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Top Engagement Ring Designs of 2023

Discover Stuller’s solution to trending engagement ring and anniversary band styles that take your bridal business to the next level.

When it comes to creating a successful bridal jewelry offering, every detail counts in anticipating the needs of your customers — even more so, today’s consumer is searching for a shopping experience that gives them the opportunity to find their dream ring in a sea of options. As a business, how will you stand out?

Keeping this question in mind, our in-house design and trend experts are constantly researching and developing solutions that help to keep your business top of mind while still catering to each unique customer. In short, we do the work for you as your trusted bridal business partner to ensure that you stay ahead of the game, bringing you the largest and most up-to-date offering of styles that reflect the current trends.

With fresh takes and reimagined elements on engagement ring designs — and new, matching anniversary bands — our team is excited to share top trending engagement styles and details that can all be found within our newest edition of Stuller’s Designer Bridal Collection.

Read on as we talk more about what you can offer your bridal customers in 2023.

What Is Designer Bridal?

prototype engagement rings

Stuller’s Designer Bridal Collection offers curated assortments of the most powerful, relevant engagement ring and anniversary band designs in the industry. Updated yearly, each individual assortment is designed to cater to the standout bride with a range of details and aesthetics that fit their lifestyle.

As an in-case, prototype selling solution, our Designer Bridal Selling Systems feature a total of eight, pre-merchandised assortments that are available as both a comprehensive system and individually. Each hexagonal-shaped display can stand alone or be combined alongside past releases, giving you the opportunity to create your own in-store experience.

Staying on track with the year’s most sought-after engagement rings, each 8-piece assortment is categorized by aesthetic, making it easier than ever to help guide the contemporary bride — unforgettable styles nestled into beautiful, modern displays that grab their attention the second they enter your store.

Trend 1: Floral-Inspired and Detailed

If you checked out our most recent trend report, you might already know that romantic, feminine elements and designs are in high and steady demand for engagement rings in 2023. Delicate aesthetics are a great way to offer a piece that feels timeless, and with the newest Blooming Assortment of our designer bridal collection, the contemporary bride can still choose a style that feels unique and upscale.

Featuring floral, lace-inspired motifs and fancy stone shapes, each engagement ring in this assortment provides a dreamy approach to halo-style settings and classic accented mountings.

Trend 2: Bold and Unique

Structure, functionality, and grandeur — for a vintage-inspired bridal set, typical Art Deco styles are seeing a revamp with details that give a not-your-grandmothers-stack appeal, catering to the standout bride. Inspired by the fashion of the Gilded Age, the Gilded Assortment aims to do just that with graduated shank styles, milgrain details, and unique accents that make a statement.

Trend 3: Modern and Minimalistic

In 2023, contemporary brides are continuing to reimagine the simple, classic solitaire with asymmetric styling, clean lines, and eye-catching center stone placement.

For an engagement ring that takes a modern twist on the traditional, the newest Minimalist Assortment blends sleek mounting designs with unique center stone shapes like pear, oval, and an East-West emerald setting.

The Final Touch: Next-Level Anniversary Bands

One of the most exciting, emerging trends is the rise of bold, stackable anniversary band designs for a personalized bridal set. Now available in larger carat weights, these styles can stand alone or as the perfect, striking addition and provide versatility to the bride’s individual style.

Brand new to our designer bridal collection, the Stacked Assortment combines the aesthetics from previous engagement ring trends by blending different styles, such as vintage-inspired elements, intricate detailing, and modern stone shapes. With endless opportunities for self-expression, these must-have anniversary bands allow the bride to create a customized stack that tells their unique love story in style.

Why Choose Stuller for Your Bridal Business?

At Stuller, we strive to be your ultimate bridal partner, offering a comprehensive range of inventory and resources to ensure your success. Our unparalleled selection of bridal products allows you to build an offering that sets you apart in the market, and with our additional resources and expertise, you can have the confidence to make meaningful customer relationships in every sale.

Stay Ahead With Stuller

Whether you’re looking to create a cohesive collection or cater to unique and diverse customer preferences, our Designer Bridal Collection provides the flexibility and versatility you need to make an impression while showcasing the most in-demand styles of the year.

We hope you feel inspired to incorporate these new engagement and bridal trends into your offering! For more information on how you can add Stuller’s Designer Bridal Collection to your selection, visit and see which selection is best for your business.


Angela Daigle

Product Manager, Bridal

Angela holds a degree in Textiles & Apparel Merchandising from Louisiana State University. Her experience working in the wholesale fashion industry in Los Angeles aids her in translating trends and creating lasting engagement ring designs meant to be cherished for a lifetime.