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5 Easy Ways to Build Lifetime Value with Your Customers

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You just sold that engagement ring. Now what?

You’ve journeyed with your customer for the last three weeks. You’ve examined endless ring styles and narrowed multiple diamonds. And finally, your client said “I do” to the ring of her choice. But your union doesn’t end there . . .


Here are five post-sale tips to help you build lifetime customer value after the engagement ring sale.

1. Suggest Bridal Party Gifts

Remember, the engagement ring is just a teaser for the main event— the wedding! As you close the sale with your happy couple, remind them that you offer more than just engagement rings. Be sure to lead them to merchandise in your store for day-of-the-wedding wear along with bridal party jewelry gifts. Engravable items are great choices for these special occasions. Our top suggestions are featured below.

2. The Groom’s Band

Congrats, you’ve won the engagement ring sale. Now, it’s time to secure the sale for the groom’s band, too. While the groom forks over two months of his salary (or more) for his fiancée’s ring, remind him you’re there when he’s ready to choose his wedding band. Easy up-sells for men’s wedding bands include engraving, special finishes, and laser patterns.

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3. Establish a Cleaning Schedule

When you sell an engagement ring, remind them how important it is to keep their purchase looking its best. Make a note to call your customers when it’s time for a cleaning. And let them know you’ll check the prongs at the same time. A regular cleaning schedule brings clientele into your store more often, thus strengthening your relationship.

Bonus tip: Here’s one of our favorite post-sale tips. Keep track of the couple’s special day. And when their anniversary rolls around, send them a hand-written congratulatory note inviting them in for a free cleaning. This thoughtful gesture won’t go unnoticed, we promise!

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4. Remember the Rhodium Plating

Jewelers have different views about selling gold in anything but its original color. But like it or not, white gold is here to stay. For customers who choose it, make sure you explain that rhodium plating keeps their ring looking beautiful. Focus on relationship building by inviting them back to re-plate their ring.

Need to brush up on your rhodium plating skills? Check out the video below for help plating white gold.

5. Appraisal and Insurance Policies

Most first-time buyers aren’t familiar with all that’s required when buying a diamond engagement ring. So, as their trusted adviser, it’s your job to fill them in. After you’ve made the sale, explain the importance of having their new purchase appraised and protected by an insurance policy. Plus, many insurance companies give jewelers rebates for selling their policies.

If they purchase a Stuller Diamond™, they’ll automatically receive one year of complimentary insurance on the stone. Yet another reason to choose our top-quality diamonds.

Selling an engagement ring makes you more than a jeweler to your customers. It makes you a part of their magical experience. Build on the trust you’ve established by providing service and important information after the sale. You might just become a life-long friend and partner in the process.

What’s your strategy for keeping in touch with customers after the big sale? Share your post-sale tips below!


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