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5 Innovative 2019 Jewelry Design Trends For Autumn and Beyond

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Engage your clientele with Autumn’s leading jewelry looks

Your customers are always on the hunt for the latest jewelry trends. They research runway trends, scour social media, and watch industry influencers unveil all-new fads and fashions. Luckily, we do too. In fact, we work tirelessly to stay ahead of the curve. Below, our experts have identified five top 2019 jewelry design trends. Incorporate these creative looks into your inventory to keep customers returning for more.


Here are 5 innovative 2019 jewelry design trends for Autumn and beyond.

Opal Jewelry Design Trends

2019 Jewelry Design Trends Opalescence Trendline

Opals hold a soft, airy presence. They’re dazzling and delightful, and their captivating play of color demands attention. We’ve seen countless 2019 jewelry design trends that involve Opals and Moonstones set in rose gold or beside warm, vibrant stones. These opalescent beauties are truly a trendy hit among millennials.


Fan-Inspired Jewelry Design Trends

2019 Jewelry Design Trends Fans Trendline

Fan-inspired jewelry styles are radiating from every angle of the trend curve. These styles remind us of much-adored Art Deco designs, capturing a balance between simple and striking. Achieve this look with Baguettes and Marquise shapes. Then, add fan design elements to enhance the boldness of any ring, pendant, or pair of earrings.


Spiritual Jewelry Design Trends

2019 Jewelry Design Trends Spiritual Trendline

Jewelry is expressive. Offer your customers spiritual styles that hold deep meaning and evoke a sense of inner tranquility. Help them discover their own peace on Earth with designs that celebrate spirituality. Use gemstones, engravings, and negative space to achieve one of the most sacred 2019 jewelry design trends.


Celestial Jewelry Design Trends

2019 Jewelry Design Trends Celestial Trendline

We’re over the moon for celestial jewelry trends. Designs ranging from half-moons to star-shaped studs to station necklaces reflect a fascination with dimensions far beyond our Earthly tethers. Encourage your customers to drift into dreamland with 2019 jewelry design trends inspired by mysteries of the night sky.


Asymmetrical Jewelry Design Trends

2019 Jewelry Design Trends Asymmetry Trendline

Aim slightly left of center with asymmetrical jewelry designs. From off-set pendants that dangle to mismatched stone shapes, these styles add a touch of edge. Experiment with asymmetrical designs for customers who seek to showcase their individuality.

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