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Stuller Trend Report: Spring 2023 Edition

From the desks of Stuller’s product design and development team, take a look at standout trends within bridal and fine jewelry this season.

What are today’s jewelry buyers looking for? This is a perpetual question asked by retailers and designers alike as we try to satisfy the needs of our consumers. Today’s trends are often a good indicator of the direction we should head. But which trends should we follow and how can we avoid trends that will disappear quickly? With some solid research, I have noticed there are certain trends out there that stand apart from the rest.

My name is Megan, and I am a conceptual designer on Stuller’s product design and development team. As someone with a passion for art and design, I have always been fascinated by the evolution of trends in the jewelry industry. After completing my education in industrial design at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, I began my career as a CAD designer at Stuller and recently transitioned into my current role. This new position has allowed me to explore the intersection of design and fashion even further, and I am thrilled to share with you some of the exciting trends I have been tracking in the world of bridal and fine jewelry this spring.

From the runway to the aisle, the following aesthetics are making their mark in the industry. Join me as we explore these trends and how they are manifesting in today’s jewelry options.

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Seasonal Bridal Jewelry Trends

Pieces that Reimagine Tradition

A hallmark of a trustworthy and solid trend is the ability to last. Taking a little piece of the past and adding a unique twist of the present has been a trend that’s grown and evolved over the past couple years. It’s not just physically taking an heirloom piece and making it new, it’s also in the smaller aspects of design. For example, Art Nouveau details are shining through as an evolution to the popular Art Deco style — a softening of the geometric elements.

For fans of Bridgerton on Netflix, you’ll see many of those elements finding their way into romantic jewelry. New takes on scroll work, florals, and halo styles are breathing new life into romantic vintage and high feminine tones seen in years past.

Weddings Go West

Stay with me here: I’m not saying brides everywhere are donning their cowgirl hats and boots. But I can’t deny seeing a fascination with being outdoors, being in an open space, and reconnecting with the nature around us. This is fostering strong connections to traditional Western design elements, such as patterns, geometric shapes, scrolls, feathers, and other aesthetics typically associated with Hispanic and Native American influence.

Keep in mind that these are subtle nods — the aspects that resonate with a couple’s personality. Pieces like these will definitely shine out to customers with an appreciation for detail and meaning.

Seasonal Fine Jewelry Trends

Mixed Messages

We’ve talked at length before about personalization trends in fashion and jewelry. However, we are starting to see a new level of personalization. We are going beyond engravings of names and dates. Today’s personalization sometimes possesses meaning only understood by the wearer. For example, symbols of nature often are connected to loved ones or personality traits — a snake for protection and guidance or a tree for family and stability. These elements are playful, yet deeply significant. Evolved personalization comes as a result of the rise in self-purchasing consumers and a movement to wear fashion for yourself.

You can sport these details within layering styles of rings, necklaces, and bracelets as well as with charms and dangles. Celestial motifs, flowers, animals, and additional symbols are really shining — even if their true meaning isn’t completely known to others.

modern jewelry trends and symbolic jewelry


While we are seeing an evolution of Art Deco in bridal jewelry, fine jewelry is seeing a rebellious contrast with freeform-style jewelry. Rather than the rigid, masculine structures within Art Deco, freeform encourages the flowing of shapes that go beyond the confines of geometric proportions. This reflects a general softening of fashion and design seen across industries.

In fine jewelry, this looks like new abstract shapes and textures that contain a certain movement to their design. These pieces also tend to be heavier on metal elements.

We Are Your Trend Alert

Our goal is to always provide our customers with the latest reports and accessible styles in fashionable jewelry. The topics I’ve pointed out today and the newest products we have introduced to our offering reflect trends we believe to have a strong staying power. Join in the conversation and follow us on social media @StullerInc to stay up to date on the next hot topics in the jewelry industry.


Megan Tran

Associate CAD Designer, Product Design & Development

Megan is an industrial design graduate from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Her education in art, fashion, theatre, and design has given her the ability to track a trend's progression from high concept art to consumer products.