Experiential Retail: Tips to Making a Memorable Sale

According to Salesfloor, Millennials view shopping as a social event to be seen as a fun and relaxing activity shared with family and friends. At a time in retail where e-commerce is a rising and significant force in the industry, it is crucial to identify the purchasing traits of the generation that is up-and-coming with the largest buying power of any other consumer.

For a brick and mortar store, in order to compete with online retail and to attract the attention of these millennial buyers, you must find a way to stand out. In the world of a global health pandemic when online sales are drastically rising, finding creative solutions to establishing that personal connection during the buying experience is essential. One strategy many successful jewelers are investing in is experiential retail.

What is Experiential Retail?

experiential retail
dianna rae jewelry
assisting a customer
Photo Credit: Dianna Rae Jewelry

To put it simply, experiential retail pertains to the parts of the shopping experience that lie outside of the specific good or service being purchased. The concept places the focus on the fact that a customer isn’t simply buying an item, they are buying an experience or a memory. In the jewelry industry, we understand that what we sell comes with emotion and memories. Those feelings extend to the act of buying as well.

What Does Experiential Retail Look Like?

Experiential retail is all about enhancing the shopping experience for the customer, whether that be a singular event or an ongoing facet of your sales strategy. Here are a couple examples of what our customers are doing to make their customers have a memorable time and some creative suggestions on how you might adapt keeping health concerns in mind.

Special Events

experiential retail
gemstone round table
dianna rae jewelry
Photo Credit: Dianna Rae Jewelry

A great option to elevate the shopping experience is to host an interactive event where your customers have more hands-on involvement while making a purchase. In 2020, events have started to look a little different. Many of us are used to virtual interactions that allow us to enjoy an experience from the comfort of our own homes. So what can we do?

For example, in the past, Dianna Rae Jewelry in Lafayette, LA held regular round table events where customers were invited to a local restaurant to view a large selection of gemstones guided by an expert to discuss the features of specific gems. Once customers perused their options, Dianna Rae and her team created a specially designed piece using the unique gemstone the customer chose to show it off to best effect. You can read more about Dianna Rae Jewelry and their round table events in this issue of From the Bench.

experiential retail
gemstone roundtable
dianna rae jewelry
Photo Credit: Dianna Rae Jewelry

Making an event like this socially distanced is easier than you might think. Try holding a virtual happy hour guided by the gemstone expert or make the event more exclusive with a smaller guest list that allows for appropriate and safe indoor gathering.

Events like these are successful because you are educating your customer in a social and fun way that establishes an emotional connection to the item.

In-Store Enhancements

Events can be effective tools in making the buying experience special for the customer, but you can also make adjustments to the everyday shopping experience that are unique and memorable. Navigating occupancy restrictions and making the shopping experience personal while being socially distant can be tricky. However, with some creativity, we can always find a solution!

experiential retail
customer assisting in the casting process
goldmine designs
Photo Credit: Goldmine Designs

Prior to COVID, Goldmine Designs in Seattle, WA brought the customer into the manufacturing process as they allowed customers to assist in casting their own piece of jewelry. With such a personal experience came the opportunity to share that with others. Not only could the customer help craft the piece, they were encouraged to bring family and friends to watch with complementary snacks. At this point, customers were no longer customers. They were part of the Goldmine Designs family. To learn more about the distinctive experiences Goldmine Designs have been providing their customers, view our blog post Casting in Seattle: An Experience Like None Other.

Approaching an experience like this while remaining safe and healthy is still possible today if proper precautions are taken. However, if you prefer offering a less hands-on experience, there are two other aspects of this tale you can learn from and implement in a socially distanced manner: the shared social experience and the complementary additions.

Consider adding a decorative wall and good lighting where customers can take quality pictures to share with family and friends on social media. Also, never underestimate the power of the free gift with (or even without) purchase. The priority should be to provide the customer with an emotional – and even physical – token of their visit that puts you top of mind when making their next purchase.

What Should I Do?

If you’re looking to take your sales to the next level, think of something special you can do to add to the overall customer experience that leaves them with a unique memory. Invite customers to an event, offer something exclusive and complementary in your store, etc.

In the age of a worldwide pandemic, events and other sales methods that involve close proximity may not be as possible as they once were – at least for the time being. Be extra creative to find ways to enhance the jewelry buying experience. Consumers are accustomed to virtual interactions through text, emails, and video calls, even when it comes to making purchases. So how do you plan to make this experience different?

Whatever direction you choose, remember that the goal is to make sure the customer has an experience they won’t forget.

Stuller Connect: What to expect from our Virtual Event

For the entire month of June, Stuller is bringing the trade show environment to you!  Stuller Connect is a virtual event that will offer new product launches, event specials, deals, giveaways, educational opportunities, and so much more.  Best of all, it’ll all be easily available and accessible on Stuller.com throughout June. 

Here’s a peek into what you can expect:

Modern Brilliance®

This collection features a variety of both essential fashion and on-trend styles set exclusively with Lab-Grown Diamonds.  Modern Brilliance now has even more–with recently added bridal and jewelry styles your customers are sure to love.
Modern Brilliance Lab-Grown Jewelry Blog Social Share

Expanded Options for Findings

Our assortment of findings is available in more sizes, shapes, and qualities than ever.  For an added benefit, take advantage of Digital Goldsmith™ to offer simple, quick setting and shank configurations.  Pair with our best selling Magnetic Ring Builder to quickly match settings and shanks. 
Click the video below to learn more.

Stuller Diamonds®

Stuller continues to provide the ultimate in diamond confidence, quality, and selection.  During Stuller Connect, discover unique diamonds for your designs, including specialty colors, salt and pepper stones, and more.

Stuller Gemstones™

Each stone has a unique story.  Through our newest assortment of Earth to Market™ gemstones, discover with the country of origin details you can pass on to your customer.  
Plus, our Notable Gems™ assortment is expanding. Check out our newest additions during Stuller Connect.
You can learn more about our Notable Gems assortment through our Sell with a Story series.



Looking to elevate your custom offering by adding or upgrading software?  Take advantage of up to 20% discounts on CounterSketch and MatrixGold. Plus, you’ll receive discounts on educational items with purchase.  


Stuller Exclusive Tools 

Looking to add or replace items in your shop?  Check out our selection of tools items only available through Stuller, including Diamond Sellers and the new Gemax Microscope.

New Packaging and Displays

Now is the perfect time to refresh your cases or consider new ring boxes and totes.   Our new offering of packaging and displays are sure to inspire.  
Take a look at the video below to see how Stuller’s Custom Imprinting Services works to ensure you leave a lasting impression. 

Event Specials

Stuller Connect will offer show specials in every product category.  Take advantage for steals on selling systems, laser welders, and Charles & Colvard® Moissanite.  Limited quantities are available, so act fast! 


Learning and Lagniappe

Ask live questions and learn something new in our virtual learning series all month on our Facebook Page.  Topics range from bridal photography to driving web traffic.

Also check out our Video Center as our bench experts show you how our tools work and how they can benefit you.

Virtual Appointments

Starting June 1, you can sign up to schedule a virtual session on a variety of topics, from jewelry and tools to software and services.  Simply fill out the form on Stuller.com and a Stuller expert will contact you to schedule.

…and much more!

Each week, Stuller Connect will add fresh content that benefits you. Keep an eye out on Stuller.com and our social media pages all month for new featured items and giveaways we’ll be offering. 

What are you hoping to find during Stuller Connect? Let us know in the comments below!

5 Easy Ways to Build Lifetime Value with Your Customers

Post-Sale Tips Customer Relationship header

You’ve journeyed with your customer for the last three weeks. You’ve examined endless ring styles and narrowed multiple diamonds. And finally, your client said “I do” to the ring of her choice. But your union doesn’t end there . . .


Here are five post-sale tips to help you build lifetime customer value after the engagement ring sale.

1. Suggest Bridal Party Gifts

Remember, the engagement ring is just a teaser for the main event— the wedding! As you close the sale with your happy couple, remind them that you offer more than just engagement rings. Be sure to lead them to merchandise in your store for day-of-the-wedding wear along with bridal party jewelry gifts. Engravable items are great choices for these special occasions. Our top suggestions are featured below.

2. The Groom’s Band

Congrats, you’ve won the engagement ring sale. Now, it’s time to secure the sale for the groom’s band, too. While the groom forks over two months of his salary (or more) for his fiancée’s ring, remind him you’re there when he’s ready to choose his wedding band. Easy up-sells for men’s wedding bands include engraving, special finishes, and laser patterns.

Post-sale tips men's bands for groom

3. Establish a Cleaning Schedule

When you sell an engagement ring, remind them how important it is to keep their purchase looking its best. Make a note to call your customers when it’s time for a cleaning. And let them know you’ll check the prongs at the same time. A regular cleaning schedule brings clientele into your store more often, thus strengthening your relationship.

Bonus tip: Here’s one of our favorite post-sale tips. Keep track of the couple’s special day. And when their anniversary rolls around, send them a hand-written congratulatory note inviting them in for a free cleaning. This thoughtful gesture won’t go unnoticed, we promise!

Post Sale Tips Cleaning

4. Remember the Rhodium Plating

Jewelers have different views about selling gold in anything but its original color. But like it or not, white gold is here to stay. For customers who choose it, make sure you explain that rhodium plating keeps their ring looking beautiful. Focus on relationship building by inviting them back to re-plate their ring.

Need to brush up on your rhodium plating skills? Check out the video below for help plating white gold.

5. Appraisal and Insurance Policies

Most first-time buyers aren’t familiar with all that’s required when buying a diamond engagement ring. So, as their trusted adviser, it’s your job to fill them in. After you’ve made the sale, explain the importance of having their new purchase appraised and protected by an insurance policy. Plus, many insurance companies give jewelers rebates for selling their policies.

If they purchase a Stuller Diamond™, they’ll automatically receive one year of complimentary insurance on the stone. Yet another reason to choose our top-quality diamonds.

Selling an engagement ring makes you more than a jeweler to your customers. It makes you a part of their magical experience. Build on the trust you’ve established by providing service and important information after the sale. You might just become a life-long friend and partner in the process.

What’s your strategy for keeping in touch with customers after the big sale? Share your post-sale tips below!

School Your Sales Staff with CounterSketch Training and Webinars

CounterSketch Training Blog Header

Did you know over half of today’s engagement rings are custom designed? Fortunately for your business, customization commands higher prices. And with the just-in-time manufacturing and virtual inventory that comes along with CounterSketch®, you can enjoy lower overhead and therefore higher margins.

So, customization software is clearly a win-win for you AND your customers. But, to maximize its effectiveness, make sure your entire sales team knows how to use CounterSketch to its full potential.


Register for CounterSketch training today so your entire staff can feel comfortable using the software.

2019 CounterSketch Training Dates at Stuller:

•  April 17 – April 19*

•  July 24 – July 26*

•  September 25 – September 27*

•  October 23 – October 25*

* A Stuller Bridge Event precedes these CounterSketch training dates.

CounterSketch Training Facebook Image

CounterSketch Training is a Must!

Stuller’s CounterSketch training covers the core tools you will use every day when working with the software. In training, we’ll cover all the basic skills needed to close a sale using Countersketch— from using the style quiz to searching the showcase to selecting a starting model. Then, we learn how to navigate in the viewport using the design stack and then how to properly save your designs. Once you have the design a customer loves, you can then create a basic render and walk through the order process.

Upon completing the CounterSketch training, your sales staff will be better equipped to qualify prospective customers, determining exactly what they are looking for and how to narrow results to a few options. Then, if closing the sale requires more advanced tools like Freehand, your sales staff can save the design and make a followup appointment where the project can be passed to your jewelry designer or expert CounterSketch user.

This sort of strategy removes some of the burden from your sales staff by handing the project to your CounterSketch expert, all while ushering your customer along down the sales pipeline.

Welcome your newest sales staff with this CounterSketch quick start guide to kick off the software training

Try CounterSketch FREE Webinars

Once a month, Stuller hosts a free CounterSketch® webinar for those seeking to grow and refine their software skills. These are sure to boost your business and help serve your customers’ customization cravings. There is also a recording of the most recent webinar on this page for those who were unable to attend live.

View dates, sign up, or learn more at Stuller.com/CSSwebinar

Have you attended CounterSketch training at Stuller Headquarters? How has it enhanced your business? Let us know in the comments below!

8 Jewelry Selling Tips to Get You Through the Holidays

Jewelry Selling Tips Blog Header

Selling isn’t always a walk in the park. Sure, if you’re a veteran, there’s little to fear when it comes to the art of negotiation. And that’s because practice makes perfect. But newcomers can surely benefit from a few jewelry selling tips for the Holiday season. So whether you’ve been in the business for 30 years or 30 days, it’s always beneficial to be reminded of what works best in the business.

Jewelry Selling Tips Holiday engagements

Here are just a few jewelry selling tips we’ve learned over the years:

1. Be Approachable

Sales is thrilling because we’re granted the opportunity to help customers create special memories with their loved ones. And it all begins with a warm smile! Greet everyone who enters your store kindly, it helps break the ice.

2. Don’t judge a book by its cover

We all know the saying. You should never assume or judge your visitors. Instead, get to know them, their interests, who they are trying to surprise, and guide them in finding that special piece.

3. Get to know your customer

Ask questions! Find out what your customer is looking for. Is it a self-purchase, graduation, birthday, Christmas gift, or an engagement? Once you know, start with your favorite pieces within that theme. The pieces we adore sell the easiest because we’re able to express our excitement about the piece and explain why it should be purchased.

4. Know your product

There’s nothing more disappointing than a salesperson that doesn’t know their product. Know what’s in your case, what vendor it’s coming from, and if they can make it in different qualities, different sizes, or set other stones. Sell with a story.

5. Be confident and honest

Confidence and honesty go a long way. If you are not confident, the customer will be able to tell. When you know your product and understand what it is worth, then you can be confident in what you are selling.

6. Be aware of body language

Body language says it all. Are the customers interested in what you are saying? Are they looking at you or looking away? Are they smiling? Do they have their arms crossed? In what direction are their feet pointing? If it’s at the door, more than likely they want to leave and aren’t interested in what you have to say. Make sure you read these signals and you’re relaying the right responses.

7. Make ‘em laugh 

Making customers laugh will make them feel more comfortable with you. It will boost the chances of you closing the sale, too. *Disclaimer* If your jokes aren’t very funny, skip this step!

8. Finally, close the sale.

You’ve gotten this far, now don’t forget to close the sale—it’s the whole point of selling! Make your customer imagine the moment they gift that special person. Give them ideas on how to surprise their loved one, too. If they say no, ask why. Depending on their answer, you might be able to help them in another way.

Don’t forget to set the scene in your store, too! Here are six tips to trigger the senses this Holiday.

Jewelry selling tips holiday trigger senses

We would love to hear your jewelry selling tips, stories of how you upsold something, or maybe the first time you were on the sales floor. We all start somewhere, and we learn through experiencing the joy of selling. Happy selling to all; we hope to hear from you!

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on November 30, 2015 and has since been completely revamped for accuracy.

5 Tools for Custom Selling Success this Holiday Season

Custom Selling Success Holiday Blog Header

Benjamin Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” But wait, let’s take a step back—this is jewelry, not war. Though admittedly, with custom jewelry, sometimes it’s hard to tell. Expectations are high, budgets are in place, and negotiations are at stake. So how will you prepare for custom selling success this Holiday Season?

Think about your last custom jewelry sale. Was it created on CounterSketch®, through Stuller’s Modify a Style feature, or Stuller Showcase®? What tools do you have at your disposal? Do yourself and your sales staff a favor and have the following staples readily available in your customization area. This way, when those Holiday shoppers start streaming in, you’ll be prepared for custom selling success.

''By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.'' – Benjamin Franklin 📚 Click To Tweet

1. Millimeter Gauge

Most retail customers don’t think in millimeters. It’s as if your dry cleaner spoke to you in thread count. Sure, you’re mildly familiar, but all you really care about is how it feels. A millimeter gauge helps your customer to visualize real stone sizes. Not to mention, if you are working on a remount project, you must be able to quickly measure the stones your customer wishes to incorporate into their custom piece.

Quick Digital Gauge • 35-1821 

2. Prototype Jewelry

People come to jewelry stores to try on jewelry (shocker I know). Prototype jewelry helps take visualization to the next level. If you are designing a custom piece, it’s unlikely you’ll have exactly what your customer is looking for in stock. However, if you can find similar styles to try on, your customer will be able to visualize their custom creation.

In fact, samples are extremely common in the wedding industry. Bakeries don’t make an entire cake for the couple to sample, just bite-sized pieces (or cupcakes, if they are lucky). The same is true of wedding dresses. The bride-to-be tries on several dresses, and the one she ultimately orders is almost always tailored to her specifications, size, length, color, etc. Now imagine that dress selection process using only pictures and no actual dresses to try on. That would be terrible! How would the bride know which is best for her? Think of your prototypes as sample dresses for your custom customers to try on.

ever&ever® Selling System • 651854

3. A Mighty Microscope

Stones are the centerpieces of most jewelry designs. And whether you are selling a new center stone or remounting an heirloom jewel, you and your customer will need to examine the stone to familiarize yourself with its characteristics, as it can drive the design. Or better yet, try the GemCam Imaging System, an easy way to snap and send gemstone photos straight from your device.

GemCam™ Imaging System • 29-3030

4. Mandrel & Ring Sizers

The size of the ring is one of the most important pieces of information to consider in a custom piece of jewelry. Be sure to collect this information early on. If the gift is a surprise, a ring mandrel works perfectly to measure the recipient’s existing ring.

Deluxe Ring Gauge Kit • 35-1096 

5. The Basics of Jewelry Terminology and Design Guide

Finally, custom selling success calls for technical conversations with customers without making them feel uninformed. Sometimes, your [millennial] visitors have searched the web and educated themselves on Instagram and Pinterest. Use this pictorial guide to make sure everyone is on the same page. Use this tactile educational reference to explain the differences between emerald, radiant, princess, and Asscher cut diamonds, for example. It will aid the design process and ensure that you and your customer are speaking the same language. View and download a FREE copy of The Basics of Jewelry Terminology and Design Guide here. 

Custom Selling Success Basics of Jewelry Guide

Hopefully, you already have these essential tools on your sales floor. Now it’s your job to make sure you have enough for your staff to handle Holiday traffic and that these tools are easily accessible. If not, a small investment in these staples will tune in your customer-focused strategy and ensure custom selling success this Holiday Season!

Feature Friday – Marisha Gordon


I’m from Pineville, Louisiana, which is located in the central part of the state. I moved to Lafayette in January 2006 after my best friend decided to move here. Prior to Stuller, I was hired by the local AT&T call center, working the evening shift. I wanted to be able to spend more time with my children, so I began looking for another job that would allow me to do so. I heard about Stuller, so I applied. And in September of 2006, I joined the Stuller family as a sales consultant.


I’ve moved quite a bit through the sales department. About two years after starting, a web consultant position became available. My manager encouraged me to apply, and I ended up getting the promotion. As a web consultant, I answered inquiries and provided customer support via phone, email, and live chat. I also assisted customers with questions regarding Stuller.com or any other website related programs. Then last year, a position opened in corporate sales. I was familiar with some of the tasks required, so I decided to apply and was offered the position of Account Executive, Corporate Sales.


marisha-gordon3I LOVE my job! The people I work with and our customers make it so enjoyable. In corporate sales, we get to know our customers on a personal level and form close relationships with them. I’m always happy to assist our customers in finding that perfect items that will help them impress their customers. I love when I hear, “You’ve made my day!” or “That’s exactly what I was looking for!”



Outside of Stuller, I like to stay active, work out, and spend time with my daughter. On the weekends, we do lots of mother/daughter activities, like shopping! Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE shoes! I mostly like high heels, so I’m always on the lookout for a good sale. I have lots of different pairs, and I’m always asked how many pairs I own. And honestly, I don’t even know. My motto is: you can never have too many shoes!


If I could give advice to my younger self, it would be don’t be scared to step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. As a kid, I was pretty shy, which held me back from doing lots of things. I’m still shy to a certain extent but working at Stuller has helped me overcome it.


Feature Friday: Gary Davis


Nancy & I

I didn’t start out thinking Stuller. Then one day, while I was at home in Atlanta, I received an out-of-the-blue call from a recruiter. That’s nothing unusual, but this time the recruiter gushed about what an outstanding company this was. As I am known to do, I started my own research and found similar glowing stories from blog posts, on-line searches, and from people in the business. This was a company with a stellar reputation.

In many ways, Stuller faces issues similar to the independent optical business from which I came. It’s a business made up of some 22,000 independently-owned businesses that were about the same size and face many of the same issues that independent jewelers face. In that regard, experience is a carry-over and helped me with coming up to speed a little more quickly.

We happened to make one of our first visits here during the week of Festival International de  Louisiane. We were quickly introduced to the “Cajun Culture” and had a blast sampling the food, taking in the music, and experiencing the esprit de corps. Since then, we have enjoyed many of the festivals, music in the park, and good food wherever we go.

Nancy and I found a place to live in Broussard, which we occupy with our rescue cat “Domino”.  In addition to Domino, we have three children-twin boys, Matthew who lives in Ann Arbor, MI with his wife Amy, and 9-month old twins of their own; Stephen and his wife Stephanie who live in San Francisco, CA and have 3 kids; and Megan and Michael who live in Wilmington, NC and have one daughter.
Nancy and I love to hike. One of our first dates was climbing up Mount LeConte in the Great Smokey’s with a college hiking club. We have hiked major sections of the Appalachian Trail, not all at once though. We have also hiked through the Grand Canyon, and we have been to most of the other National Parks that this country is blessed to have. We have found a few trails here in Louisiana too.

Church plays a very important part in our lives as well. We have moved several times, and find that being a part of a church community gets one familiar with a new area much more quickly. Nancy has worked in a variety of ministries over the years, and is currently looking for something similar here. Other than that, she enjoys a certain Stuller group that gets together to watch “Dancing with the Stars”!.
We have been here at Stuller for nearly a year, and how time flies! The experience has been tremendous. I only wish that I had found Stuller and Acadiana much sooner!

My day-to-day life at Stuller is the predictable schedule of meetings of all kinds, punctuated by moments of “HE DID WHAT?? REALLY??” that make up my day. Many of the sales reps have figured out that I start early, and they can get to me before the day gets crazy. Often these discussions are around contract strategies, customer needs and so on. We are implementing a new sales approach called “Challenger” in which the sales people are being more directive and prescriptive in their approach. We are looking to uncover win-win relationships that benefit our customers and ourselves at the same time. We have also implemented a business case approach to new opportunities to put the tools in place to manage some of these opportunities. Lack of this approach got us into some projects that were not good for us. About the time I come up for air again, the day is over, and I start getting prepared for the next day.

I also try to get into the field as much as I can. We as a company are trying to move from being mostly transactional to more relational. What does this mean? It means getting inside the head of the independent jeweler more and feeling the things that keep him up at night – how to bring more people in the front door, how to convert more lookers to buyers, how to sell more to each customer, and how to profit and thrive in an ever-changing marketplace. This is the fun space – full of possibilities and new ideas that become tomorrow’s reality.

The Journey of a Ring: Stuller Customer Care Center

Journey of a ring Stuller Customer Care Center

Follow the step-by-step journey of a ring:

Part 1: The Journey of a Ring: Stuller Customer Care Center

Part 2: The Journey of a Ring: Jewelry Design and Development

Part 3: The Journey of a Ring: Jewelry CAD and Modeling

Part 4: The Journey of a Ring: Explore Stuller’s Fulfillment Area

Part 5: The Journey of a Ring: Just-In-Time Jewelry Distribution

One Moment, Please

Throughout the ten hours our phone lines are open, an average of 4,000 calls are answered each day. Stuller Customer Care Center Associates place orders for our customers while providing pricing and availability for all of our products. Detailed questions about measurements and weight on certain pieces are also answered.

With 4,000 calls coming daily, you must be wondering how many calls each individual takes in their eight-hour shift. “Some associates are really fast. They may take 100+ calls a day, while others may reach only half that,” says Soileau.

And while the Stuller Customer Care Center aims for a zero wait time when you call in, we must admit the afternoons on a normal business day get pretty busy. So in some instances, a very short wait time is possible. With 3,000 to 5,000 phone orders coming in each day, we push for top-notch quality, so your patience is very much appreciated.

Journey of a ring Stuller Customer Care Center

Bilingual rep Cristina Garcia enjoys the familiar customer relationships that are created over the years.

Friendly Service

Drew Soileau explains, “I’ve had customers call, and they’re convinced that we take some kind of friendly training course. I tell them, ‘No, that’s not it. There’s no training for being friendly. It’s just Southern hospitality. It’s just the way that we’re raised down here to speak to people, even if they’re complete strangers. That’s just the way it is.’”

Particularly at holiday time, the call center is really more a contact center, with different sorts of communications flooding in from different parts of the country and different generations of jewelers. For instance, while many millennial customers prefer to use the Internet to make purchases, the call center continues to fulfill faxes, and many customers print out their carts from the web and either fax or mail them. This flood from various channels can be challenging, particularly toward the end of the day, between 2 and 6 p.m., when 75% of the orders come in.

Journey of a ring Stuller Customer Care Center

Pam Landry is one of the friendly & helpful voices on the other end of the line when you call the Tools Tech Team.

The New Stuller Customer Care Center

On September 8, 2017, we unveiled an all-new Stuller Customer Care Center. This top-to-bottom renovation was designed to deliver our patrons the best experience possible. This area reaches beyond a traditional call center, featuring a knowledge hub with experts on all areas of the company ready to answer all questions that may arise. This space was specially engineered to keep noise levels down while maintaining a bright and airy vibe.

Journey of a ring Stuller Customer Care Center

So where does your package travel from here? On to our Product Design Department, of course. Read more about the journey of a ring series here.

Do you have a favorite sales associate? Tell us about them in the comments below.

Stuller Customer Care Center Hours (CST):

Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Sales (Toll Free)

  • Call Line: 800-877-7777
  • Fax Orders: 800-444-4741

Business or International

  • Call Line: 337-262-7700
  • Fax: 337-981-1655

Web Technical Assistance

  • Call Line: 877-619-2174