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3 Ways to Spruce Up Your Winter Watchband Selection

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Grow your watchband business with these chic strap styles

Why wear a watch?

From James Bond to tennis star Serena Williams, there is no shortage of icons who manage to mix style AND functionality into their watch game. This winter, give your customers that same watchband versatility, even if they aren’t exactly super spies or tennis pros.

With smartphones at every turn, your customers might be wondering, “why should I wear a watch?” Explain to them that timepieces are beacons of status and style. Consider public figures like Floyd Mayweather, for example, who spend millions on their watch collections. These timeless accessories exude stylishness, craftsmanship, functionality, and make great time-honored heirlooms.

Why should you have a watchband business?

Whether you sell Rolex, Fossil, or no watches at all, there’s an open opportunity to include watchbands in your product selection. Watchbands, like batteries, are essential to your watch repair business. The key is having easy access to what your customers need and want. Enter Stuller’s winter watchband selection. Plus, exotic and genuine leather, silicone, and polyurethane bands leave room for a 3x markup. Nice, right?

The Evolution of Watchbands

Don’t forget to tell watchbands’ backstory— it’s quite interesting. Wristwatches weren’t always seen as a viable option for style or substance. They were first made for women, called wristlets, and were viewed as a frivolous expense. It wasn’t until 1879 that Swiss watchmaker Constant Girard produced 2,000 watchstraps for a group of German naval officers. From there on, wristwatches were the go-to timepiece for soldiers at war. And over time, watchbands grew as a commercialized option with true functional capabilities.

Fast forward over a century, frivolity in watches has become a thing of the past. It’s now easier than ever to find that perfect balance of comfort, function, and style. Showcase your winter watchband selection this month and let these stylish accessories take the front seat.

Winter Watchband Selection History Watches Infographic

Here are three of our favorite winter watchband categories and how to sell them—


1. Genuine Leather Watchbands

This classic choice is sleek, chic, and perfect for every customer. Suggest these watchbands for formal nights out, engagement parties, and springtime weddings. Help your customers navigate their personal preferences to develop a unique flair with these refined leather bands. Choose from Stuller’s selection of full-grain cowhide and top grain leather watchbands.

2. NATO Watchbands

NATO watchbands are ideal straps for summer. Their breathable material is perfect for the sweltering summer heat. These are available in a variety of colors to ensure your customer’s wrist projects their personal style. It’s never to early to dream of summer vacations; NATO watchbands are ideal for wearing poolside or at the beach. And for those who enjoy diving or playing tennis— don’t fret! This watch will stay attached to the wrist even if one of the spring bars fail.

Here’s more about NATO watch straps—

3. Performance Watchbands

Wield performance straps in your winter watchband selection. They are compatible with many popular watch brands and make changing watchstraps easy and affordable. Our performance bands are durable — made with polyurethane or silicone rubber construction. Choose these versatile bands for customers whose itinerary calls for a medley of fast-paced activities.

summer watchband performance bands
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