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For Every Facet of Mom’s Personality

Mother’s Day gifts for every role she plays

As hard as it was for me to accept when I finally realized it, my mother is more than just my mom. She’s a wife and a strong woman, too. So when my brother asked what he should get Mom for Mother’s Day, I had to stop and really think about something that captured everything she is and does. Odds are good that your customers are in the same boat; they want something more this Mother’s Day. And the good news is that we’re here to offer you ideas.

Of course, the whole point of Mother’s Day is to celebrate Mom, so we can’t leave out the most logical choice in family jewelry.

Monogram Jewelry

Whether it’s a traditional monogram necklace or a script nameplate, this very personal gift is one she’ll treasure forever.


Spell it out

These on trend phrase necklaces will your customer say it all!


Luxurious Family Jewelry

Stuller’s crossover family rings are the sophisticated look mom’s are looking for.


Birthstone Jewelry

All moms are sure to love these classic styles that reflect the months of their children’s births.


On-Trend Family Jewelry

Women everywhere have fallen in love with the vertical bar necklace. Take this trend to the next level this Mother’s Day with Stuller’s family jewelry bar necklace.

Before she was a mom, she was someone’s great love. Mother’s Day can be the perfect opportunity to celebrate what she means to Dad, too.

3-stone rings

Representing the past, present and future, a three stone ring is a symbol of their life-long commitment.


Eternity Bands

Whether paired with an engagement ring or worn as a stand-alone piece, the eternity band makes the perfect every-day piece that every mother will cherish.


Infinite Love

What says “forever” more than this?

It’s hard to fathom, but every mother is her own woman, too. Give her the jewelry that fits her everyday needs.

Diamond Basics

Whether at the grocery store or out for date night, these forever looks are the staple pieces every mother needs.

Petite Pave Must-Haves


Oh-so-sweet in size, these pave styles are just what every trendy mom is hoping for.

With these must-have items, you can meet accommodate the style and desire of every mom out there.

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