Offer Customization Options With Digital Goldsmith™

Customers want pieces that reflect their personalities. We’ve seen the demand for custom jewelry increase over the past decade. To help with this, Stuller now offers a way for you to merge actual jewelry pieces with customization.

Introducing Digital Goldsmith

Ring Building Reinvented

Digital Goldsmith allows customers to visually see how a setting and shank look together before making the purchase. Visual tools within the program also allows users to change stone size, metal qualities, and mounting or semi-set properties in real-time. They’ll see the changes on screen, along with pricing.

Digital Goldsmith utilizes our bestselling settings and shanks featured in our Magnetic Ring Builder to create this unique experience. When you use this program alongside the Magnetic Ring Builder, you blend the digital with the physical, allowing them to see more than 800 setting and shank combinations.

Getting Started 

Accessing Digital Goldsmith is easy! Settings and shanks that are customizable can be found in the library on From there, you can select any piece to start the experience.

As you (or your customers) pick their setting and shank, they can see what that ring will look like in a 2D environment. Take the Magnetic Ring Builder experience to the next level by allowing your customers to not only pick their shank and setting, but also change the center stone size, metal quality, and more — instantly.    

What’s Inside

Using Digital Goldsmith is easy. When you select a setting or shank, you can make any changes, including replacing the setting or shank to transform your design. As you make your selections, take advantage of the icons at the bottom to view your design from a different angle.

When you’re done creating, review your order and add items to your cart, or choose if you want the piece assembled.

Watch this video to explore the ways you can customize your designs with Digital Goldsmith.


With its seamless customization capabilities, both bench jewelers and sales associates can provide interactive design experiences for customers — regardless of their skill level with custom design technology.

How do you plan on implementing Digital Goldsmith in your store? Let us know in the comments below!

2019 Jewelry Design Trends BTG Blog Header

5 Innovative 2019 Jewelry Design Trends For Autumn and Beyond

Your customers are always on the hunt for the latest jewelry trends. They research runway trends, scour social media, and watch industry influencers unveil all-new fads and fashions. Luckily, we do too. In fact, we work tirelessly to stay ahead of the curve. Below, our experts have identified five top 2019 jewelry design trends. Incorporate these creative looks into your inventory to keep customers returning for more.


Here are 5 innovative 2019 jewelry design trends for Autumn and beyond.

Opal Jewelry Design Trends

2019 Jewelry Design Trends Opalescence Trendline

Opals hold a soft, airy presence. They’re dazzling and delightful, and their captivating play of color demands attention. We’ve seen countless 2019 jewelry design trends that involve Opals and Moonstones set in rose gold or beside warm, vibrant stones. These opalescent beauties are truly a trendy hit among millennials.


Fan-Inspired Jewelry Design Trends

2019 Jewelry Design Trends Fans Trendline

Fan-inspired jewelry styles are radiating from every angle of the trend curve. These styles remind us of much-adored Art Deco designs, capturing a balance between simple and striking. Achieve this look with Baguettes and Marquise shapes. Then, add fan design elements to enhance the boldness of any ring, pendant, or pair of earrings.


Spiritual Jewelry Design Trends

2019 Jewelry Design Trends Spiritual Trendline

Jewelry is expressive. Offer your customers spiritual styles that hold deep meaning and evoke a sense of inner tranquility. Help them discover their own peace on Earth with designs that celebrate spirituality. Use gemstones, engravings, and negative space to achieve one of the most sacred 2019 jewelry design trends.


Celestial Jewelry Design Trends

2019 Jewelry Design Trends Celestial Trendline

We’re over the moon for celestial jewelry trends. Designs ranging from half-moons to star-shaped studs to station necklaces reflect a fascination with dimensions far beyond our Earthly tethers. Encourage your customers to drift into dreamland with 2019 jewelry design trends inspired by mysteries of the night sky.


Asymmetrical Jewelry Design Trends

2019 Jewelry Design Trends Asymmetry Trendline

Aim slightly left of center with asymmetrical jewelry designs. From off-set pendants that dangle to mismatched stone shapes, these styles add a touch of edge. Experiment with asymmetrical designs for customers who seek to showcase their individuality.


Alix Gonsoulin FF Blog Header FF

Feature Friday – Alix Gonsoulin

Alix Gonsoulin Come Home Project

Alix was a part of the Come Home Louisiana campaign in 2014 – an initiative from the State of Louisiana to get natives to return home to find career opportunities.

Big City Dreams

In 2007, one year after graduating from Loyola University in New Orleans, I decided to take a leap and move to New York City. I moved without a job and only had a place to live for six weeks.

Although it was a scary plunge, it was extremely exciting! I had to force myself in an unfamiliar place and work hard to make my way. My first job in New York was with a small jewelry company. Although we sold to large retailers like Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom, we had a very small operation, and I learned a lot in a brief period of time.

From there, I eventually went on to work for Alexis Bittar, a high-end costume jeweler known for his hand-carved Lucite jewelry. Working in the NYC’s fashion industry taught me strong work ethic and introduced me to the world of wholesale jewelry manufacturing. I was the Product Development Manager within the design department, acting as a liaison between our designers and local factories abroad. Annually, we released three full collections with over 300 styles per season. I loved being a part of an amazing design team that produced innovative work every year.

Back to Cajun Country

After living and working in the jewelry industry for almost five years, I had no plans to leave the big city. Although I loved Louisiana – my home state – I didn’t see the career opportunities available. It was not until one of my best friends, Maren Rosen, introduced me to Stuller. Maren had recently moved back from NYC to Lafayette to begin working at Stuller. She raved about the company and all it had to offer, eventually persuading me to visit Stuller’s facility.

Upon entering the building, I knew it was a great career opportunity. Four months later, I moved home to Lafayette and began working at Stuller within the Fine Jewelry Merchandising Team. I was able to continue the jewelry career I loved while living nearer to my family!

I started off as the Director of Diamond and Gemstone Fashion. After almost three years, my responsibilities expanded to include managing all of Fine Jewelry. I found that merchandising was the best way to get the lay of the land at Stuller. As a merchant, I was involved in all aspects of product life: from pricing, inventory, product development, and buying to marketing.

Watch Alix Gonsoulin in Stuller’s PD&D Department Overview

Alix Gonsoulin: Creative Design Director

After four years, with my solid foundation, I wanted a new opportunity and landed back in the design department. My true passion has always been creating product, so stepping back into the design world was refreshing. I now help to guide our design team as the Creative Design Director. In this role, I help take concepts all the way through the product development path at Stuller.

Our mission within the Product Design and Development department is to produce a consistent flow of new products for our Findings, Bridal and Fine Jewelry teams. We are responsible for producing manufactured products that are on trend and relevant to our customers. And I absolutely love what I do! I am extremely lucky to see product progress from concept to finished pieces, then eventually sold to our customers.

My team here at Stuller truly inspires me. I’m surrounded by some of the most talented conceptual and CAD designers in the industry. Not only that, an amazing manufacturing team supports. They transform our digital concepts into stunning physical pieces. Everyone on the team brings different skills to the table, and I love seeing how our visions and effort form into pieces of jewelry.

As someone who heads the Product Design Department, I’m directly responsible for making sure our customers have a variety of products to offer to their customers. I want them to be able to service anyone that walks into their store by providing exactly what they need. This means continuously developing products, especially in our more versatile 3C product offerings.

Home Sweet Home

As much as I love to travel and explore new places, I also love Louisiana and all it has to offer. Louisiana is a magical mix of sincere people, creative communities, delicious food, and never-ending liveliness. I often find myself with family and friends, enjoying the communal festivities. Whether we’re on a boat ride, at a local festival, or watching one of my favorite Cajun bands, there is so much to do that is unique to our area. Another amazing thing about being back home in Cajun Country is my proximity to my huge family. My mother is one of 17 kids – so you can imagine how far my family tree grows.

Alix Gonsoulin Siblings Family

Alix Gonsoulin and her siblings

Sweet, Sweet Memories

For my 30th birthday, about 40 of my friends and family gathered dressed as our favorite Louisiana festival kings and queens. We celebrated the Shrimp and Petroleum Festival, Rice Festival, Crawfish Festival, Frog Festival – the list goes on and on! I’ve always loved dressing in costume. And to gather a group of friends together, all in costume, was a blast! We toured Cajun Country on a bus, stopping at local bars and music venues along the bayous and rivers of our community.

Alix Gonsoulin 30 Birthday Celebration

Nearly 40 friends gather to celebrate Alix Gonsoulin

Looking Forward

The biggest change I’ve seen in the jewelry industry is digital innovation. As an industry, we have made leaps and bounds over the past 10 years discovering how to be more efficient at making jewelry. And what’s most impressive is that I don’t see that momentum slowing down anytime soon. We constantly challenge ourselves as a company and an industry to come up with the next widget that will help to serve our customers.

So Here’s My Advice

Always listen, learn, and ask questions. Take as many risks as you can and don’t be afraid to fail!

We’re thrilled to introduce the fabulous Alix Gonsoulin to you. Find more faces of Stuller here.

Gold Rush 2015

As you might expect, I am passionate about fashion. I live it, breath it, and of course, I wear it. I have the best job in the world because I get to share my obsession and help people with their business at the same time. There are so many amazing stories and collections we are adding to our line that I want to tell you more about one of my favorites.


In the latest edition of our What’s New at Stuller Fall 2015 brochure, we presented “Gold Rush,” featuring new, on-trend styles in yellow gold. This section features a variety of styles that would appeal to the fashion-forward consumer. The design elements of these knots, geometric shapes, and linear designs are best highlighted in yellow gold. With styles available with or without diamond accents, they have great price points to meet anyone’s budget. Without much ado, here are my all-time loves:

To Infinity and Beyond

My favorite knot style is 51511. This piece has a double infinity loop with negative space and looks amazing as a middle finger accent ring. We specifically designed the lines of the piece to stay petite and to not only be delicate but affordable. Pair this ring with a taupe mani, and you have a winning combination for the fall.


Stack ‘Em High
If you like to stack and layer your rings, you will love 651904. This double row diamond fashion ring with the little crisscross knot accents is just adorable. It gives the illusion of two rings in one while still allowing you room to stack and layer more rings. And, of course, there is nothing wrong with wearing it alone, but I stack it with a simple rope ring like 255 and a hammered ring like 51376. The different textures and design elements make for a fun look.

Classically Trained

Classics are just that because they never go out of style. Who doesn’t love a classic? We recently added three sizes of Italian horn pendants (86276) and matching earrings (86260) to our line for the fall. We put our own touch by making it slim and sleek. We also have another classic style with a Stuller twist. The crescent necklace (86255) and earrings (86259) are so irresistible that every woman on my team has purchased one for herself. I see this piece being a great in-case item for last-minute shoppers. Both of these beautiful styles offer an affordable addition to any jewelry box.


Feel the Power

I can’t explain how obsessed I am with 51547. This double “V” design ring is reminiscent of Wonder Woman’s emblem and will make any woman feel equally powerful and strong. The sharp lines and negative space make it an instant fashion win. This ring has the big look that we love without being heavy or bulky. I have worn this ring with a navy and peach summer dress and received compliments galore. I love the versatility and fun this ring provides to my wardrobe.

Up Close and Personal

The other piece I couldn’t live without is 651885 in the 1/4 CTW. This little diamond baguette bar is too cute for words. And since baguettes are big right now, you can’t go with the 1/2 CTW size or the matching earrings (651886). Personally, I layer these styles to make my outfit pop. The necklace has an adjustable length so it can be the top, middle, or bottom layer depending on what I’m wearing. Great layering options include geometric styles, but you can use virtually any favorite piece in your personal collection. I love to wear this piece with my personalized bar necklace (85778) that is engraved with “Much Love, Mere.” The laser engraved message was a signature on a card my grandmother wrote to me. I love wearing it as often as I can to keep her close to my heart. And even more, I love layering it with a pop of diamond to complete the bling look!


With all of these great yellow gold options now available, it’s no wonder that we are having Gold Rush fever 2015. How do you gold rush? What are some of your favorite pieces this fall? Tell us in the comments below and give us your feedback on our favorite piece. We love hearing from you!

For Every Facet of Mom’s Personality

As hard as it was for me to accept when I finally realized it, my mother is more than just my mom. She’s a wife and a strong woman, too. So when my brother asked what he should get Mom for Mother’s Day, I had to stop and really think about something that captured everything she is and does. Odds are good that your customers are in the same boat; they want something more this Mother’s Day. And the good news is that we’re here to offer you ideas.

Of course, the whole point of Mother’s Day is to celebrate Mom, so we can’t leave out the most logical choice in family jewelry.

Monogram Jewelry

Whether it’s a traditional monogram necklace or a script nameplate, this very personal gift is one she’ll treasure forever.


Spell it out

These on trend phrase necklaces will your customer say it all!


Luxurious Family Jewelry

Stuller’s crossover family rings are the sophisticated look mom’s are looking for.


Birthstone Jewelry

All moms are sure to love these classic styles that reflect the months of their children’s births.


On-Trend Family Jewelry

Women everywhere have fallen in love with the vertical bar necklace. Take this trend to the next level this Mother’s Day with Stuller’s family jewelry bar necklace.

Before she was a mom, she was someone’s great love. Mother’s Day can be the perfect opportunity to celebrate what she means to Dad, too.

3-stone rings

Representing the past, present and future, a three stone ring is a symbol of their life-long commitment.


Eternity Bands

Whether paired with an engagement ring or worn as a stand-alone piece, the eternity band makes the perfect every-day piece that every mother will cherish.


Infinite Love

What says “forever” more than this?

It’s hard to fathom, but every mother is her own woman, too. Give her the jewelry that fits her everyday needs.

Diamond Basics

Whether at the grocery store or out for date night, these forever looks are the staple pieces every mother needs.

Petite Pave Must-Haves


Oh-so-sweet in size, these pave styles are just what every trendy mom is hoping for.

With these must-have items, you can meet accommodate the style and desire of every mom out there.

Click the image below to see more Mother’s Day looks on our Pinterest board


Mother's Day Post


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