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The Journey of a Ring: Stuller Customer Care Center

Journey of a ring Stuller Customer Care Center

Part 1: Thank you for calling Stuller

Follow the step-by-step journey of a ring:

Part 1: The Journey of a Ring: Stuller Customer Care Center

Part 2: The Journey of a Ring: Jewelry Design and Development

Part 3: The Journey of a Ring: Jewelry CAD and Modeling

Part 4: The Journey of a Ring: Explore Stuller’s Fulfillment Area

Part 5: The Journey of a Ring: Just-In-Time Jewelry Distribution

One Moment, Please

Throughout the ten hours our phone lines are open, an average of 4,000 calls are answered each day. Stuller Customer Care Center Associates place orders for our customers while providing pricing and availability for all of our products. Detailed questions about measurements and weight on certain pieces are also answered.

With 4,000 calls coming daily, you must be wondering how many calls each individual takes in their eight-hour shift. “Some associates are really fast. They may take 100+ calls a day, while others may reach only half that,” says Soileau.

And while the Stuller Customer Care Center aims for a zero wait time when you call in, we must admit the afternoons on a normal business day get pretty busy. So in some instances, a very short wait time is possible. With 3,000 to 5,000 phone orders coming in each day, we push for top-notch quality, so your patience is very much appreciated.

Journey of a ring Stuller Customer Care Center
Bilingual rep Cristina Garcia enjoys the familiar customer relationships that are created over the years.

Friendly Service

Drew Soileau explains, “I’ve had customers call, and they’re convinced that we take some kind of friendly training course. I tell them, ‘No, that’s not it. There’s no training for being friendly. It’s just Southern hospitality. It’s just the way that we’re raised down here to speak to people, even if they’re complete strangers. That’s just the way it is.’”

Particularly at holiday time, the call center is really more a contact center, with different sorts of communications flooding in from different parts of the country and different generations of jewelers. For instance, while many millennial customers prefer to use the Internet to make purchases, the call center continues to fulfill faxes, and many customers print out their carts from the web and either fax or mail them. This flood from various channels can be challenging, particularly toward the end of the day, between 2 and 6 p.m., when 75% of the orders come in.

Journey of a ring Stuller Customer Care Center
Pam Landry is one of the friendly & helpful voices on the other end of the line when you call the Tools Tech Team.

The New Stuller Customer Care Center

On September 8, 2017, we unveiled an all-new Stuller Customer Care Center. This top-to-bottom renovation was designed to deliver our patrons the best experience possible. This area reaches beyond a traditional call center, featuring a knowledge hub with experts on all areas of the company ready to answer all questions that may arise. This space was specially engineered to keep noise levels down while maintaining a bright and airy vibe.

Journey of a ring Stuller Customer Care Center

So where does your package travel from here? On to our Product Design Department, of course. Read more about the journey of a ring series here.

Do you have a favorite sales associate? Tell us about them in the comments below.

Stuller Customer Care Center Hours (CST):

Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Sales (Toll Free)

  • Call Line: 800-877-7777
  • Fax Orders: 800-444-4741

Business or International

  • Call Line: 337-262-7700
  • Fax: 337-981-1655

Web Technical Assistance

  • Call Line: 877-619-2174

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