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What is 302® Fine Jewelry?

There’s just something special about finding that perfect piece of jewelry. There’s something even more special about having a collection of jewelry that speaks to you, tells your story, and puts your confidence on full display. As jewelers, we play a part in guiding customers to pieces that provide meaning. To do that, it’s crucial to have a selection that caters to these needs. As a solution, we provide you with 302 Fine Jewelry

What is 302 Fine Jewelry? 

To the outsider, 302 Fine Jewelry might seem like just another complete fine jewelry line that provides product, marketing assets, and sales support. However, it is so much more! At its core, this collection is attainable luxury that is rooted in more than 50 years of customer service and quality that you’ve come to know from Stuller. But even still, there is so much more behind it. 

302 Fine Jewelry is on-trend fine jewelry that appeals to the modern self-purchaser. From concept to creation, each piece is made for women who want to share their story with the world. These award-winning styles provide a lasting expression of moments that define life’s chapters. 

Three Facts About 302 Fine Jewelry 

The story of 302 Fine Jewelry is one jewelers and consumers alike can relate to. When selling this collection, you aren’t simply selling pieces; you are selling the story that goes with the jewelry. Let’s break down three basic facts about 302 Fine Jewelry that will have you and your customers falling in love. 

Made for Women by Women 

302 Fine Jewelry celebrates the uniqueness and confidence of all women. To create pieces that speak to that story, a team of women representing various backgrounds comes together to craft a vision. These collections are built on principles that unite all women and it is these principles that go into every design. At the forefront, this team knows today’s purchaser wants relevant, lasting quality designs that they can wear every day. 

Representing the Hottest Styles 

This talented team of women are always in the know. Consistently conducting market research, they are confident that the collections are on-trend and will move quickly. From personalization options to absolute essentials, there are infinite possibilities to layer and stack different styles — perfect for building long-lasting customer relationships. 

Featuring Attainable Luxury 

The average wholesale cost of a piece of 302 Fine Jewelry is $250. Within that range, our collections feature pieces that appeal to all price points and styles backed by the unmatched service and quality you’ve come to know from Stuller. Our pieces include everything from dainty charms and pendants to eye-catching rings and earrings — a true collection for everyone! 

Becoming a Partner 

Receiving all the benefits of being a retail partner begins with a $2,500 investment in live product. This sets you up with approximately 10 pieces as your initial assortment. Along with the product, you receive a welcome box and access to extensive marketing materials. 

You don’t have to start alone! Set up a virtual Stuller Connect™ consultation and our merchandising specialists will help show you product and hand select the pieces you want to start with. 

Contact our customer care specialists at 800-877-7777 with any questions. Visit to learn more about the benefits of becoming a retail partner and to schedule your Stuller Connect consultation. 

Looking Ahead 

Over the next three weeks, we will be providing you with numerous opportunities to learn all about 302 Fine Jewelry in detail before making your investment. For your chance to win a $2,500 Stuller account credit, join us during our Tuesday webinar series dedicated to 302 Fine Jewelry. Register for upcoming webinars at

Next week, hear all about the designs that go into 302 Fine Jewelry. From fashion to function, get a taste of what goes into these on-trend styles directly from our design team. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for close-up views of products and selling tips next Wednesday and a recap on our blog next Thursday. 

See you next time and happy selling! 


Emily Graffagnino

Executive Director of Fine Jewelry and Gemstones

I've been with Stuller since 2010 • Spending time in my rose beds makes me happy • I sing Don Williams songs too often and probably too loud • Every gift needs a bow • When in doubt, channel your inner Gene Kranz. "Work the problem, expect to succeed."