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A Guide to Establishing Your Brand on Social Media

The Do's and Don'ts of Each Social Media Platform

Social media is both a beast and a blessing. While it is an incredible way to utilize free marketing for your company, it also takes a lot of understanding to get it right. After several social media consultations, I noticed so many different people asking the same question: “Do I really need to be on all of the different platforms?” The short answer is yes. Different platforms have different audiences and ,therefore, a different kind of exposure than you might be getting from another. Keep your hand in all of them so that you are first on the customer’s mind, always. Below is a guide I want you to keep in your back pocket as you start creating these accounts and establishing your brand!



  • Connect your Instagram and Facebook profiles, and use Facebook Business Suite to manage them both and to schedule your content.
  • Interact one on one with customers in real-time — the new wave of customer service.
  • Stay active on this platform and ask loyal customers to leave reviews. These go a long way.


  • Don’t neglect your page after a few months.
    • Potential customers may check your social media platforms before even going into the store. Make sure to keep it updated so they know your business is still up and running.
  • Keep your address and store hours current, for customers who may search you.
    • If you recently changed your hours, make sure to update them on your Facebook page immediately! These may be the first to pop on a Google search and you would hate to lead your customers astray.



  • Set up your Instagram profile as a “Business” and utilize the free customer data analysis to figure out what the best time to post is for you. 
  • Create a posting cadence to help you stay on track. For example:
    • Monday: Fine Jewelry
    • Wednesday: Customer Photos or Engagement Ring for #WeddedWednesday 
    • Friday: Personalized/Custom Pieces
  • Utilize Instagram Stories to help boost your engagement rate.
    • Higher Engagement Rate = More people viewing your posts!


  • Post too many graphics to your feed. I suggest one per week if you are posting 3+ times a week.
  • Forget to use hashtags! These will help expose your content to people who aren’t already following you.



  • Post job openings, but also share more about your company’s culture. This will look great to potential employees!
  • Share photos of your work and the process it took you to get there.
  • Utilize this platform as a way to reach a different audience.


  • Forget to repost and share industry-related content and interact with other companies.
  • Post the same content as you would on other platforms, remember that this is a more professional site.

Stay tuned for Part Two where I’ll share a rundown of the remaining platforms plus my day-to-day recommendations for managing a social brand!

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Victoria Stinson

Social Media Specialist

Victoria holds a bachelor's degree in Visual Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Her background in design and vast experience with content creation helps give her a different viewpoint of the social media marketing world.