consumers in the market — specifically Millennials and Gen Z — have a fascination with the cosmos, astrology, and all things space. This trend appeals to that interest and uses elements that bring romance from above, such as star bursts, moons, and astrological motifs. Pair rings inspired by this aesthetic for the bride that admires something larger than this world.

modern wedding ring stack

Items Shown: 123706, 123554, 124218, 124634

Trend 5: The Utilitarian

The utilitarian aesthetic pulls on industrial and structural inspirations for design. Chains, lines, and frame-like features symbolize the strength and stability many look for in a partner. Rings that reflect these values will show patterns and shapes that align together for the perfect bridal stack story.

Items Shown: 52378, 126306, 126180

Let Stuller Get You There

With a couple months to go before eager brides and grooms run to you for their engagement ring and wedding band needs, make sure you know all options available to connecting them with these trends.

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We are happy to be your bridal business partner and look forward to serving you in preparation for upcoming holiday proposals.


Brittney Garrett

Product Manager, Bridal

Brittney holds a degree in Advertising and an MBA from the University of Louisiana along with multiple certifications from GIA. She combines her love for custom jewelry and industry trend research to propel the Stuller Bridal business forward.