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8 Jewelry Selling Tips to Get You Through the Holidays

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Selling isn’t always a walk in the park. Sure, if you’re a veteran, there’s little to fear when it comes to the art of negotiation. And that’s because practice makes perfect. But newcomers can surely benefit from a few jewelry selling tips for the Holiday season. So whether you’ve been in the business for 30 years or 30 days, it’s always beneficial to be reminded of what works best in the business.

Jewelry Selling Tips Holiday engagements

Here are just a few jewelry selling tips we’ve learned over the years:

1. Be Approachable

Sales is thrilling because we’re granted the opportunity to help customers create special memories with their loved ones. And it all begins with a warm smile! Greet everyone who enters your store kindly, it helps break the ice.

2. Don’t judge a book by its cover

We all know the saying. You should never assume or judge your visitors. Instead, get to know them, their interests, who they are trying to surprise, and guide them in finding that special piece.

3. Get to know your customer

Ask questions! Find out what your customer is looking for. Is it a self-purchase, graduation, birthday, Christmas gift, or an engagement? Once you know, start with your favorite pieces within that theme. The pieces we adore sell the easiest because we’re able to express our excitement about the piece and explain why it should be purchased.

4. Know your product

There’s nothing more disappointing than a salesperson that doesn’t know their product. Know what’s in your case, what vendor it’s coming from, and if they can make it in different qualities, different sizes, or set other stones. Sell with a story.

5. Be confident and honest

Confidence and honesty go a long way. If you are not confident, the customer will be able to tell. When you know your product and understand what it is worth, then you can be confident in what you are selling.

6. Be aware of body language

Body language says it all. Are the customers interested in what you are saying? Are they looking at you or looking away? Are they smiling? Do they have their arms crossed? In what direction are their feet pointing? If it’s at the door, more than likely they want to leave and aren’t interested in what you have to say. Make sure you read these signals and you’re relaying the right responses.

7. Make ‘em laugh 

Making customers laugh will make them feel more comfortable with you. It will boost the chances of you closing the sale, too. *Disclaimer* If your jokes aren’t very funny, skip this step!

8. Finally, close the sale.

You’ve gotten this far, now don’t forget to close the sale—it’s the whole point of selling! Make your customer imagine the moment they gift that special person. Give them ideas on how to surprise their loved one, too. If they say no, ask why. Depending on their answer, you might be able to help them in another way.

Don’t forget to set the scene in your store, too! Here are six tips to trigger the senses this Holiday.

Jewelry selling tips holiday trigger senses

We would love to hear your jewelry selling tips, stories of how you upsold something, or maybe the first time you were on the sales floor. We all start somewhere, and we learn through experiencing the joy of selling. Happy selling to all; we hope to hear from you!

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on November 30, 2015 and has since been completely revamped for accuracy.


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