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The Tools to Social Success With 302® Fine Jewelry

If the first step in building a thriving fine jewelry business is curating an amazing on-trend assortment, then the second step is connecting the product to your customers. In a world of influencers and social media advertising, it’s important to stand out. Sound scary? It shouldn’t because we are right there behind you.

One of the greatest benefits of being a 302 Fine Jewelry retail partner is the extensive marketing support we provide. From imagery to print materials, we provide you with a visual brand that resonates with your customers.

Your Marketing Toolbox

Let’s break down all the resources you have at your disposal.

Brand Website and Social Media

Consumers can browse the 302 Fine Jewelry assortment and get inspired with the latest trends on and by following us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest (@302FineJewelry). Our digital presence helps spread brand awareness and engages your customers.

High Quality Photos and Videos

We are consistently providing our retail partners with imagery and video assets to assist in their marketing strategies. Feel free to use any of our marketing resources on your own social media, website, and advertising materials.

Monthly Newsletter and Social Media Content

Every month, our retail partners receive an exclusive newsletter that contains the latest updates, trend alerts, sales tips, and more. The newsletter also contains a social media calendar full of ready-to-post captions, photos, and videos.

Print Materials

We provide you with hotlists, brochures, and more so that you can give your customers something to take home. Help them build their fine jewelry wish list and be their go-to resource for the most on-trend styles.

National Advertising

302 Fine Jewelry is sweeping the nation with regular features in the fashion industry’s most popular publications, such as Harper’s BAZAAR and ELLE magazines. You can also see 302 Fine Jewelry gracing the stars of ABC’s The Bachelorette. Your customers will be looking for these pieces and we give you everything you need to showcase how they can get them.

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Use Your Tools and Let’s Get Social

Now that you know all the tools you have to work with, let’s look at how to use them best to give your business’ social media a boost.

Schedule Content

Using the captions, images, and videos we provide you with every month, spend a few minutes scheduling out all your 302 Fine Jewelry content for the month ahead of time with Facebook’s Creator Studio. Schedule it then forget it!

Monitor Insights

By using Facebook and Instagram insights and reporting, you’re able to see what works best with your audience. Go a step further by directly asking your followers what content they would like to see.

Utilize Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way for your brand and your content to be discovered. Along with using 302 Fine Jewelry’s hashtag #302OnYou, be sure to look for relevant hashtags in your local area that your ideal customers might be following.

If you ever need help with your social media strategy, our social media specialists are always here to be an additional resource for you. Just message us on Facebook or Instagram and we are happy to help!

Save the Date

Make sure to join us for next week’s edition in our 302 Fine Jewelry webinar series for your last chance to win a $2,500 Stuller account credit. We will be closing out our highlight of 302 Fine Jewelry by understanding how this brand works with the customer experience and looking ahead to the holiday season. We will see you on Tuesday, August 17 at 1:00pm Central. Register at

Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for closeup views of products and selling tips we will be sharing next Wednesday and a recap on our blog next Thursday.

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Former Social Media Specialist