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Brittney Garrett
Bridal Product Manager
I’ve been with Stuller since April 2016 • 8 year Navy veteran • Wife and mother of 3 • I take my coffee with my oxygen and I love college football GEAUX TIGERS • If the choice is mine I will pick Thai food always • Can solve a Rubik's cube in less than 3 minutes

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Ring Stacks for Every Style

Mix and match these stylish ring stacks for the ultimate in personalization.

Style says a lot about a personality. Whether you are sleek and professional, calm and casual, or loud and outspoken, there is a fashion choice out there for everyone. A popular trend in jewelry fashion that is here to stay is stackables. A carefully curated selection of ring stacks will tell the wearer’s story in more read more…

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4 Stackable Ring Trends for Any Customer

Help your customers build their best stack with one of these stackable ring trends

For creativity and individuality, stacking allows the bride to pair a classic engagement ring with additional pieces that may be less traditional. There really are no limits when it comes to adding to your stack. Whether the intent is to accentuate boldly or add a twist to your current bridal set, read more…