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Jewelry Care Products: Which Jewelry Cleaner Does What?

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Offer these helpful add-ons to keep jewelry shining long after the sale

Over the last few months, I’ve talked a lot about how to customize your packaging to enhance your brand. What you say (and how you say it) is quite important. But today, I want to talk about actions. As summer comes to an end, take a moment to think of when you went above and beyond for someone— or when someone went above and beyond for you. It always feels special to leave an interaction feeling like the other party was invested in your happiness and overall experience. And when our expectations are surpassed, the sentiment sticks long after.

Now, just in time for the holiday season, apply this idea to your business. Take the extra step to offer your customers jewelry care products to keep their pieces clean after the sale. Consider this: consumers purchase stainless steel cleaner for their appliances. They purchase hardwood cleaner for their floors. So naturally, they want to purchase specific jewelry cleaner for their precious jewelry.

Here is a quick outline of the different jewelry care products to offer your customers. These add-ons will help keep all the jewelry in their wardrobe clean—

What It Cleans

Why You Should Carry It

Jewelry Care Products Fine Jewelry Cleaner
Fine Jewelry Cleaner • 17-0881
This fine jewelry cleaner is specially formulated to clean fine gold and platinum jewelry, as well as harder gemstones like diamonds and rubies. If you carry fine gold, diamond, and bridal jewelry, this cleaner is one of the most important and versatile jewelry care products for your line.

Jewelry Care Products Gentle Jewelry Cleaner
Gentle Jewelry Cleaner • 17-0882
This gentle jewelry cleaning formula is safe for a wide range of jewelry, from diamonds to delicate pearls, beads, and fashion jewelry. This gentle jewelry cleaning formula offers your customers a safe way to clean most pieces of jewelry in their wardrobe. If you sell pearls, fashion jewelry, or even mixed media pieces (such as something made with gold and emeralds or pearls), this jewelry care product is the perfect cleaning option.

Jewelry Care Products Natural Jewelry Cleaner
Natural Jewelry Cleaner • 17-0884
Like a fine jewelry cleaning formula, this jewelry care product softly cleans fine gold and platinum jewelry, as well as harder gemstones such as diamonds. Many consumers, particularly millennials, are concerned about environmental sustainability and green products. This all-botanical, hypo-allergenic, and naturally derived product allows you to respond to this concern while offering a superior cleaning product.

Jewelry Care Products Silver Jewelry Cleaner
Silver Jewelry Cleaner • 17-0883
This mild tarnish remover uses an organic, acidic base to quickly and efficiently remove tarnish without risk of pitting or excessive silver loss. Safe for pieces that are made only of sterling silver. When your customers’ silver jewelry becomes tarnished, they won’t wear it. Offering a mild tarnish remover is safer than other harsher jewelry care products or old wives’ tales like toothpaste.

Jewelry Care Products Treated Polishing Cloth
Treated Polishing Cloths • 17-072
Professional polishing cloths can be used to clean and polish fine gold, silver, and platinum jewelry restoring luster without scratching or removing the finish. Polishing cloths are excellent jewelry care products that can be used on their own or in conjunction with liquid cleaning formulations. The cloths can be used on fine jewelry, fashion jewelry, and watches, and are appropriate for most any purchase.
Stuller Jewelry Care Products Foam Cleaner
Gentle Foam Cleaner • 17-0885

Try our NEW Gentle Foam Cleaner • 17-0885

Our new foam cleaner adds a bit more convenience to your customers’ lives. Easily carried in a purse, backpack, their car, or stowed neatly in a jewelry box, this gentle foam cleaner is quite handy. Urge customers to use this compact cleaner on a wide array of jewelry and use it often— especially to rid daily build-up. They’re available in packs of 15 and pair well with cleaning cloths as a thoughtful add-on to your latest sale.

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Offering jewelry care products builds relationships and opens the opportunity to educate your customers on safe, routine home cleaning. And in doing so, you, the trusted jeweler, becomes a hero.


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