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Offer Customization Options With Digital Goldsmith™

Transform in-case experiences with Digital Goldsmith to close the sale

Customers want pieces that reflect their personalities. We’ve seen the demand for custom jewelry increase over the past decade. To help with this, Stuller now offers a way for you to merge actual jewelry pieces with customization.

Introducing Digital Goldsmith

Ring Building Reinvented

Digital Goldsmith allows customers to visually see how a setting and shank look together before making the purchase. Visual tools within the program also allows users to change stone size, metal qualities, and mounting or semi-set properties in real-time. They’ll see the changes on screen, along with pricing.

Digital Goldsmith utilizes our bestselling settings and shanks featured in our Magnetic Ring Builder to create this unique experience. When you use this program alongside the Magnetic Ring Builder, you blend the digital with the physical, allowing them to see more than 800 setting and shank combinations.

Getting Started 

Accessing Digital Goldsmith is easy! Settings and shanks that are customizable can be found in the library on From there, you can select any piece to start the experience.

As you (or your customers) pick their setting and shank, they can see what that ring will look like in a 2D environment. Take the Magnetic Ring Builder experience to the next level by allowing your customers to not only pick their shank and setting, but also change the center stone size, metal quality, and more — instantly.    

What’s Inside

Using Digital Goldsmith is easy. When you select a setting or shank, you can make any changes, including replacing the setting or shank to transform your design. As you make your selections, take advantage of the icons at the bottom to view your design from a different angle.

When you’re done creating, review your order and add items to your cart, or choose if you want the piece assembled.

Watch this video to explore the ways you can customize your designs with Digital Goldsmith.


With its seamless customization capabilities, both bench jewelers and sales associates can provide interactive design experiences for customers — regardless of their skill level with custom design technology.

How do you plan on implementing Digital Goldsmith in your store? Let us know in the comments below!


Alix Gonsoulin

Vice President of Merchandising

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